The Left’s Love Affair with Che Guevara



Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the former executioner for Fidel Castro‘s regime in Cuba, has been lauded for decades by leftists like Bill Ayers, Ossie Davis, Jesse Jackson, Jeff Jones, Armando Navarro, Huey Newton, Michael Ratner, and Robert Scheer. More than 32 years after his death, Che’s iconic image continues to adorn all sorts of artifacts that leftists proudly display — t-shirts, hats, necklace medallions, drinking glasses, clocks — as if he were the very personification of cool, courageous manhood in pursuit of “social justice.” Click here to learn exactly who this murderous barbarian really was.

  • stan

    Hey nothing new there has allways been tyrants, good or bad for the masses from the begining of time, take the Kings of days past or people in power either,are they doing good deeds or are they not, take the unrest in the world today, then come the aid, which then goes to the mother goose, that the powers to be choose. So I ask one question, did we or did we not kill thousands in the begining to gain control of lands from home and away to feather our nest, think all of you, nothing has change, man is at fault, for some the cross in one hand and the gun in the other, take your pick, what choice do you have, so think my man, that is the tapestery of life. So Apple is fine, who knows who next, it makes Bucks like the rest. you decide, be good to youself that's all.