Susan Sarandon

Excerpt from the Susan Sarandon profile:

… Sarandon was a member and financial supporter of Not In Our Name (NION), the Revolutionary Communist Party-led project whose “Statement of Conscience” condemned not only the Bush administration’s “stark new measures of repression,” but also its “unjust, immoral, illegitimate, [and] openly imperial policy towards the world.” According to NION, it is the American government — and not that of any other nation — which poses the most “grave dangers to the people of the world.”

Sarandon was also an endorser of World Can’t Wait (WCW), the Revolutionary Communist Party-led group that sought to organize “people living in the United States to take responsibility to stop the whole disastrous course led by the Bush administration.” Other celebrity endorsers of WCW included Harry BelafonteGloria SteinemMartin Sheen,Jane FondaGore VidalSean Penn, and Howard Zinn.

Likening Islamic terrorism to American capitalism, Sarandon has said: “Let us find a way to resist fundamentalism that leads to violence; fundamentalism of all kinds — in al Qaeda, and within our government. And what is our fundamentalism? Cloaked in patriotism, and our doctrine of spreading democracy throughout the world, our fundamentalism is business — the unfettered spread of our economic interests throughout the globe.” …

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  • johncarens

    This lady has the intellectual heft of cellophane, and should thus be called Susan Saranwrap. It cracks me up the way these multi-millionaire leftist celebrities jet about the planet droning on and on about the injustice of the capitalist system, when the capitalist system is the only one that can pluck an airhead actress from total obscurity, plunk her down in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and, thirty years later, transform her into a Dr. Dixie Lee Ray of the far Left. What a phony baloney, washed-up hag.

    The good news is that most normal Americans look at her as an irrelevant twerp– a perfect bookend to her irrelevant twerp of a husband. This is evidenced by how little impact the movies she's made in the last decade have had (most of them have been voice-over work for puerile kids movies) , and how few people have watched them.

  • Michael McCanles

    Acresses act: that's what they do when they do what they do. The don't research, they don't write, they don't teach, they don't do political campaigns, they don't put their intellectula reputations on the line, because they have none. What they do is act: give her a script, a light, a camera and a director and she will read the lines, and then her image will show up on a screen reading the lines which were given her. The notion that she has anything at all in the whole side world to contribute to serious political debate is a delusion that only could be entertained by someone who is paid to read her lines in front of a camera.

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