Dems, Media Play Racist Card Games at Tea Party

Famed attorney Robert Shapiro once told Barbara Walters that when he and Johnnie Cochran were defending OJ Simpson against charges of murder, they absolutely engaged in despicable leftist race-baiting tactics.

“Not only did we play the race card,” Shapiro admitted, “we dealt it from the bottom of the deck.”

The national Democratic Party and the national media (often one and the same, I know) are again playing the race card, and in typically underhanded ways, to try and smear the Tea Party movement as racist.

This because a few isolated protesters apparently shouted nasty and abusive epithets at some leftist Congressmen during this past weekend’s protests against government-controlled healthcare.

Let me be clear: employing racist or bigoted language against anyone is wrong and must not be countenanced.

But it is equally wrong to try and smear the entire Tea Party movement because of the alleged actions of a few isolated and non-representative individuals.

Yet, that’s exactly what the Democratic Party and the national media have been doing: smearing the many Tea Party activists who are good because of the alleged actions of the few who are bad.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, for instance, called the protests “one of the ugliest and strangest period the American legislative process has ever experienced.”

Salon’s Joan Walsh agrees. “The tea party movement is disturbingly racist and reactionary, from its roots to its highest branches,” she declared without any supporting evidence.

The New York Times, meanwhile, purported to find a direct and eerie connection between today’s peaceful Tea Party activists and yesterday’s virulent — and sometimes violent — white racists.

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence that the Tea Partiers are racists or bigots, or that their movement is animated by racial animus and hate.

This, in fact, is a complete and utter fabrication deliberately created by the Left and trumpeted by leftists in the Democratic Party and the national media. Their aim: to demonize and discredit the Tea Party movement.

Lies and character assassination, after all, are defining leftist attributes, which are often employed to advance the left-wing agenda.

In any case, there doesn’t appear to be any videotape evidence that even one of the protesters uttered a racist or bigoted epithet.

Of course, this is no surprise. The truth is that racism and bigotry are not animating forces within the Tea Party movement or the conservative movement more generally — and the Left and the national media know this.

Racism and bigotry are a problem, though, on the Left, which sees the world and everyone in it through a racial prism.

And so, as Shapiro admitted, the Left and the national media play the race card; and they do so underhandedly from the bottom of the deck. What else is new?

John R. Guardiano is a writer and analyst in Arlington, Virginia. Follow him on twitter: @Guardian0

  • Kelly Klemetsrud

    I cannot taske credit for this but it seems to be a bullseye..

    Racist – Republicans in many of the Southern and Western states are implementing incredibly restrictive voting rules. Why? Because they want to reduce the number of minorities, college kids, poor, lower middle class voters from voting because these are Democratic voters.

    Sexist – really? Have you seen many Conservative women in positions of power? Doubt it. Also according to Republicans women are too stupid to make a choice about their reproductive rights so we need to stop them from having abortions.

    Homophobic – I don’t even need to speak to this one. It is the Republican platform to oppose Gay Marriage.

    Islam – The truth is I have Southern Evangelical Conservative friends on here and god forbid a muslim is mentioned except they begin ranting how Obama is a muslim and that he is bowing down to muslims and that the USA is being overtaken by muslims.

    Inbred – is rather a stupid thing to include here… I don’t know many liberals who think you slept with your cousin.

    Redneck – hmmm well in truth many Conservatives are bass ackwards Redneck yahoos.

    Bible Thumping – Ever heard of the religious right?

    Nascar Loving – See Redneck

    Gun Toting – the Conservatives are in the pocket of the NRA so your point here is???

    America Loving – You should be proud that Conservatives at least have one redeeming grace.

    Bigots – See Racist, Sexist, Homophic, Islamaphobic

    Kelly klemetsrud
    running for 4th district East Tenn.

    on facebook @vote4kellyk