Destroying Israel in Stages

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The Oslo Accords signed on the White House lawn in September 1993 served Yasser Arafat, chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) well.  The Accords were the Trojan Horse that enabled Arafat to return to “Palestine” as a hero.  Only a few years earlier, he had supported Saddam Hussein’s brutal occupation of Kuwait. But when the U.S.-led coalition pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, Palestinians living in the region paid the price for Arafat and Saddam’s alliance — half–a-million Palestinians were expelled by the Kuwaitis.  Arafat’s fortunes had nose-dived.  He was in exile in Tunisia, and the dream of expelling the Jews from “Palestine” seemed remote.  Then, lo and behold, he was saved by Israel and the U.S.

Arafat inaugurated a new strategy in the early 1970s with regard to dismantling Israel.  The strategy was based on diplomacy, along with armed struggle.  Some called it the “Destroying Israel in Phases” plan. The idea was to gain enough territory through diplomacy so that the Jewish State’s defensive capacity would be weakened. Then, they would finish it off in an armed struggle — using the pretext of “Palestinian Right of Return” to engage in terrorism.  In September 2000, Arafat reached the conclusion that Israeli society was too weak to stomach terrorism (armed struggle) in Israeli cities.  He believed the Israeli public would crack under pressure from terror and fear, and would then call on the Barak government to make further concessions to the Palestinians.

Mahmud Abbas, Arafat’s successor as chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), adopted Arafat’s strategy of tough diplomacy – i.e., complete intransigence, while calling for Israeli concessions and continuing the terrorist attacks.  Abbas, like Arafat, took a chapter from Adolf Hitler’s playbook on how to conduct diplomacy.  Abbas is willing to engage Israel in diplomacy in the same way Hitler engaged Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain: with peace illusions. Meanwhile, Hitler extracted a huge concession – the dismantling of Czechoslovakia.  Like Israel, the Czechs had a highly developed armaments industry and a large, well trained army. And like Czechoslovakia, Israel is about to be betrayed by its “partner,” the Obama administration, in the name of securing “peace.”

The similarity between Abbas and Hitler is further exhibited by their use of incitement.  Hitler incited the Sudeten-Germans against their country, Czechoslovakia, while assuring the Western powers he wanted peace.  Today, Abbas is inciting the Palestinian masses through the media, mosques, and schools against Jews and Israel, while professing to want peace.  Hitler was able to take Czechoslovakia without firing a shot thanks to “useful idiots” who refused to question his motives and appeasers like Chamberlain.  Abbas is counting on Obama and EU leaders to do his bidding, i.e., extract strategic concessions from Israel, which would render the country defenseless.

The question that looms largely is: has Israel learned anything from history? Will Israel premise future negotiations on the complete cessation of Palestinian incitement (and not fall for a repeat of Oslo’s seventeen year-old unfulfilled obligations)? Will the Palestinians be bound to sign an “end of conflict” document that unequivocally prohibits Palestinian refugees from returning to Israel? Finally, will the Palestinians state publicly – in all languages, including Arabic – that they recognize Israel as a Jewish State?  Without the fulfillment of these conditions, it would be meaningless to continue the façade of “peace negotiations.”  Do Israeli leaders have the fortitude to withstand pressure from its allies, especially the Obama administration, a hostile international media, and its own leftist press?

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  • Jaffer

    The author wrote this article on the basis of supporting Israel. Israel on the other had still occupying 1967 captured lands and illegally building settlements in the occupied area, which is against to the UN charters. Why did not Israel give back the lands back to Palestine people and stop settlement activities for the sake of peace. Peace can be achieved if there is a confidence in both ends.

    • Kim Bruce


      I have to disagree with you. Islam thinks as a solitary unit. The OIC is a very powerful country within itself with 52 Islamic states involved, including Iran.

