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How Much Influence Over Popular Opinion Do Late-Night Comics Like Jon Stewart Really Have?

Posted By Joseph Klein On January 14, 2010 @ 3:26 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

“The OReilly Factor” devoted a segment to the political influence of late-night comedy, focusing on Jon Stewart.

Stewart is an appendage of the Obama White House.   A self-confessed liberal, he  has no influence beyond his politically like-minded fan club.  The 1.6 million “Daily Show” viewership is lower  than  “Adult Swim” on Cartoon Network.

David Letterman’s adolescent humor is getting old and remains as tasteless as ever.   But he reaches a far larger audience than Stewart and can influence impressions that people build up about politicians and others in public life.  Letterman leans hard Left, whose activists gives him a free pass because they love his relentless attacks on Sarah Palin.   That’s why even Letterman’s recent juvenile bit  directed at Amanda Simpson, the new Obama Administration Bureau of Industry and Security trans-gender appointment, raised hardly a peep amongst the activists and media elite.

Jay Leno’s political humor is funnier and more intelligent than Letterman’s, but also bends leftward.   Leno has also managed to make his humor non-threatening to middle America, which increases his reach.

Soon Jay and Dave will be battling it out again at 11:35.   Lets hope that the American people will soon tire of both these stale acts.  Maybe Dennis Miller will change his mind and do a late night show on Fox, if Conan O’Brien does not get there first.

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