Christians: Egypt’s New Scapegoats

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The demonstrators called for searching monasteries and churches for hidden weapons, and issued direct threats to the Pope including, “Shenouda, just wait, we will dig your grave with our own hands.” They continued with chants such as “Egypt will remain Islamic,” called for boycotts of Christian businesses, and for deposing the Pope.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), the Egyptian state security is behind these anti-church demonstrations. In its October 10, 2010 release, AINA asserted that “mounting tensions between Muslims and Christians aim to foment havoc ahead of the crucial political landmark…from the People’s Assembly elections slated for November 29 to the presidential elections next year.”

The Christian-Copts, who account for more than 10% of Egypt’s 83 million inhabitants, have been victimized by the majority Muslims ever since 1952, when the Egyptian revolutionary command led by Abdul Nasser took control of the country. There have been periods of relative peace between the Muslims and the Christian Copts, but the dictatorial regime has allowed the Islamists to attack Christians whenever the government has found itself under pressure. In essence, the Copts have become the regime’s scapegoat.

In January 1977, bread riots broke out in Cairo when Anwar Sadat tried to lift subsidies on essential items. Riots orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood compelled Sadat to inject a more Islamic flavor to his government, parenthetically giving the Muslim Brotherhood a green light to assault the Coptic Christians.

The Mubarak regime, according to Raymond Ibrahim, has facilitated what he describes as the “severe persecution” of Egypt’s Christian minority by Muslims. Ibrahim, who lectures at the National Defense Intelligence College, said Egypt has transformed into the spearhead of the Muslim Brotherhood and has developed a structure for intimidating the nation’s estimated eight million Coptic Christians.

Dr. Dawoud has been regularly protesting against the harassment and persecution of Copts at the U.N. He recently organized a protest in front of the White House when President Mubarak visited the U.S. Dr. Dawoud notes that the weak, voiceless, oppressed Copts in Egypt are an example of what could happen in America if Islam is triumphant. Dr. Dawoud, who has had a close relationship with Pope Shenouda III since his childhood, pointedly refers to Proverbs 31:8-9 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…”

The ugly fabrications and lies leveled at Pope Shenouda III by a growing jihadist camp in Egypt and the collusion of the Mubarak regime with the Islamists (while they are one of the largest recipients of U.S. Foreign aid) is an unacceptable reality. President Mubarak must demonstrate that he is the president of all Egyptians, not just of Muslims, and put a halt to the use of Coptic-Christians as scapegoats.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    How so very telling…as Islam inundates the West with its immigrants…in celebration of our multicultural identity, it cleanses its own realm of non-Muslims, in celebration of its own mono-cultural identity.

    What say you, CAIR, ISNA, MSA? How do your demands for tolerance in the West square with the INTOLERANCE practiced so pervasively in your own realm?

    • kafir4life

      As porkie islamo-troll Abe Hooper would say (and has) "cair is not in the business of condemning". Unless of course it's Israel or US Law enforcement. He's as smart as he is handsome.

  • Beverley

    Dare I say it ? It looks like most secular governments don't care about the Christians either.

    • InsomniacPrimus

      Christians aren't on the approved list of victim groups, so genuine oppression is of no consequence as far as the government is concerned.

  • Wesley69

    You must accept us, our customs, our beliefs in your country, though we will subvert you in time. In our homelands, there is no God, but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. Isn't this true in auithoritarian Muslim regimes like Sharia Saudi Arabia and Iran and semi-democratic Turkey on the other extreme. Christians are being wiped out all across the MidEast. This is the tolerant, peace-loving religion of Islam.