      Regarding Germany. After Germany's defeat they were in a huge depression. It took a charismatic leader like Adolf H. to bring them out of it and restore German pride with National Socialism.
      Regarding the Final Solution for the Jews, I am not sure if the PLO took a play from Mein Kampf or whether Adolf H. took a play out of the PLO. We do know that Adolf and the Haj Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, were buddy-buddy and it is possible Adolf learned much early in his life from reading the teachings of Mohammad as we know that Adolf H. was big on the occult.

      • ajnn

        Amin Haj al-Hussein was instriumental in establishing physical murder as the solution to the jewish problem in germany. Without Amin Haj al-Hussein, it is quite possible that several million lives would have been saved. Several million – that is a lot.

        We must remember the Muslim SS units (twin lightning bolts and everything) who physically eradicated the 1.2 million jews of Hungary.

        Do we talk about the ten of thousands of jews murdered in North Africa with the active complicity of the Arabs when the Nazis (Rommel's tank corps) passed through and comtrolled territory during WWII ?

    • Stern

      Jaffer, google Khartoum and the "Three Nos". That will answer your question.

      • aspacia

        True enough Stern, but the Arabs did eventually retract the Three No's.

    • ziontruth

      "give back the lands back to Palestine people"

      "Palestine people" you say? The indigenous people of Palestine? Why, these are the Jews.

      The ones you call "Palestinians"? Arabs. Part and parcel of the Arab nation. In their towns, as in the towns of Iraq and Morocco, you will see signs with the same Arabic script, hear the same Arab tongue and music, take photos of the same types of Arab attire. The customs of Araby. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not indigenous to Palestine.

      What's indigenous to Palestine? Signs with the Hebrew script; the Hebrew language; festivals according to the Palestine-oriented Hebrew lunisolar calendar, not the moon-based calendar the Muslims use; and so on with examples far too numerous to list here.

      We Jews are the indigenous of the Land of Israel. Arabs are invaders, settlers, colonists. As the indigenous of this land, we Jews have the right to inhabit Palestine wherever we want, in whatever numbers, without asking permission of any other nation.

      That is the truth.

      • aspacia

        Fact is Arafat was Egyptian too.

    • mary

      there was never a "palestinian people." It is a term which Arafat started to use in the 1950s. One of most reknown muslim scholars sheik Palazzi declared: There has never been a palestinian people, there never is a palestinian and there never will be a palestinian people.
      Judea and Samaria are LIBERATED parts of Israel. In 1949 Israel was attacked by all lthe muslim neighbours and was forced to let these parts be occupied by muslims.
      In 1948,arabs got the bigger part of what should belong Israel- that is Jordan. The so called never existing palestinian people hasin this case, already a country- Jordan.
      They don´t care about Israel. They want to DESTROY ISRAEL as it is the only thriving state and the only cemocracy and the only non.muslim states.
      According to koran, such state is NOT ALLOWED to exist. Mary

    • ajnn

      'Reciprocity' is one of the most important and longest-existing principles of 'International Law'. It goes by the vocabulary word 'comity' among lawyers.

      This is a firmly-established and important principle of International Law and it must be discussed more frequently and actually respected. We talk so much of International Law. it would be nice to follow the real thing instead of the nonsense put forward by dictatorships, facists, and extremists.

      Here is to knowing the actual content of International Law and showing the real thing some respect..

      For ideas like 'land-for-peace to be effectively implemented (i) the Arabs have to accept it and (ii) the Arabs must have their behavior follow their words in English and French rather than the racist calls for violence in Atabic that we see every day.

      • aspacia

        Why didn't the Arabs initially accept international law if it is so important. The UN, and most Western politicians are wh***res for Oil. In the U.S. they are afraid of another OPEC embargo.

    • aspacia

      Why should Israel relinquish any more land to the violent Muslims? They gave back Sinai only to have the Egyptians look away when Arabs smuggled armaments into Gaza, another chunk of real estate give to violent Muslims in hope of peace. Look at the famous Gazan greenhouses left behind to help the Gazans. Razed to the ground. Look at the desecrated synagogues desecrated by Gazans.

