Marxist Professor Howard Zinn, 1922-2010


Howard Zinn died Wednesday at the age of 87. He is best known for writing A People’s History of the United States (1980), a Marxist tract that describes America as a predatory and repressive capitalist state — sexist, racist, imperialist — that is run by a corporate ruling class for the benefit of the rich. A People’s History has sold more than a million copies, making it one of the best-selling history books of all time. It has long been one of most influential texts in college classrooms. To view a comprehensive profile of Zinn and his ideas, click here.

  • Steady

    Hell is a bit more crowded today.

  • VN Vet

    The sonofabitch is dead, GOOD!!! Better late than any later. Any day a friggen marxist dies is a good day for freedom, humanity and America.

    • Juergen Petzoldt

      I very well remember how Horovitz explained, that a conservative would never be so inhumane to jubilate about the disease or death of a political enemy. So here we go. "The sonofabitch is dead, good!!" How low can you go?

    • AntiFascist18

      Thank You So Much!

      He was NOT only a Marxist – and for a time Stalinist SOB – he was also a self-hating Jew who "regretted" bombing the Nazis who murdered his relatives in the Holocaust but never regretted his ties to the Communist Party USA.

      This moral retard also denounced both America and Israel for defending themselves after 9/11.

  • Trebuchet

    The funny thing is that the very "Rich" he supposedly despised were some of his biggest supporters

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The funny thing is that the very "Rich" he supposedly despised were some of his biggest supporters…"

      Well yeah. That's what being a big dupe means. He had no idea what he was talking about for most of the time his lips or typing hands were moving. It's all very unfortunate.

  • Bert Hermanus

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  • thesufferingservant

    Dear brother David: as a Christian, I can only express admiration for Prof. Zinn and his work in recent years…I found his recent speech on the "Three Holy Wars" particularly enlightening from the Christian, if not the Mosaic or Islamic, standpoint. Of course David, you and your adherents are welcome to call me an enemy of the state and crucify me, stone me or shoot me, as you desire, for not agreeing with you……as a Christian, I would, in any case, as my Savior did, ask Abba to forgive you……..__In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi…pace e bene, David,__JW__PS "An eye for eye makes the whole world blind." Gandhi

    • 2 cents

      dear "brother" thesufferingservant : wow – weird – seek some help, "bro"

    • Trebuchet

      So S.S. What do think Gandhi would say about the 100 million or so lives that Marxist have snuffed out in pursuit of a "Perfect World"? And since you purport to being a Christian you have far more chance of being stoned, shot or Crucfied by a Marxist. Remember it was not Christians or Jews who came up with crucifixion, it was the Statist Romans.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Dear brother David: as a Christian"

      You're a Catholic who quotes Ghandi, not a Christian. If you pray, "in the spirit of St. ____" you are not a Christian. You might find your way there, but you're not there if you think that or "mass" is earning you something Christ already said he gave to believers.

  • VN Vet

    Whenever you see someone quoting Gandhi, you know you're dealing with a nut. Not that Gandhi was always wrong, but leftists glom onto the stupid stuff. Gandhi also said: be the change you wish to see. But of course change can be either good or bad. Change for the sake of change is bad. "Progressives" see all change as good. It's much easier than making reasoned and researched decisions, and heaven forbit, making decisions based on the experience of empirical history. Because of this they advocate plugging along making the same old mistakes with the same old devastating results. Are they statists? Are they Elitists? Are they control freaks? Are they insane? Are they reprobates of the first order? Do they keep themselves ignorant? A resounding YES! All of these and more.

    • Juergen Petzoldt

      Hi VN Vet – are you really one (I am from Schwaebisch Hall in Germany, there were hundreds of US soldiers who came back from Vietnam, some of them were my good friends, they were all destroyed in a senseless war, abandoned by their government and fellow Americans left and right)? From Germany, not from Eurabia, you know. I never read a line by Howard Zinn, just did a little reasearch about him. Now I am pretty sure, I'd prefer to read a book by Zinn than listen to the thoughtfree babble of a rightwinger. The right is as immoral as the left. With the GOP it is all about money. Boring, uninspired. Yeah, I am pro Israel. I am there every year, are you too? And I am fighting for Israel. Do you too? The right always says she is pro Israel. Actually most of them are socalled Christians, thus they hate jews and Arabs. Shalom, bro.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "The right is as immoral as the left. With the GOP it is all about money. Boring, uninspired. Yeah, I am pro Israel. I am there every year, are you too? And I am fighting for Israel."

        And you can't distinguish between the right and the left? You haven't put much real thought in to it.

  • brian

    antifascist 18 you are incorrect on several points Zinn was never a Stalinist. There's no evidence of him being "self-hating" (though he was Jewish-not that that's relevant in any way) and what he regretted was dropping napalm(then known as jelly-gasoline) on a Nazi occupied village in France which killed far more non-combatants than Nazis. Years later he also visited said village and faced the survivors' scorn and contempt head on. I would encourage you to read A People's History which was simply intended to empower the average American who is so often disenfranchised and railroaded by a corrupt system.

  • Brian

    It is so sad to see and read so much hypocrisy and hate. Shame on you… "What are they? Men at all?" Henry D. Thoreau

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "It is so sad to see and read so much hypocrisy and hate."

      He seems like he was a nice person. He was also one of the most devastating and deluded leftists to ever corrupt the modern campus. It's not fortunate that he died, but it is unfortunate that he caused so much damage while he lived, regardless of how charming he was while serving those deluded ideas.