A Manifesto of Lies

On July 3, 2010, the Presbyterian Church USA will hold its General Assembly (GA) in Minneapolis, MN. Once again, the pro-Palestinian elements within the church hierarchy are seeking to pass anti-Israel resolutions. This year’s GA will outdo itself with the inclusion of a viciously anti-Israel declaration called the “Kairos Palestine Document.”

A bit of cultural and historical analysis is necessary to appreciate the insidious nature of the Kairos Palestine Document: The Christian minority in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip, and in the Palestinian Authority dominated West Bank, exemplify the state of dhimmitude. A dhimmi is a non-Muslim subject of a state governed by Islamic Sharia law. This individual must pay a poll tax known as jizya, live with severe restrictions on his or her freedom of religion, and is considered less than a second-class citizen.  In an effort to be tolerated, Christian clergy members have had to demonstrate greater zeal than Muslims in vilifying Israel – a kind of loyalty test for Christians who, in order to hold any position of power, must ingratiate themselves with Muslim authorities.

As a result of having become a conquered minority in historically Christian lands, Christians in the Arab world have sought shelter, tolerance, and acceptance under the wide ideological umbrellas of Arab nationalism, socialism, and communism, and in recent decades, under the Palestinian liberation movement. One can find leading Arab-Christians in the Arab fascist nationalist Baath Party founded by Michel Aflak, a Greek-Orthodox Christian from Syria; George Habash, a Greek-Orthodox Christian and founder of the Marxist terrorist group, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); Wadie Haddad another Greek Orthodox Christian terrorist leader who is also aligned with Habash in the PFLP, as well as the Jordan born Neyef Hawatameh, founder and leader of the Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PDFLP), an offshoot of the PFLP. It was the PDFLP that perpetrated the Maalot massacre of Jewish-Israeli schoolchildren in 1974.

The anti-Semitism that the Second Vatican Council and Nostra Aetate sought to eradicate in Western Christianity following the Holocaust never had an impact on the Arab Middle East.  In this region, the Anglican/Episcopal Canon Rev. Naim Ateek, founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Palestinian Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem, made his career as a propagandist on behalf of the Arab-Palestinian cause.  Ateek routinely distorts the symbolism of Jesus on the cross by depicting Arab-Palestinians being crucified by Israeli-Jews in presentations he makes to European and American mainline Protestant church audiences. The Sabeel website is filled with examples of the vilification of Israel through the use classic anti-Semitic imagery.

The Kairos Palestine Document is essentially a copy of Hamas and Fatah “talking points” wrapped in religious packaging.  Most disturbing are the blatant lies of both commission and omission. The document reads, in part:

The separation wall erected on Palestinian territory, a large part of which has been confiscated for this purpose, has turned our towns and villages into prisons, separating them from one another, making them dispersed and divided cantons. Gaza, especially after the cruel war Israel launched against it during December 2008 and January 2009, continues to live in inhuman conditions, under permanent blockade and cut off from the other Palestinian territories.

The “separation wall” was erected to prevent Arab-Palestinian terrorists from killing innocent Jewish civilians in the cities of Israel. In the instances where the Israeli government had, in fact, built on Arab owned land – citing ‘eminent domain’ – Arabs successfully litigated against the government. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in their favor ordering the government to remove the wall.

Following years of Hamas rockets firing on Israeli communities in the Negev (within the Green Line) and specifically targeting civilians, Israeli forces attacked the Hamas terrorist strongholds in Gaza. Israel had unilaterally withdrawn from Gaza in 2005, and left fully operative greenhouses for the Palestinians – a veritable turn-key operation that could have provided them with instant incomes.  Destruction ensued and, with all the greenhouses leveled, the area then served as a base from which to send rockets, suicide-bombers, and kidnappers.  The authors of the Kairos document and their PCUSA friends have chosen, in their ill-will towards Jews and Israel, to ignore these “insignificant” facts.

The mantra of “occupation” as justification for “resistance” is equally ludicrous.  “Resistance” or, more accurately, “terrorism,” against Jews began in earnest in the 1950’s with the Fedayeen murdering Israeli civilians.  This occurred long before the Six-Day War of 1967 and the so-called occupation.”  In fact, Arab “resistance” and the wanton murder of Jews in Palestine took place in the 1920’s and 1930’s, instigated and led by the Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler’s partner in the Final Solution, Haj Amin el-Husseini.