      You do not seem to understand that to Muslims all of Israel is theirs. No Israeli concessions will change this fact.

      Even the name Palestinian is a political ruse. Why didn't they want statehood while "occupied" by Egypt in Gaza, and Jordan in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Why not? Because Muslims are fascist totalitarians who want to rule the world and cannot bear the idea of Jews defeating them or ruling land they once occupied.

      This is a BS argument Jaffer.

  • Walter

    The Germans always had the upperhand. Excluding Russia, they've always had the largest country in Europe and the strongest economy in modern times, even if their defeat in WWI is taken into account. Prussia had already dethroned Napoleon, and occupied Paris in the Franco-Prussian war leading up to WWI, and it took multiple world powers, i.e. America, the Soviet Union, the British Empire, and the French Empire, to take them out, so the comparison between what the Germans did to the Czechs and what the Palestinians are doing in regards to Israel is a stretch. The similarity lies in the fact that the Arabs outnumber Israelis by a wide margin, but in terms of military strength, they are but a drop in the bucket. Iran is perhaps a different story, and when all are weighed together, they are undoubtedly another story, but Germany was always a military powerhouse, and the Palestinians simply are not. But again, I ask, are they really who Israel should pay attention to, or is there a bigger menace out there?

    I do, however, agree with what you are saying about Abbas's strategy mimicking that of Hitler's. While feigning peace, he's inciting the masses against Israel, but this is not a difficult thing to achieve in the Arab world. No matter what Israel does, Israel's very presence will do enough to incite the Arabs against them, with or without Abbas.

    Here's the contradiction: Israel clearly believes in the right of conquest. There were always Jews living in Palestine, but those Jewish settlements undeniably expanded and began seizing Arab territory, whether provoked to do so or not (and people who say the Jews weren't in Israel to begin with simply don't know history, because small Jewish settlements in Israel, that took in Jewish settlers from elsewhere, have existed for thousands of years, since not long after the expulsion of the Jews under the Roman emperor Titus). America, for one, was a country built on the right of conquest, given their policy of "Indian Removal", and active war and usurpation of Indian land. Adolf Hitler, too, believed in the right of conquest, which is one of the reasons he fought such a barbaric war against his enemies, and in turn left Berliners to die at the hands of the invading Russians. In the grand scheme of history, the right of conquest is undeniable and is what civilization is built upon. Look at the very story of how the Jews came to Israel in the first place: they seized it by force from the Canaanites. Countless peoples and cultures seized land from other peoples and cultures and built their settlements. The problem is, given today's attitudes, the right of conquest is incredibly taboo and hard to stomach for many people, especially when one takes WWII into account. Americans, for whatever reason, seem to be particularly sensitive to this, even though they live on old Indian land to this day. As long as Israel is viewed as an aggressor state, the Arab world, whom have taken the brunt of that supposed aggression, and the Western liberal clique who sympathizes with them, will always have difficulty stomaching that. Therefore, Israel is essentially in a no-win situation. Most of the major wars Israel has fought have been defensive, and have in turn gained the world's sympathy. But today the threat they face is annihilation, which is a goal that has been clearly defined by enemies such as Iran, Hamas and Hizbulloh. When the stakes are so high, and rhetoric so heated, can Israel afford to fight a defensive war? Can Israel afford to fight a defensive war against a nuclear Iran? Or even a Palestinian enemy that wishes to drive them from their land by whatever means possible?

