The U.N.’s Land Redistribution Scheme

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Olivier De Schutter, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, is the author of a report presented on October 20, 2010 to the United Nations General Assembly, which perfectly illustrates the socialist ideology that is all too prevalent amongst United Nations bureaucrats and its so-called ‘experts.’

The report constitutes little more than an assault on free market capitalism. It is an encomium for government-led wealth redistribution.

In his report, Mr. De Schutter blames the free market system for threatening the livelihoods of “peasants, fishers, pastoralists, and indigenous peoples.” He emphasizes “the importance of land redistribution for the realization of the right to food.”

Beyond “the realization of the right to food” itself – which was supposed to define the limit of his area of responsibility – Mr. De Schutter contends that there should also be recognition of universal human rights to “adequate housing,” a “right to work (for landless peasants),” and last, but not least, a human right to land. The right to land, he claims, includes “the right to communal property — a right of the community rather than of the individual” as “an alternative to individual property rights.”

Mr. De Schutter contends that speculation on farmland, the expansion of agrofuels production, and demographic growth in rural areas are all contributing to what he calls “global enclosures” concentrated in the hands of the few. He even blames land ownership concentration on the effect of measures intended to combat global warming that other UN experts and bureaucrats have been championing.

“Measures adopted with a view to climate change mitigation or environmental conservation, which have placed priority on technological and market-based solutions over the deconcentration of land in order to encourage more sustainable land uses,” Mr. De Schutter writes in his report, “have created further conflicts with the rights of land users.”

He demands urgent action to reverse “inequitable” distribution of land. “Land does not go to those who need it most,” Mr. De Schutter told reporters at a briefing at UN headquarters in which he discussed his report.

According to this UN ‘expert,’ capitalist notions of private property and the titling process tend to reinforce the unequal distribution of land, unfairly favoring those who have access to capital and whose ability to purchase land is greatest.

“Rather than focusing on strengthening the rights of landowners, States should encourage communal ownership systems, strengthen customary land tenure systems and reinforce tenancy laws to improve the protection of land-users,” says Mr. De Schutter.

But “communal ownership systems” – or what used to be called collective farms in the old Communist Soviet Union – may not be enough, according to Mr. De Schutter. He believes that radical programs to achieve equitable redistribution of land may be necessary where the concentration of land ownership is considered by government authorities to be so high as to cause widespread hunger. “Systematic change in land rights” is essentially his definition of ‘agrarian reform.’

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food advises that “[T]he best way to ensure the right to land and the right to food is precisely to democratize and to secure access to land for the benefit of smallholders. The conclusion is clear: access to land must be recognized as a critical human rights issue.”

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  • WSG

    And thus is explained, yet again, the UN's continued effort to undermine the US and the US Constitution. I am a very small land owner in the US – Hey Un Czar De Schutter come meet the Second Amendment !

  • tim heekin

    It seems to me that many U.S. gov agencies are in what appears to be a desperate need for Arabic speaking personel. Copts speak Arabic. It should be a relatively simple procedure to import Copts and their immediate families to work in these departments. Pay them a decent salary, get them out of Eygpt before the memfecane (crushing). There is probably all the arabic/english speakers you need. There is also a supply of Christian arabic speakers in Lebanon, Iraq, etc. They would all be glad to help.

  • Hammer2

    If you read the founding charter of the UN, you will realize that it was a socialist organization from it's inception. How much longer will the United States continue to provide the majority of the funding for this anti-free market, anti-western, anti-Israel, anti-freedom organization? The UN is like 2 wolves & a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.
    Time to tell these third-world freeloaders that their free lunch is over!
    The US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US!

  • Steeloak

    If you read the UN charter it is clear the it was a socialist entity from it's inception. Why the US continues to provide the bulk of the funding to this anti-freemarket, anti-freedom, anti-western, and anti-Israel organization is beyond me. Time to tell these third world freeloaders that their free lunch is over.
    The US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US!

  • hrayspitz

    There is no right to food.
    There is no right to shelter.
    There is no right to medical care.

    NOBODY has a right to ANYTHING that someone else must pay for. To say otherwise is to endorse slavery.

  • JF Hubel

    The first land we should divvy up is his

  • Muchiboy

    In the light of the stark failure(s) of Communism,we overlook the moral righteousness of that innately beautiful ideology.While ultimately unsuccessful and trampled by the bountiful excesses of a paradoxically ugly and profane Capitalism,Communism may have been the more Christian of the two.Maybe.
    Perhaps the failure of Communism was more a failure of Humanity then the failure of the ideology itself.In the face of starvation,homelessness or sickness,the idea of a right to food,shelter or medical care may appear cruel ,stark and hopeless.Yet,man cannot deny the value of his ideals ,as unrealistic or unrealized as they may be at any point in time.
    The fact that Jews who found themselves captives in the Nazi death camps could retain their dignity,hopes and humanity (i.e.ideals) demonstrate the value of those very ideals.These victims were true human heroes who held on to their,and our,ideals.No matter how wretched,depraved or hopeless it may seem,ideals will survive and Humanity will strive to fulfill them.Muchiboy

    • Philosopherking

      Theft has never been a christian thing to do.

