WikiLeaks, Hillary and Susan Rice

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For example, when asked to comment on “complications” caused by the WikiLeaks disclosures detailing alleged U.S. spying on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Rice claimed that she wasn’t aware of what “complications” were discussed and suggested to reporters that they ask Hillary herself. Is Rice truly out of the loop even on the handling of the sensitivities of the United States’ relationship with Ban Ki-moon following the embarrassing disclosures, or is she perfectly happy to leave Hillary Clinton alone twisting in the wind?

In another development, Rice, who is presiding as the president of the UN Security Council this month, announced to reporters that Vice President Joe Biden would be chairing a high-level Security Council event on Iraq on December 15th. That seems a bit odd considering that high level foreign policy discussions involving Iraq should be part of Hillary Clinton’s portfolio as Secretary of State.

Rice also responded in the affirmative to my question whether the Obama administration supports Japan as well as India in their quest to occupy new permanent seats on the UN Security Council, if reforms are approved to expand the size of the Council. That is interesting in light of the fact that, in one of the cables released by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton allegedly described both India and Japan as “self-appointed front-runners” for any new permanent Security Council seats. She also allegedly directed U.S. diplomats to collect minute details about their counterparts from the “self-appointed front-runners” who were stationed at UN headquarters. So while Rice is talking up Japan to join India as new permanent members of the Security Council, Hillary was supposedly investigating their diplomats.

One has to wonder whether Hillary Clinton is being marginalized in addition to being saddled with the burden of explaining away the embarrassing leaked State Department documents. Is Rice eyeing her job?

Recall that during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, Susan Rice was a key Obama foreign policy advisor. She was part of the campaign team that criticized Hillary’s lack of any substantive foreign policy experience. Rice, on the other hand, is a Rhodes scholar who earned a doctorate in international relations at Oxford University, joined President Clinton’s National Security Council staff in 1993, and served in a senior capacity as an assistant secretary of state.

Even while serving in the Obama administration representing the United States at the United Nations, Rice shuttles between New York and Washington. She considers Washington as her home and has occupied an office at Hillary Clinton’s State Department. She has also been a member of the National Security Council Principals Committee.

The Clintons are famous for watching their backs and being political survivors. Only this time, Hillary may be facing her Waterloo.

Joseph Klein is the author of a new book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam.

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  • elixelx

    Well, what did you expect? Do rats aid other rats when abandoning a sinking ship?

  • Bear from Russia

    Wikileaks and the freedom of speech at the Universities

  • ViewPoint

    Shortly after the WikiLeaks exposé, Julian Assange urged Hillary to resign. Is it just a coincidence that within a week Hillary announced that she is done with politics and will not seek another public office? It is so uncharacteristic of Hillary to walk away before her politician thirst is quenched and ultimate dream as the first female President of the United States is realized. Up to now, she has not only been willing to fight for her political ambitions, she has been ferociously eager to get into the mud and fight dirty to the death. Was this Hillary throwing in the towel and simultaneously begging for a bone? Was she subtlety soliciting Assange to allow her to finish out her term as Sec. of State with the concession that she would retreat permanently into the private sector? Assange certainly got his way. He must have an ace up his sleeve that he is willing to hold back if she steps down and bows out. Interestingly, Assange is now urging obam to step down.

  • rick s

    Of course. Rice reports directly to Obama and she wants Hillary's job. She and Obama hate Hillary and they are just praying that Hillary quits

  • guest

    So, all our wars were at our masters call, Saudi Arabia. The same pinheads who took the towers down.
    They are going solar. We are forced to use oil by our real masters the corporation.

    More dangerous than Iran?

  • ApolloSpeaks

    What is it that urged Julian Assange to commit his crimes against America? Click my name for the answer.

  • 2maxpower

    it doesn't bother the progressives. they control the media (or they know the media will not publish or keep plugging at the issue) so at worst this is a bump in the road and not any kind of derailment.

    if you want to see what will happen next just look how climategate still hasn't gotten any traction. how the world marches on and the globe continues to "warm" even in the deep freeze.

    the people I talk to (I travel for work around the world) they all still believe the world is warming due to mankind.

    the lie will continue to be told …as with climate or diplomatic as with military secrets.

    it is no different then the soviet communism of stalin. they speak to the children and they mold the minds. they aren't trying to change your mind or mine. they know we are solid in our thinking. they are after the others and they will just marginalize us.

    • stephencuz

      "they are after the others and they will just marginalize us."
      I disagree. Eventually, they will kill us. Tell me when in history a rising Leftist regime allowed it's enemy to live. We will either be enslaved, imprisoned, or killed ~ Period.

    • 2maxpower

      lol …you can't get more marginalized then that.. yes eventually they will just kill us or put us in "camps" or something like that. you are correct always ends up that way.

  • Steve Chavez

    I'm more worried about current and real National Security secrets that many of in Congress are learning while being in Intelligence committees and then are guests and/or speakers at Communist Party USA and Democrat Socialist conventions! Many still have Bush Derangement Syndrome and will use all info to go after Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and especially, Israel!

  • USMCSniper

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has never done anything significant in her entire life and her inflated opinion of herself is downright laughable. If she had not chased and married Bill Clinton and hung on his coat tails she would never would have been a "carpetbagger" New York Senator from Arkansas, and for damn sure she would never have been an also ran failed contender for the Democrat Party 2008 Presidential candidate nomination. Hillary Rodham Clinton has never gotten one single job on her own anywhere in her life. And when she got them she botched every single one of them. But now this inept failure is the Secretary of State and again failing rather miserably.

  • badaboo

    stephencuz asnd 2maxpower , two unbelievably ignoirant wussies , WHAT CAMPS ? WHO will be enslaved ? AND BY WHOM ?
    You people are going to die allright , and it will be OF IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY.
    HELLO ….the enemy here is Assange and his bunch , as for Clinton and her instructions to diplomats ?
    What are you people STUPID OR WHAT ? What do you think foreign Embassies are for ? Did you people just fall out of a christmas tree ?
    You folks are sop full of your partisan B.S> that you can't even think straight .