Jewish settlements in the West Bank are legal under international law.  Jews purchased the land from willing Arab sellers, or leased the land from the government.  The settlements provide employment and services for the surrounding Arab villages.  Israeli built roads facilitate commerce and mobility for Arab-Palestinians. The checkpoints and roadblocks derided by the Kairos document may be inconvenient for Palestinians, but they save Israeli lives.  The checkpoints are Israel’s last line of defense against Palestinian suicide bombers seeking to kill Jews in Israeli cities.

The authors of the Kairos Document have deliberately and cunningly deceived Western Christians about Jerusalem.  Section 1.1.5. reads:

“Religious liberty is severely restricted, freedom of access to holy places is denied under the pretext of security.  Jerusalem’s holy places are out-of-bound for many Christians from the West bank and Gaza.  Even Jerusalemites face restrictions during religious feast.  Some of our Arab clergy are regularly barred from entering Jerusalem.”

Not a single shred of evidence is presented by the authors, and anyone who has visited Jerusalem can attest to the freedom of movement and access Arab Christians and Muslims have to the holy places.  It is true that when certain radical Muslim clerics, including the Mufti of Jerusalem, incite Muslim worshippers to riot following Friday sermons, Israeli security measures are taken to prevent young Muslims from throwing rocks from the high grounds of the Temple Mount on Jews praying at the Western Wall below.   Significantly, the tenfold increase of the Arab population in Jerusalem since 1967 refutes the assertions of the Kairos authors.  In fact, Israel is the only state in the Middle East to grant religious liberty to all its citizens: Christians, Muslims and Jews.

The Kairos authors also adopted the Hamas and Fatah call for “Palestinian right of return” – code words for the destruction of the Jewish State through demography.  This illustrates clearly that they do not seek a two-state solution and a genuine peace with a sovereign Jewish state, but hope for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

Should the PCUSA or any other mainline Protestant denomination adopt the Kairos Palestine document it would bury all pretenses of neutrality with regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  Moreover, it would signal the abandonment of basic Judeo-Christian values of truth versus falsehood, and malevolence versus fairness by these churches.  Ultimately, fair-minded people will acknowledge who among the parties is seeking real peace and will not accept the moral relativist verbiage. They will come to understand that Israel is a democracy where civil and human rights are respected and enforced for all of its citizens. Conversely the Palestinians, under Hamas and Fatah, have made a mockery of the rule-of-law, freedom of religion, and human rights.  The Palestinians have shown themselves to be determined to destroy the Jewish State through terrorism and deception, regardless of whatever territorial concessions are made by Israel.  The politically incorrect truth is that Islam’s uncompromising belief in the “Domain of Islam” (dar el-Islam) denies sovereign rights to Jews and Christians in the region.  At best, Christians and Jews could stay as unequal dhimmis.  Hamas and Fatah may enter into agreements but would not hesitate to follow the ways of the Prophet Muhammad and the Treaty of Hudaybiyya — he entered into it when he was weak and violated it as soon as he was strong.

The delegates of the PCUSA-GA would do well to consider this ancient proverb “He who is kind to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the kind.”

  • William Smart

    Dhimmitude is a mild form of apartheid which worked in favour of the Jews in Egypt and the Christians in Palestine.

    It didn't always work that way, in some Muslim countries the Christians were (and still are) the poor, but in Palestine they were middle-class. Christians took a leading part in complaining about the Zionists who threatened and soon wrecked their peaceful society. Their relative wealth and confidence and the esteem that Muslims often held them in explains their prominence in resistance movements as described in this article.

    • ajnn

      Mr. william Smart writes fiction.

      In 1900 Jerusalem was 60% Jewish, 20% Christian, 15% Muslim and 5% other. The Muslims dominated the countryside because only they were immune from Fedayeen lynch-mobs.

      An anti-Israel book titled "1913" describes how non-Muslims outside the cities had to spend big dollars to hire security guards to protect them from the Muslim lynch mobs.

    • MixMike

      "Dhimmitude is a mild form of apartheid which worked in favour of the Jews in Egypt and the Christians in Palestine."

      Actually, dhimmitude is a VERY extreme form of apartheid. Under sharia non-muslims have virtually no rights and no way to petition Islamic courts for justice. Non-muslims are subject to the embarrasing jizya tax, have severe restrictions on freedom of religion.

  • Ron Grant

    "Dhimmitude is a mild form of apartheid which worked in favour of the Jews in Egypt .."

