• timeklek

    Zinn was just another Globalist, NWO Proponent working toward "The Agenda….."

  • cedarstrip

    When Zinn chose to write about atrocities committed against the Indians there was plenty of material to choose from. Of course, it wasn't one sided any more than today's conflicts. However, it seems evident that as long as Europeans were flooding to America the conflicts were inevitable. Also inevitable that the Indians would ultimately lose.

    Zinn was an "open borders" proponent. "If you don't have a vision, for instance, of a world without national boundaries, you are not in a position to really evaluate very specific things, like should Congress pass this immigration law, or should we pass that immigration law, should we restrict immigration this much or immigration that much. But if you have that vision of the kind of world that you want, then it becomes clear what your attitude has to be towards immigration, which is people should be able to move: there shouldn't be such a thing as a foreigner, an alien, an immigrant."

    How would Zinn have advised the Indians regarding the arriving Europeans?

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    Wish I had some more information on this. Any sources you would like to advise?

  • luthersetzer

    Visit http://www.facebook.com/HowardZinnsThesesAreFeces for more opportunities to dump on Howard Zinn.

  • OMGO

    I tried to read Mr. Zinn’s screed when it first came out. One of the most boring, poorly researched and poorly written diatribes I have ever picked up. But as long as it provides idiots like Zinn’s fans with claims to feed their hatred, I guess quality of research and writing doesn’t matter.

  • Jones

    Zinn’s writings are enlightening.

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