Two-Face Obama

If President Obama were to be compared to a comic book character, it would have to be Two-Face from Batman.

On one side of Obama’s face is Mr. Transparency, the idealistic candidate who promised us over and over again that all the negotiations concerning health care reform would be conducted out in the open on C-Span. On the other side of his face is Mr. Chicago Pol, the cynical manipulator and consummate political insider who is working behind closed doors with a handful of Democratic Senate and House leaders to ram Obamacare down the American people’s throats.

Blurbs from eight different videos of Obama campaign appearances during which he made the C-Span pledge were shown on the various Fox News talk shows, and were featured on the Drudge Report. No surprise there.  I expected the mainstream media to wave the blurbs off as just another example of conservative nit-picking, much as Nancy Pelosi did when she quipped:

There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail.”

But finally the mainstream media may be catching up to Two-Face Obama and holding him to account for the transparency that  he repeatedly promised on the campaign trail and has failed to deliver.  For example, CBS Evening News carried a report on Obama’s crass reversal under this headline:  “Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency.”

The Two-Face Batman character had some words of wisdom that our President should think about before he loses the trust of the American people entirely and will be unable to govern effectively:

Two faces and two minds. Can’t fix them until they’re one.


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