    As compared to the more ,maybe most severe and horrendous form of Apartheid practiced by Israelis against the Palestinian people i.e.ethnic cleansing from the beginning of occupation till now.The victims of this unconscionable Zionist policy can be found outside the borders of Israel where many were borne (i.e. inside the borders),now denied their birthright and homeland.This is the extreme and most cruel example of separation ,placing the native Palestinians APART from their occupied homeland which works in favor of the Jews in Israel.A bit of a stretch perhaps but an arguable point.Muchiboy

    • Stern

      ethnic cleansing? Gee, muchiboy, the Joos are supposed to be so smart, but somehow, their ethnic cleansing don't work so good. see, the Palestinian population is growing. That means there's more of them now than there were, say last year. And the year before. And the year before that. And I thought if you did ethnic cleansing you were, like, supposed to, you know, get rid of people, not let their population increase. I must have misunderstood something, right? I'm sure you'll be able to explain where I went wrong. Oooh, and maybe you can also explain how, under Israeli "apartheid", those folks in the West Bank have managed to achieve a 7% economic growth rate. I mean, that's better than any other country in the world right now.

    • ajnn

      Wacky stuff.

      Israel has been accused of "ethnic cleansing" for some time now without any evidence that the Israelis actually did any ethnic cleansing. Normal people do leave areas when war breaks out. The many Arab residents leaving the area was normal and required no incentive from Israel; not did Israel offer any such incentive. No evidence.

      In addition, Palestinian Arabs are not denied their homeland by israel. Some 200,000 returned after the 1948 war and have lived in peace in israel. Israel has complied with international law on this point. The Arab countries where the Palestinian Arabs have been born and raosed have a duty under international law to give them citizenship in that country. To deny it, as they have, is a serious violation of international human rights law.

    • MixMike

      Don't waste your breath, Ron can only throw out accusations because he knows there are no facts to back them up. He is just trying to deflect the true Apartheid and ethnic cleansing in the Islamic world by falsely pointing the finger at the Jews. Whatever helps him sleep at night.

  • ziontruth

    Looks like our Two Hamasketeers are in form today.

    And it's interesting to see that, to the Left, as with everything else, some apartheids are more equal than others. "Dhimmitude is a mild form of apartheid" – oh, so it's OK then. (By the way, it isn't mild at all–it's comparable to Jim Crow at best.) "Which worked in favour of the Jews in Egypt" – the same thing the Stormfront excrement say about blacks re South African apartheid.

    Back to the truth:

    The Jews are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. Arabs are indigenous to the Arabian peninsula. Therefore all Arabs outside the Arabian peninsula are settler-colonial invaders, and have no grounds for grievance against the indigenous (=Jews) returning to the Land of Israel. As for the "Palestinian nation"? It's a fiction designed with the express purpose of hiding the injustice of the Arab struggle against the self-determination of the Jewish nation.

    That is the truth. The lies of Leftist/Islamist Unholy Alliance will not stand.

    • Myob

      Bravo! Well said.

  • Saba

    The Presbyterian Church USA like many other churches within the World Council of Churches want nothing to do with truth let alone the Bible and Israel. They are hell bent in doing everything they can to support the Arab terrorist cause and promote the lie that Palestinians are a people group that existed for thousands of years. There is no mention of Palestinians in the Torah or the Bible as a whole. Neither is there any mention of Palestine. This is what happens when a church body like the Presbyterians depart from the Bible and embrace a lie. All you have to do is look at youtube and see how the government of Gaza has treated Christians.

  • Marty

    apologists for islamic terrorism always neglect any mention of the 1.3 million muslims living comfortably and peacefully in Israel with the full protection of the law and the ability of both men and women to go to college. Curiously, there is also no mention of the Israeli Arab female member of parliament, Haneen Zoubi, who was with the flotilla and is a severe critic of Israeli policy. Of course, she has no Jewish counterpart anywhere in the Middle East. Most Jews in arab counries have been murdered or expelled by their host governments.

  • Jean

    How can you tell if a Muslim is lying? His lips are moving. Who is more proudly enlightened than a Presbyterian USA? No one.

  • reachthelost

    How a person can be a Greek Orthodox Christian and a terrorist is beyond me. It's wrong to tack the name 'Christian' on to everything.
    I just wanted to talk about, though, about the true Christians in the Palestinian areas who are persecuted for their faith. Often they are forgotten because they are in the midst of the Israel/Palestine crisis. I just wanted to mention them. There are true believers in the Palestinian areas. Maybe you can check out their story here: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/insideisrael/2009/Dece

    The Presbyterian Church USA is not helping by anti-Semetic. God calls Christians to love one another; they would be known by their love. Hatred is dishonorable to God and does not help the Jews or Palestinian Christians. How can Christians reach lost sinners for Christ if they hate Jews?

    • Jim C.

