Truthful Girl Sinks Deeper

Ever since she affirmed, with clarity and conviction, that she supports Hezbollah‘s candid desire to herd all the world’s Jews into Israel so as to ultimately make their mass extermination easier to carry out, Muslim Students Association member Jumanah Imad Albahri has quickly devolved into what can only be described as a pathetic figure.

While the UC San Diego student now whimpers that she is a victim of “alienation” and “marginalization” – note how well-versed she is in the lexicon of victimology – it has become increasingly obvious that her chief affliction is a profound lack of common sense. This deficiency is made plain by the fact that after Albahri gave her recent thumbs-up to genocide, she did not deem it prudent to keep a low profile for awhile – in order to give the foul stench of her bigotry a bit of time to dissipate. Instead, she has persisted in publicly spouting further stupidities, the latest of which brands David Horowitz, who first exposed her unmistakable Jew-hatred at an “Israel Apartheid Week” event earlier this month, as a racist. To “prove” the veracity of her smear, Albahri cites Horowitz’s supposedly objectionable 1999 article titled “Guns Don’t Kill Black People, Other Blacks Do.” So offensive was that piece, claims Albahri, that Horowitz “needs to apologize” for having written it. Really?

Horowitz’s article centered around an NAACP plan to file a class action lawsuit against firearm manufacturers because gun violence was snuffing out the lives of young black men in grossly disproportionate numbers. “Firearm homicide has been the leading cause of death among young African-American males for nearly 30 years,” an NAACP press release lamented at the time. Ostensibly to help remedy this problem, the lawsuit aimed to “force” gun makers “to distribute their product” more “responsibly.” The implication was that if only the gun industry would be more concerned about the rivers of blood flowing through black communities, and less preoccupied with the rivers of cash pouring into its coffers, this crisis would either diminish substantially or disappear entirely.

Horowitz rightly pointed out that the NAACP, by focusing on the alleged transgressions of gun manufacturers, was misdiagnosing the cause of the violence that was decimating the black community. He pointed out, for instance, that 90 percent of all gun-related killings of African Americans were perpetrated by other blacks, and that blacks (who constituted 12 percent of the U.S. population) committed 54 percent of all homicides. Was Horowitz, as Albahri implies in her denunciation of the article, simply engaged in an effort to demean blacks by citing these very sobering facts? No. His point was to bring attention on the real cause of the violent epidemic that was afflicting young blacks; without such an honest appraisal, any prescribed “solutions” – such as suing gun manufacturers – would inevitably be misguided and ineffective, perhaps even counterproductive.

Thus, to shed light on the key issue, Horowitz pointed out that seven of every ten black babies in the United States were being born into homes where there were no fathers – a fact that condemned them, statistically, to alarmingly high probabilities of living in poverty and eventually spending time in prison. Harvard Professor Stephan Thernstrom, for instance, reports that the poverty rate for black children living in single-parent homes is nearly five times greater than for those living in married-couple families. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median income of fatherless black families is scarcely one-third as high as for two-parent black families. Unwed mothers, regardless of their race, are four times more likely to live in poverty than the average American. And 85 percent of all black children in poverty live in single-parent, mother-child homes.

The more we study the numbers, the more they boggle the mind. Regardless of race, children raised without fathers comprise an astonishing 70 percent of our nation’s long-term prison inmates, 70 percent of all young people in state reform institutions, 60 percent of rapists, and 72 percent of adolescent murderers. Regardless of race, each year a boy spends without a father increases his likelihood of future incarceration by about 5 percent. And regardless of race, children from fatherless homes are characterized by much higher-than-average rates of academic failure, placement in special-education classes, behavioral disorders, drug abuse, and such psychiatric problems as depression and anxiety. In other words, growing up without a father is a far better forecaster of a boy’s future criminality than either race or poverty.

Even if all the gun makers in America were unrepentant, bloodthirsty bigots intent on disseminating weapons of death throughout every street and alley of every black neighborhood in the country, they could not harm African Americans nearly as much as the demise of two-parent families has devastated them already. David Horowitz, in his article, was simply pointing out this vital truth – and noting that the NAACP’s energies and resources would have been better spent addressing that issue, rather than on demonizing gun manufacturers for a crisis they did not create. If Miss Albahri is unable to understand this, that’s too bad.  Mr. Horowitz communicated the message quite clearly. It’s not his job to comprehend it for her.

  • Nelson Santiago

    Ms. Albahri should have done a bit more research to find the work of Dr. Alvin Pousaint, Psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School was far back as the late 1960's was pointing out exactly the same things in his book "Why Blacks Kill Blacks" David Horowitz pointed out in his 1999 article. Mr. Horowitz was simply updating new statistics and data that has been known among those who care to do any empiricle research on the subject. Oh by the way, Dr. Pousaint is also black for those who think his book was also racist or bigoted.

  • k9base

    Maybe a pork skin Bomb?