    Given the turn in public opinion against the Iraq War, Israel would be risking quite a bit by declaring a preemptive war against her enemies, and the question one must weigh is, would Israel be risking even more, perhaps its very existence, by sitting still and waiting for her enemies to make good on their promises and make the first move? That is the question. The predicament Israel has gotten herself into is this: by becoming a formidable fighting force, she has soured many Christian nations, who believe in the "underdog", by way of the "meek shall inherit the earth", against her. In her previous wars fought, Israel was exactly that: the underdog. But she is underdog no more and is now universally considered to be the foremost military power in the region, even though that's technically an exaggeration, and a bluff to some extent, designed to keep her enemies away. But as long as the perception persists, i.e. Israel is the bully, her enemies will continue to gain worldwide sympathy and support. While it would be in Israel's interest to show that she isn't as tough as many believe, and that she is but a tiny country in a sea of enemies, maintaining her poker face against overwhelming odds would likely be in her best interest. But either way, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't. Idealists can claim peace is in Israel best interests, but realists understand peace isn't an option Israel's enemies are willing to seriously consider.

    • ajnn

      I think what you are trying to say can be said more succinctly.

      The world loves dead jews (Holocaust victims)
      but has always hated live jews who don't want
      to be murdered (Israelis).

      We must break down the artificial distinctions between good/bad jews and see all human beings as having dignity and value.

      The world is often an irrational place. At least I do not understand it.

    • Rob

      Walter, you make a good point about the right of conquest, however your preoccupation with impressions is rather unhealthy.

      The Middle East has never wanted war with Israel. They demonstrate and they bluff purely to save face before their own populations…and stay in power. Read about Egypt retreating and losing land again and again playing this game.

      Iran on the other hand goes beyond sabre-rattling to directly funding and supplying Hamas and interfering with our military actions. We need to remove Ahmadinejad, and Obama won't do it.

      • aspacia

        Rob, your claim is nonsense. Look at the numbers of tanks, troops, and the fact many British officers helped the Arabs.

        • Rob

          Which claim? My impression about the Middle East not wanting war with Israel?

          Look, when a bully says he's gonna kick your behind, and then runs when you come at him, and he begs the principal to make you give him back his shoes he left behind when he ran, and the bully does this several times, and a couple times he gets hit but still whines to the principal, then the bully DOES NOT WANT A FIGHT.

          I didn't say the bully isn't making trouble. I said the bully is yellow. Neon banana flipping yellow.

          Now regardless of my impression that Ahmadinejad would NEVER use nuclear weapons, because he is a loudmouth coward, I still believe its risky to allow a troll to manufacturer a weapon that the next fascist of Iran might be crazy enough to use. The same would go for the unstable Palestinians.

    • aspacia

      Nope. Prior to WWII France had more military power than Germany. More aircraft, tanks, etc. The problem was the French had no stomach for war after WWI, and they were taken by surprise through Belgium.

    • aspacia

      Walter, most of Israel was legally purchased from the Ottomans. Since the creation of Israel at least 60 new countries have been formed with no blowback. The reality of the situation is antiJewish bigotry. I can think of no other reason, unless you add jealousy to the bigotry.

      Regardless, your claims are valid regarding conquest. We all live on land that has been conquered at one time or another. The Romans and Normans conquered Britain. Mohamed the Middle-East.

  • Okey

    Jaffer, you're totally and utterly mistaken: international law, in 1922, endorsed the Jewish People's claim to re-establish their political self-determination in the whole area between the Mediterranean Sea and the "Jordanian" desert.
    Israel has donated Gaza and parts of Judea and Samaria to the "Palestinian" Arabs. These Arabs have repaid the favour by rocketing Israel, brainwashing their children and adults with nazi propaganda, and persisting in pursuing their crusade to dispossess the Jews. In the process they have committed mass murder of Jews, and killed quite a lot of non-Jews, too. They support the aims of al-Qaeida, and thirst for the application of sharia law throughout the whole world.
    Their values are antithetical to those of the West. Instead of pursuing constructive endeavours, they are obsessed with destructive ones: for example, Israel left intact many greenhouses in Gaza, which could have been a source of employment, food and revenue for these Arabs, but they promptly destroyed this valuable infrastructure on the racist grounds that they had been built by Zionists.
    Wake up, Jaffer.