      Jesus Christ calls human beings to love one another–not to love according to religion or geographical location. very sneaky little post you have there.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/reachthelost reachthelost

        No sneakiness intended, Jim C. Honest. :) Perhaps I should have worded it differently. I just put emphasis on Jews and Palestinian Christians because professing Christians of the past have had a very sour history in their treatment of Jews (German Christians). I talked about Palestinian Christians because I think they're stuck in a situation that's beyond their control. You're right, though, about just loving people anyway, whatever their religion or location is.

  • teq

    Israel has no need to worry about any of this. If God is on your side, who needs Presbyterians? Besides, it's the Presbyterians who have the record of ethnic cleansing. In the 17th century under Oliver Cromwell, their ancestors, the Calvinists marched through Ireland butchering entire villages. And now they have the gall to stand in judgement of Israel for defending itself? Hah! That's rich.

    • Babs

      Please tell me teq…where you read that is was Calvinists who marched through Ireland butchering entire villages? I would like to read that for myself and would appreciate a little guidance from you on where to find it. thanks

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/reachthelost reachthelost

      I'd like to know the link too. I was shocked when I read that.

    • Jim C.

      Yeah, those bloodthirsty Puritans…from 400 years ago! LOL

  • Seek

    The idea that Christian Arabs, unlike Islamic Arabs, can't be terrorists (or their enablers) is clearly contradicted by the above evidence. And while the article didn't mention it, a fellow named Sirhan Sirhan is a Christian Arab, too.

    It's hard for Christian pitchmen to admit, but not everyone in their world is sympathetic to Israel.

  • Jim C.

    I'm all for Palestinian "right of return"…once they remove those troublesome bits about destroying Israel from their official documents.

    • Stern

      But Jim C, the "right of return" is just another synonym for "destroy Israel". A country of some 5 million Jews and 1.3 million "Palestinians" would not be able to accommodate another 4 – 5 million "refugees" and their descendants. But that's the whole idea!

    • Ron Grant

      "I'm all for Palestinian "right of return"…once they remove those troublesome bits about destroying Israel from their official documents."

      Really?Then what becomes of your precious Zionist state,the Jewish homeland?Would it still not be at risk?You would share your homeland with a Palestinian majority?If so,you are indeed a man among men.I would hope that Palestinians would be so magnanimous in that case.I believe in the people,it is the leadership I question.We in the West are indeed fortunate in the practice of electing a set of leaders who have embraced democracy and the practice of relinquishing power to the people every four or fives years or so.Muchiboy

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Ocean_Breeze Ocean_Breeze

    I am a Presbyterian and I have already fired off an email to my Pastoral team. This is ridiculous! I will not stand for this nor be associated with it if it is true and is adopted by Presbyterians.

  • Sane Mama

    Oh God bless y'all. A little further internet research than taking the latest rant hook line and sinker will inform that this is a document on the World Council of Churches website, and organization that has as its members American Baptists, Southern Baptists, Evangelical Lutherans, etc. etc. etc. as well as the dreaded Presbyterians. Please check out http://www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/documents/o… take a cold shower, have a nice sip of tea, and calm way down.

    • linda

      your link didn't quite make it completely to your posting

  • Cynical

    Everyone's attention is directed at the plight of the Palestinians. Why isn't there more people concerned at the state of the Christians in Egypt, Pakistan, Middle East…… ? Why don't the rich Saudis and the surrounding middle eastern countries pump more money into building the infrastructure for the Palestinians. I'm sure their petrol money can help.

    • Superaverage38

      Israel put an embargo on the Palestinian territories which it enforces with the naval blockade, apartheid walls, and its military presence. Remember the Freedom Flotilla? It was trying to bring in materials to help build infrastructure in Gaza but Israel does not allow cement to be brought into the Occupied Territories because it can be used by Hamas to build tunnels which is why Israeli commandos terrorized the Flotilla. And that's why the Saudis cannot pump money into Palestine through any normal channels; if they are pumping money, however, the news probably doesn't tell you unless it's for military aggression; but if they're not, it's no surprise the Saudis don't really care about the Palestinians because they consider them to be inyenzi.

  • Superaverage38

    George Habash was quite an extraordinary person. Mossad attempted several times to assassinate him but they could never get their hands on him. He eventually died, but of natural causes and not by the Israelis. How could George Habash evade assassination by the most dangerous and advanced intelligence agencies in the world? There's only one reasonable answer: because God was his shield. If God protected this so-called "terrorist tactician" then it only means that God does not support the Zionist regime, it is God's will that Israel be dismantled and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip be allowed to return to their ancestral homelands live in the same neighborhoods as Israelis.