  • Leon

    How much has the welfare system contributed to this problem? I don't know much about this but for some reason feel that the system rewards mothers with kids and no husbands. Society devalues marriage and this is a costly mistake. Marriage is not a human institution, but a divine institution established by God with our first parents. Also, kids growing up without the moral training and example they get from two at home parents and a church community have to be at a disadvantage. Prayer is to the soul what food is to the body.

    • Tanstaafl

      Whenever the government subsidizes something, we get more of it.

    • pianoforte

      just want to add my 2 cents worth about welfare….was on it for 1 yr during a 3 yr separation with my husband. We got back together and I called the welfare office to let them know that I would not longer have to have welfare…and they sent us a BILL for the money that I had received while on welfare. I can only think that that is a deterrent from trying to get off welfare and who needs that ? We DID pay them but I can only imagine the hardship it might be for others who really would not be able to. I guess welfare wanted to continue to be my spouse.

      • David

        WOW I'm stunned! That is unbelievable you used welfare for a short time to recover (as it should be) and that was there response?! My goodness.

  • Toneyal

    How many girls raised in a 1 parent home become mothers at an early age (without marriage)?

  • Al_Barrs

    The NAACP is stirring the fire to enlarge their own financial coffers. They have by and large become irrelevant in the past decade and are desperate for an issue to replenish their coffers. They want to sue the firearm manufacturers because that is where the money they hope to obtain is. They should instead be suing black leadership organization, like the NAACP, who spend little to no time or funds to counsel black parents and children about how to fit into society and help them with job training and education efforts. They do nothing to help stop drug sales and use by their own population. Bottom line the NAACP is just self-serving and money hungry…

  • Ron Grant

    So many rants from an unfortunate and stupid remark made by perhaps an equally stupid young women debating a conservative pitbull quoting an organization sympathetic to a sister organization pushed to the extreme by a Zionist state helped by a Nazi monster.Muchiboy

    • zevgoldman

      I assume you are trying to make a point ,but all you've accomplished is to post a hodge podge of words without a clearn meaning while giving a strong implication that you aren't very intelligent.

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      Wemen a mentsh ist meshuggah!! gibt es alajn nebbegh.
      When a person is pixelated (the old movie) there is no cure.

    • xman

      Oh dear, it looks like Grant the Nazi has flipped his lid again. It seems his meds aren't working.

  • Kim Bruce

    Thanks for the link to the pork recipes. Mmmmm, good!

    It's obvious that Ms. Albahri is an obvious waste of taxpayer dollars and is merely attending university to spout her racist ideals. She either doesn't know how to read or doesn't bother do dig into any research which is a necessity for a successful university grad.

    • Stern

      Not so sure about your definition of the necessities for a successful university grad. Today, it would seem that to succeed at any college in the US, or university in Canada, the UK or Europe, you need to be anti-American, anti-Israel (to disguise your anti-Semitism) and a leftist loonie.

    • Syd Barrett

      Well, she doesn't need to read, does she, Kim?

      She's going to graduate, then go on welfare and let the "Great Satan" support her. An actual education, supplemented by the reading of actual books, would be counter-productive to that goal.

  • sflbib

    It's just another shakedown attempt. After all, what are gun sellers going to do, not sell to blacks and open themselves up to discrimination charges?

  • USMCSniper

    Why is a stupid ignorant young woman like this Albahri getting so much written about her hatred of the Jews? This is just typical for Muslim men and women.

    • Beelzebub

      although i disagree with you in some things, i agree with you about this…. this topic is like flogging a dead horse and FPM keeps posting about it… like there aren't more pressing matters in the world than to wast time on some college student who has little or no power nor influence…

    • kafir4life

      Agreed! It's a dog bites man story………..And I do mean DOG! Talk about a case for the validity of the burka!! Woof!

  • Stephen_Brady

    I was about to comment, yesterday, that it's time to let this stupid young woman go back to the hell of her Islamic existence, and not give her more free publicity. That's what would be done in normal times.

    But these are not normal times. She has made herself the enemy of all that is decent and honorable. She has made herself the enemy of everyone who wants Israel to survive. And now, she's moving into general attacks upon Western civilization, and the United States, in particular. She is clearly the enemy of Judaism and Christianity.

    Keep hitting her, as hard as you can, John (and David, by extension). It's too dangerous to allow people like this young woman to spew her hatred without a challenge on each and every point. The enemy are at the gates, and they must be stopped …

    • xman

      Not let her go back but kick her out forcibly to the Islamionazi hellhole she came from, preferably wearing pigskin.

  • ChrisC

    That's some hard data, hard to ignore, however some people really try. Just a little more specific than the old saying, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Just as someone who's obese blames fast food restaurants for their size, it's just one more aspect of the blame game that permeates our culture–it's someone else's fault. It's an immature response to a serious crisis. This kind of behaviour used to be rooted out of children by their parents, but no longer–especially if there's only one parent at home. I don't know what the solution is to this problem, since the disease is at the root of it all, the family, or lack thereof.