  • salim

    you stupid OKEY..what kind of a Moran are you live in this world???Israel didn't donate Gaza because they love Palestinians!!!because their a$$ was being kicked by hamas their.because they lost 11 soldiers in one day in you even listen to news???!!!i guess not.because your mind is ffull of fake and unreal israeli and zionist propaganda…did you all the dead Palestinian kids and the 2 million cluster bombs in lebanon!!!!!???i advice you to wake up dude!!!!the fired rockets from Gaza are weak and cheap but the flying jets,nuclear weapons,white phosphorous,cluster bombs,war ships,high technology,and many more in Israel.and still you say Israel is innocent….you shallow people dont know how to analyze,think ,and only believe what your fake propaganda say.i live there and I'm witnessing the Israeli terror upon us.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Get back to Pakistan, leeching misogynistic Jew-hating savage.

    • Okey

      Salim, I hope that Israel always remains militarily superior to the genocidal maniacs who control the minds and bodies of "Palestinian" Arabs.

    • Okey

      Israel is a diamond sitting on top of the dung heap to which the Arabs have reduced the rest of the MiddleEast.

    • aspacia

      You elected your leaders, and you are equally responsible for the violence they instigate. You excuse murdering all Jews because they will grow to soldiers or simply because they are Jews.

      SALIM, you have no balance, and your media is controlled by your elected officials. You do not understand that your leaders are diverting your anger toward Israel to avoid you and your brethren realizing that they are failed leaders.

      In the West, and Israel we openly publish commentary criticizing our leaders including Wbya, Obama, Bibi, et al. Can you do the same? NO.

      Why is the Middle-East so very backward compared to the West and Israel. You can't blame all of your backwardness, poverty, lack of education, hospitals infrastructure, clean water on the West and Israel. Oh, I guess you can, but you would be in error. Your leaders have billions in oil wealth, and billions in foreign aid. When Arafat died, his people were still devastated, he had billions, and his wife Suha is living off your wealth.


  • zack

    see this link its drawing in which i portray this fact:

    • Stern

      Hey Zack, there is one thing that's accurate about this cartoon. Look at the size of Israel compared to its neighbours. Not exactly huge, is it? But because it's in Dar Al Islam, it cannot be allowed to exist. And that's why Israel has no choice but to arm itself.

      • ajnn

        Huh ? This is a cartoon.

    • aspacia

      Who instigated the violence? Muslims or Jews? Who initially attacked who prior to the creation of the state of Israel?

  • Stern

    Brilliant, Zack, now a cartoon is the "truth"? Salim, think for once. Yes, Israel has sophisticated weaponry. So why the heck do the Gazans insist in firing rockets at Sderot, a purely civilian area? You buzz an elephant enough, he's gonna smack you. Only difference is, Israel doesn't smack as hard as it could, for which you should be eternally grateful. Heaven help you if you do ever provoke Israel enough to arouse its full wrath. You really need to calm down and start thinking about how good life could be if you chose to live in peace, rather than try to eliminate a strong country that will NOT be eliminated.

  • "Settler in Judea"

    One of the most important steps Americans need to take to insure the safety of Israel is to do a through house cleaning of the US State Department. The US State Dept. has been Pro Arab and Anti-Israel since the days of John Foster Dulles. Hitler did not even have such rabid Jew haters in his ranks as the US State Department has had over the years. So many hidden roaches in the cracks of that Department!
    At the same time the American people need to rid the white house of it's current occupant who lives there illegally. He needs to be deported back to Kenya and he can take all his court jews with him as well as his terrorist buddies Ayers, Al MAnsour, Jeremiah Wright and Khalidi, McPeak, Susan Rice, Senator Richard Luger and maybe even Reid and Pelosi.