  • Éamonn

    What Western civilization needs now – extremely urgently – is a group of men and women in government who will take on the threat of Islamism full on. WE have had enough of accepting murderous behaviour by those who would annihilate us. The first major step in taking these leaders into a position whereby they can begin to act comes on November 2nd and it is an invitation to the American electorate to begin the task by voting out as many Obamites as possible. Go to it, America – Western civilizaton is depending on you. Again! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Éamonn

    And, Sorry. I omitted to say "Thank You" – without you we would have been lost. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Nabil Sama (convert)

    I have lived in Egypt and speak from seeing it. Islam is a destroyer of men's souls and spirits. From following a pedophile to raping in the name of their god satan, muslims are tormented with evil. Islam has destroyed half of the population of the world. With it's promise of untold sexual delights, it's approval of murder and theft, it's unloosed power of men over everything is too much for a "good" person to be able to cope with. With a dead soul anything evil is explained away. In Cairo you see the wealthy men with their posse of young boys parading their wealth and ability to have sex with many boys. The Filipino girls everywhere used as prostitutes then sold for live "snuff" lovers. They even sell "virgin & pure" animals for the poorer among them to enjoy for sexual pleasure.
    Islam is evil personified with satan at it's head. Pray for every muslim to find peace and love for fellowman and convert away from satanic indulgences.

  • Felsen Stark

    When Mohound raised the pagan god Allah to greatest god status, he desperately needed to imagineer a connection to Abraham or all was lost, his biggest obstacle to this farce were the Christians, hence his Koranic assertion that they were 'the worse of all creatures'. What could be worse in Mo's mind than the truth. Hence, the Christians were relegated in Sharia to inferior status and resulting in a culture still working to extirpate the Copts.

  • tagalog

    There are something like 82,000,000 Egyptians. About 15,000,000 of them are Coptic Christians. The Coptic doctrine is that Christ had two natures, divine and human, united (but not mingled) in one person. That's it; their crime for Islam is in being non-Muslim. Copts have existed since at least the 5th Century, around the time of the 451 Council of Chalcedon. Islam's origins lie in the 7th Century. Egypt fell to Muslim conquest in the 8th Century. Therefore, Coptic Christianity existed for about 300 years before Egypt became Islamic. In Africa, there are about 50-60 million Christians who believe in Coptic doctrine but who are not called Copts because they aren't ethnic Egyptians. Evidently Copts hold their Egyptian ethnic identity in high regard. Too bad the current Egyptian culture doesn't hold them in equally high regard.

  • Brian

    Islam = the religion of Satan. Foolishly bent on trying to stop God's plan of redemption.

    No western country including the United States (collapsing before our eyes) will stop this virus. Christians must wait for the rapture and all others must wait for the 2nd coming before this so-called peaceful religion is destroyed.

    • Believeitornothing

      I absolutely agree and the world is nearly ripe for this to happen. God's period of grace in this world is near its expiration. It must be so. Islam and greed will devour everything if this doesn't happen soon. Look around you, the signs are everywhere! FACT:1/3 of all plants and animals are on the brink of extinction! About all that is left is for the city of Damascus to be wiped off the map. We just don't know if this happens before of after the rapture. Turn to Christ before it's too late! Victory has been predetermined. Decide what side you are on! By the way, sitting on the fence doesn't count.

  • Basie

    My and our God The TRINITY is GOD of all ages.
    He and only He reigns.

    Basie Mynhardt and family.

  • Billy the kid

    I wish you people would get it right – God is a man made fantasy much like the tooth fairy and santa claus. Islam is a sickness trying to destroy everybody but itself. It is only a matter of time before the civilized world gets sick of listening to these mental morons and bombs them into hell if there is such a place.

  • Islam Kills

    Islamicists shall reap what they have sown. 72 whores with all the STDs you can imagine. An enternity of hell, in hell. Stupid people. You cannot win. You will NEVER win. You are your own paraiah and your own worst enemy. Please consider renouncing SATAN (i,e, Muhammed the tyrant and pedophile), and learn that your TRUE redemption comes from trusting in Jesus Christ.

  • Y K

    I am an Egyptian leaving in Egypt and most of this article is lies , please stop spreading rumor's
    Most anti christian activities done before the revolution were Mubarak ( some of them proven and documented to be planned by the minister of interior affairs El – Adly ) sending a messege to the pope Shnouda II that Christians should support him during the elections to keep the extremists ( which were sustaind by his politics of spreading ignorance ) repressed .

    After the revolution, it was the Supreme Council Of Armed Forces sending us another message : either our rule or civil war

  • Y K

    *living in Egypt