  • Beelzebub

    people kill people, and most of the time, they do it with guns.

  • Sprinklerman

    Did anyone else notice the similarities of the salute being given by those in the background of the picture at the top to those of Nazi Germany in the 40's?

    Did anyone else watch the HBO series The Pacific and notice the similar fanatical and suicidal mind set of the Japanese in WWII to those who now commit jihad against all non-believers?

    And they call us the racists and haters. Go figure?

  • Emman Chehade

    Jumanah Imad Albarhi is truly a representative of all the great "Palestinian" women who have come before us: strong, defiant, brillant, and drop dead beautiful. As long as the welfare checks keep coming from the international community (including the hated "Zionist entity" and the United States…) we "Palestinians" will be able to keep making videos of fake acts of agression by the "Zionists" and eating six, seven, eight, nine, ten, times a day, and dreaming of the day when we shall return to our mud and straw huts and malarial swamps…inshallah…

  • badaboo

    I say kudos to Albarhi , for lacking even a primitive wisdom , not to spout out in public , what everyone should already know , but are somehow not want to hear . This woman is a true representative of the palstinian and muslim view towards jews and Israel.
    After all ,is it not the sentiment of her cohorts and compatriots , that is spewed out endlessly in the arab /muslim media , from their clerics , their leaders ,demogogues and from their mosques and their "religious sermons " ?

    Indeed ! It is the EXACT SENTIMENT found in their holy book , the Q'uran ?
    She can not hurt Jews , shde can only accentuate the cause of Israel and Jews . she cannot convince anyone, save for the idiots of this world .
    She brings to the fore , the ugly reality and extent of the vicious hatred that pertmeates the ideology of islam shamelessly for all to see .
    She is to be commended for offering such an invaluable lesson to the normal people in this country .

  • badaboo

    She IS and SHOULD BE , the poster child for Israel's cause , never to be taken out of , but kept in the spotlight . Exposed as it were to light of day , her genocidal views and that of muslims dragged out from under the rock , for all to see , in all of its ugliness . Three cheers for Albarhi , she is like the rest of her pathetic lot , her own worst enemy .

  • Syd Barrett

    And she had to reach ALL THE WAY BACK to 1999 for this alleged racist incident! And this is the best she can do?

    She needs to just shut up now. You'd think her little friends would encourage her to do that.

  • Billsocal

    Remember this the Arabs all supported Hitler and NAZI Germany in WWII. The first Shah of what was called Persia. Changed the name to IRAN. IRAN is Arayan in the Persian lanuage. The NAZI considered themselves Arayans. After WWII a lot of former SS troops went to the middle east and trained the Moslem Brotherhood. This is the true face of Islam.

  • badaboo

    Her freinds ??? You mean the palestinians , who've bombed their way out of three peace aggreements that may have actually given them the autonomy and land that they've been murdering for all these years ? Too think any of them would be smart enought to tell her to shut -up and stop exposing all their arses before the world , simply contradicts their behavior historically . …..not a chance . So let her continue to spout out the reality of this rabid hatred ,and thus educate the dimbulbs and embarrass the sympathizers

  • Jim Johnson

    Did Noam Chomsky praise her views?

  • Bronson

    Didn't college teach Jumanah Imad Albahri that when you are in a hole you should stop digging?

    • Frank Bach

      Yes, but when someone's head is firmly stuck up their posterior, it is a little difficult for them to know which way is up. This is my classic British understatement of the day.

  • kafir4life

    That things mugg has been nagging me since I first saw it. I knew there was something familiar about it. Apparently, Jumanah is the love child of Abe Hooper at the terrorist supporting organization cair, and an Arkansas razorback. For those that would claim that interspecies breeding isn't possible, I agree completely! But look at Abe and the typical razorback. No difference (ok, the razorback smells better, but that's it).

  • scum

    Lots of people kill black people. Why would Horowitz fall prey to the usual identity politics and say 'black people kill black people'?

  • Prof Ethan

    Scum, because 94% of black victims were killed by black offenders.
    I'm getting this from an article written by Rick Turner, President of
    the Charlottesville chapter of the NAACP. The title of the article was
    "Community Must Respond to Black-on-Black Crime" in July 2008.

  • sjmc

    Fat and stupid. No wonder she hides behind a stupid ideology.

  • Morrisminor

    Like it really matters anymore. Let them rave on, the rest of the country doesn't care what they have to say.

  • Alfor you

    I am black and what he said was true it was not politically correct but it is true and the NAACP supports abortion which has killed more black people than all other causes of death combined, 14 million

  • guest

    the article is correct- the two parent black family- destroyed by the marxist democrats, was what prevented the crime spree that ruined all US cities. Islam and marxism- the true murder cults of all time.