Calls for Holocausts and Campus Double Standards

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We are taught to believe that ideology is the enemy of free thought. But that’s not right. Ideology is a mere checklist of principles and priorities. The real enemy of clear thinking is the script. We think the world is supposed to go by a familiar plot. And when the facts conflict with the script, we edit the facts.

So, for instance, David Horowitz is a stock villain on U.S. campuses because he deviates from the standard formula of coddling the usual victims and lionizing the usual heroes. Once a committed left-wing radical, Horowitz now resides on the right. Two of his favorite targets are academia and radical Islam. He leads an extensive network of websites, books, lecture series, pamphlets and conferences aimed at exposing the folly and dangers of both. Horowitz’s detractors, and even some of his friends, sometimes roll their eyes at his confrontational tactics and rhetoric.

But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Horowitz recently spoke at UC San Diego. You can find an excerpt from his appearance on YouTube. In it, a young Muslim student from UCSD, Jumanah Imad Albahri, asks Horowitz to back up his attacks on the Muslim Students Assn. Horowitz turned the tables on her. In less than two minutes, she revealed herself as a supporter of the terrorist group Hamas. Horowitz then noted that Hezbollah, another terrorist organization, wants all Jews to return to Israel so they can be more conveniently liquidated in one place. Horowitz asks Albahri whether she’s for or against that proposition. She is “for it.”

I asked UCSD, via e-mail, whether the woman in question was censured in any way for endorsing bigotry and genocide, or if the video was somehow misleading. In response, I received boilerplate about how, in the tradition of Aristotle, UCSD treasures “discourse and debate” and how “the very foundations of every great university are set upon the rock-solid principles of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.”

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  • Barbara

    Dear Mr. Goldberg:

    The world is a better place because of people like you.

  • kafir4life

    The gentlemen in the picture above…… Are they worshipers of the moon god allahaha invented by the pedophilic murderer mad mo the false prophet? They look foolish wearing scraps from discarded table clothes on their heads. And notice the dead look in the eyes. That seems to be the most common feature (other than lack of brain material) of the pedophile worshipers.

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      Was it not the famous J.Carter, who by visiting mohammad's country,
      learned them to eat peanuts and infected their brains with it.
      That is why they act and look like zombys and are no different than
      those from the 1935 in Germany.They are still spreading like Cock-
      roaches over all the continents and is,as before,becoming a plaque.
      If G-d made us his chosen people then please choose someone
      else for a small period ;let's say 1000 years? please?

      • Syd Barrett

        As a people, return to the G-d who created you, loved you and protected you (see Torah), and soon your troubles will end. In fact, see Zechariah 1:21. G-d has sent craftsmen to punish the nations for dividing the land of Israel. G-d is acting on your behalf right now, today!

        "…Please choose someone else"? Shame on you! What would Moses say if he heard that?

    • Peachey

      I have often wondered why they feel the need to cover their face. If their cause is of god, noble and the fulfillment of the word of their god, then they should be proud and honored to march with their faces exposed for all to see. But, by covering their faces and hiding behind a mask of cloth, they verify their evil intent and belief in the power of evil (Koran) in this world. Dead eyes, dead souls.

    • John

      Don't forget about Muhammad's son. Do some research on it.

  • Dr. R. Cutburth

    Treason in all of congress is the bigger issue. By insuring our dependence on Arab oil they have deliberately funded radical Islam. As San Diego is primary port for the Pacific Fleet at war in the Mid East, the local politics is slanted to coddle satanic Genocide followers of Islam. Given the Islam lean of Obama, the Pacific Fleet must make war against Muslim terrorists using a contingency plan created for bar brawls. Thus talk of Genocide is considered only a benign cancer.
    Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth

  • hopetotellyou

    Those creeps in their black and white checks:
    In the USA?
    God help us, please.

    The double standard at Berkley ?
    No wonder California is in such a mess.

  • hopetotellyou

    And Yea! Applause! And God Be With Him
    to David Horowitz.
    Doesn't give in to these "I'm a victim" parasites.

  • bpaolucci

    Those who like this student believe they have a right to kill anyone who isn't like them will grab on to what this 'student' said and rejoice. Sane people who have shied away from forming an opinion have no choice but to WAKE UP! The rest of us already knew the truth and are glad David Horowitz has the courage to expose these sub humans for what they are.


    Re: “…the very foundations of every great university are set upon the rock-solid principles of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.”

