Legacy of a Judicial Activist

  • davarino

    What can I say? Why have a constitution? Lets just make up the rules as we go. Oh I forgot, we are.

    Thanks John

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  • BS1977

    Ann Coulter pretty much took care of this DWEEB in her column last week.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

    Good riddance to him.

    I wish I could be happier, but Jon McCain isn't in the White House, which was my sole reason for supporting him.


    The decisions cited above are more proof that you have no rights until you've committed a crime.

  • BS1977

    I thought the Constitution said the Government could not ESTABLISH a religion….there is nothing about SEPARATION….it does not forbid prayer in school or having the Ten COmmandments in a courtroom, does it?

    • trickyblain

      Yes, it does. The Ten Commandments are part of established religion. And nothing prevents a child from praying to his or her god at school — it's just that the teacher cannot compel them to do so. In terms of "separation," have you seen this? http://www.usconstitution.net/jeffwall.html

  • John Locke

    There is so much wrong with this article, it is impossible to dissect it all. You guys need to make sure your columnists know what they're talking about before they write on legal issues. I think it's great to publish articles that promote our ideological bent, but if the basic understanding of the subject and the facts are wrong it doesn't educate or inform; it just opens the door to ridicule. Shame on Front Page for ignorance or laziness — or both!

  • Gregg

    If you believe that nothing good can originate from evil then you know the obvious. Yes people can change, repent and go a different way but that has been shown to not be true of BHO. The new judge will be as evil as possible. Pro post-partum abortion, anti jail for felonies. He will require that all gays be married publicly. Sex with children will be his norm. Elections have consequences and evil in a most insidious way is what we elected.