The President Campaigns – And Republicans Widen Their Lead

Robert P. Kirchhoefer isn’t being a turncoat when he writes that President Obama’s “Save the Senate” tour (going on this week in Nevada and Colorado) is something he can truly

“…get behind.”

After all, as Kirchhoefer’s February 16th AmSpecBlog post illustrates (with background from Joseph Curl’s same-day article in the Washington Times), our Feckless Leader is doing more for Republican Morale than Monica Lewinsky did for cigar sales back in the good ol’ days of the Clinton Administration:

“Obama is no longer the Teflon-Don of 2008, but has become an un-made man, exposed for his unpopular agenda: government health care, massive spending, and a teetering economy. These policies have found as much favor with the Obama administration, and more specifically Obama, as they have dis-favor with Americans.”

Which is why we’ve seen the “unexpected” victories in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts. With more on the way in Nevada and Colorado as long as Boss O. values “ideology” over “pragmatism.”

Maybe the President can spend like a week at Harry’s ranch house. That should be enough to finish the job once and for all.