    • swathdiver

      Nope, Communism even as written by Karl Marx is immoral and EVIL. It denies man his Natural Law rights to Life, Liberty and Property.''

      Marx's own poetry said that he wrote Das Kapital to separate man from God. Thereby, Marxism is opposed to God and stands with Satan.

    • ajnn

      "we overlook the moral righteousness of that innately beautiful ideology"

      I have a great deal of sympathy for your emotional remarks.

      I also have sympathy for the ideal of Santa Clause. Would it not be wonderful if some objective source guarenteed to each deserving child a beutiful gift each December. i would like to vote for that.

      Communism and Santa Clause are both ideals dissociated from reality. We can rhapsody all we like about their beauty, but in the end we must acknowledge that hoping for a constructive form or application of communist or Marxist theories is about as helpful as waiting up all night for Santa Claus.

      • Muchiboy

        "hoping for a constructive form or application of communist or Marxist theories is about as helpful as waiting up all night for Santa Claus. "

        I guess,ajnn.Like hoping there will never be another Holocaust.Pity,eh.Muchiboy

  • Tar_n_Feathers

    A fact of human history that has never changed: Taking stuff from people who have, and giving to people who have not, is and will always be popular among those who have not. The UN exploits this principle by equating human needs with human rights. They're not equivalent.

  • USMCSniper

    With every passing day it becomes more evident that Obama is nothing more than a globalist, it is obvious from health care reform that he doesn’t care about the middle class, he is in the pocket of the internationalist elite like Kissinger and the rest of the global elite that wish to establish a World Government Dictatorship under the auspices of the United Nations.

    • swathdiver

      Obama cares about the middle class. Like every good socialist his mission is to smash it!

  • 080

    Saturday, October 24, was United Nations Day. Didl anyone hear anything about that? Did the masses descend into the streets to celebrate the occasion. If so I didn't see it or hear about it. But don't give up hope. I hereby recommend that United Nations Day be moved up one week so as to merge it with Halloween. That's more like it.

  • Ciccio

    I have just had occassion to go through the figures of theUN's world food program and they are an eye-opener, a brief summary would be that 75% of the food bought by this agency to feed the starving in any country are bought in the country of starvation. In other words most of the so called starvation has nothing to do with lack of food, only lack of money since, for example, the Ugandan farmers prefer to sell ( as they recently did) $100 million worth of food to the UN at world market prices rather than selling it to thwir starving countrymen.. Go to their website and click on the sourcing of food. They spent $40 million to feed the starving in Pakistan whilst Pakistan is the largest seller of food to the UN.

  • 1776again

    This jerk commie "expert" should be forced to live in the former Rhodesia, after Mugabe took over millions of white farmers' land. What really caused the mess in Zimbabwe ? The blacks that had no concept of farming were given land free of any knowledge of farming. What else did they expect but murder, mayhem and raging inflation when these they were starving ? They thought they could just print counterfeit monopoly money , just like our FED.

    It's not too big a stretch to see the same thing happening here if we don't get our brainwashed military elite, NEA run schools and those expecting free rent and board at the expense of the productive. It has been happening very gradually for the last 97 years, since the Central bank that was slipped into our country, as well as the IRS , took control of our government. These are nothing but socialistic organizations that are redistributing the wealth, with the so-called elected officials given the FED credit card in order to obtain lifetime positions at the expense of the productive population.

    The so called financial crisis was not accidental, but obviously a planned event, in preparation for the central bankers of the world to put in place a one world government which is their front for the world power elite.

    Obama was put in place to do the dirty deed as well as complete the destruction of our REPUBLIC in his finale.

  • Terry

    I bet this un leftofascist owns a house. Maybe more than one.

    When he gives it away and lives in a mud hut himself, after donating the sale proceeds to the starving of the world, then he can preach to us about socialist purity. I suspect, though, that as is usual at the U(nited)N(azi) organisation, is for westerners to do as he says and not as he does.

    Answer – kill the un, wind it up, expel it from America, western countries resign from it, give it no money, damand back the money it has been given.

  • Scott

    I'm glad there are individuals in places of "power" that understand that no human being created Land and it is something which we all need in order to live and therefore a Right by Birth. Land is the one thing that needs socialized equally among all peoples so that a True and Pure Market Economy can emerge where each individual is sovereign within God with the ability to monetarily share his/her God given talents with the world on his/her own terms by following the dictates of their own hearts and minds and belief systems. There are simple ways to implement this that are fair and just for all. What pure socialization of Land does in the long run is create an atmosphere of personal responsibility and liberty for each Living Soul and opens the doors to a full range of human expression and invention that can only exist within a system based on individual sovereignty.

    Best wishes to you all.