    "Higher education does not exist so that all ideas can be exchanged freely – that can be done in a bar. Its purpose is the pursuit of truth." –

    "Universities were not founded to promote freedom of speech, but to pursue truth. The pursuit of the truth, of course, is contingent on free speech as a means towards that end. But it is precisely because speech at a university is conditional that it cannot be absolute. For example, speech which unarguably does not facilitate the pursuit of truth, or which is by all rational measures demonstrably false, should not be given a platform at any institution of higher education. That is why circus entertainers are not asked to perform on college campuses, nor are spokesmen from the Flat Earth Society invited to speak. –

    Bill Donohue, president, Catholic League

    • Jack

      Well said!!

  • loseyateefa

    that right hand thrust so defiantly in the air reminds me of Nazi and Heil Hitler. There are documented evidence of Hitlers connections with Islam. Why can't the majority of Americans see we have allowed the Trojan horse in our midst and are watching the underbelly open? The Obama admin is leading the charge of blind stupidity. He is apologizing to China for our Arizona immigration law and how Muslims are treated in America?

    • Peachey

      The Hamas Charter was written by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a close Nazi supporter and close friend of Himmler. It is the Nazi salute with all of the anti-Israel venom that they can muster behind it.

  • Moishe Pupick

    W., 05/19/10 common era

    So what are the U.S. Jewish Establishment groups going to do now? Redesign their p.r. brochures? Stage candlelight vigils to promote love and peace? Lobby for ever more "gun control?" I hope that the Golem makes housecalls.

  • Louis P.

    The possible error in methods: The current method of instilling fear is by telling the truth about Islam. The assumption is that the "truth will set you free" of this creature invading our beaches. But is truth really wanted or even recognized? Maybe not. Simple proofs: go into any large bookstore and count the different magazine titles. My last count was 200 average per store. Next count the "news" related titles – my count was 2 – or 1% of the rack. Fashion was 5%; autos-cycles, 5%; antiques and art, 5%, crafts and hobbies, 5%, on and on. But hard news about the real world – 1%! Then do the same with TV or movies. Note how fantasy and animation films rake it in, but hardcore topics about the world, show for a week and get pulled. My hunch is that if this web site were called "The Funny Pages" instead of "The Front Page," we'd get more of the educated class reading it.

  • 080

    They may talk of killing Jews. But that's not all. The truck that was set to go off in New York and 48th St. and Broadway was not discriminating Jews from non-Jews. They actually mean kill everybody. Of course they don't say that. They are like the Aum Shinrikyo of Japan that set off sarin gas attacks on Japan's trains some years ago. If you kill everyone then you can start with a new purified race. What are these people doing in a university anyway? Oh I know. They are learning how to fly airplanes.

  • Guest

    Islam, including mainstream Islam, has always, from the days of Muhammed onward, been anti-Christian and antisemitic. Islam has, from the days of Muhammed onward, preached the entire destruction of any person or people who do not accept Islam as their religion. For those who cling to theiir non-Muslim beliefs, the choice is to be put to the sword or to exist as an exploited and declassed minority, forced to pay for the privilege of being non-Muslim with being allowed to live at the whim of the Muslim leaders.

    It's true that there are Muslims who are not focused on oppressing the non-Muslim, but there's nothing going on in the minds or hearts of Muslims that compels them to treat non-Muslims with tolerance or compassion. Anytime some leader inspires the killing of non-Muslims, the great body of Muslims will go along with that.

    • Jim

      You are so right, even in Iraq now as our brave Christian military is helping these anal things, they are attacking Christians in Iraq hundreds of thousands have left Iraq, they do not belong in our country that is for sure, all they know is destruction, there is no progress, growth or invention among these heathens, they are dessert rats with no moral purpose except to kill, they cannot even live with themselves in peace, remember the 8 year war between Iraq and Iran, and they have had hundreds of other wars among themselves, we need to stop allowing them into our country until they recognize the rights of Christians to live in peace with out their insanity and sharia law, which by the way they can stick it up there butt crack!!

  • scum

    1) Hamas is the ruling regime in Palestine, legally elected. Guess that means that it has some supporters.
    2) Hamas was supported and funded by Israel. Be sure to include that in your 'article'.

    • To the ignorant

      Scum is not good enough name for you.

      You are insane!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Johnson

    It seems that the administrators are being tolerant of the intolerant. What would Noam Chomsky think.?

    Of course he has his own idea of what tolerant is.