    • Okey

      One of the most important steps Israel needs to take to ensure its security is to reduce to a minimum any dependence on the USA or other states, as well as to create a situation where others become dependent on Israel.
      This might sound fanciful, but so did growing fruit and vegetables on the shores of the Dead Sea once sound fanciful until Israel achieved it.

  • Reneeca

    The day Abbas and the Palestinians accept the state of Israel, is the day Netanyahu should agree to peace talks and no sooner.

  • Historyscoper

    If Arabs want peace, why don't they ask fellow Arabs to resettle them far away from Israel in some of the huge Arab territory, and pay for it too? If they are hard cases about private property ownership, why don't they ask Israel to pay for their vacated territory? One word: ISLAM. As U.S. Gen. William G. Boykin recently said, Islam's goal isn't peace, democracy, human rights, etc., it's CONQUEST. People who embrace anideology that promises pie in the sky for spreading the territory ruled by Sharia are pointless to negotiate with since it will be all one-sided. Let's get real. Go Israel! Scope Jerusalem's history back 3,000 years and see how Jews have the right to a homeland centered there, while Arabs don't.

  • Ciccio

    What Zack is saying, to put it in simple terms, is that the Arabs in Palestine are incompetent bunglers who despite the billions lavished on them by the West for their needs and their fellow Arabs for their wars can neither make a living or fight a war. He is quite wrong in saying that 85% of their rockets don't kill, make that 99%. The Arabs in Palestine and the Israelis have at least realized their worth and trade accordingly, 200 live Arabs for one dead Isreali soldier.

  • Stern

    Hey Zack, thanks for the "history" lesson. Clearly, you've absorbed all the anti-Israel hatred and parroted it back to perfection. Only trouble is, you've come to the wrong place to do it. People here actually know the truth, so it's better for you to spend your time on sites that appreciate your kind of garbage. You're certainly not appreciated here.

  • ziontruth

    "and every jew returns to his/her motherland in eastern Europe and the rest of the world."

    Thank you, Mrs. Thomas. And now for the truth:

    For any Jew, be he born wherever he may in the world, there is one and only place he can call his homeland: the Land of Israel.

    All the rest of the world is a temporary abode, for the Jews to bide the time in until God calls His nation back.

    Joseph's bones were removed to the Land of Israel and interred there. Why did God not grant this favor to Moses, His most faithful servant? Because, says the Midrash, Joseph admitted being a Hebrew in Egyptian prison, while Moses did not contradict the shepherds' daughters when they described him as an Egyptian to Jethro. Had Moses not been born in Egypt? Indeed he had; therefore we learn that any Jew, regardless of birthplace, is a native of the Land of Israel, and inhabiting the Land of Israel is his birthright.

  • ajnn

    The Palestinian Arabs are a great and intelligent people with enormous resources.

    They have established a propaganda machine that is truly powerful.

    1. There are no thousands of dead Palestinian Arab babies. This is propaganda. Please grow up. These claims are not substantiated. they just get repeated with inflation every year.

    2. It is true – the Palestinian Arabs are outnumbered and outgunned. However, they are only one small part of the anti-Israel coalition. Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran with the corrupting Saudi money should be taken into account.

    There are 350 million Arabs in the Middle East and around 5 million jews (7 million is the total population of Israel). That is a lot of 'outnumbered' and 'out-dollared'.

    3. "i have friend from Lebanon;more than half of his family were killed by Israeli air strikes.and his great grandfather died in the Houla massacre in 1948 (houla is a village in southern Lebanon)where more than 56 Lebanese civilians were murdered."


  • Spirit_Of_1683

    Israel won't collapse. To be honest, we in the West never ought to have stopped the Israelis stamping on the savages who border that country. Yes, so-called palestinians are hateful savages who leech off us. They're not badly done to. The Israelis give them medicines, food, electricity, gas, water, etc, and what do the Israelis get back in return? You've guessed it – Qassam rockets and terrorist atrocities. Had Israel been like China with China's 1.4 billion population, the Palestinians would have been bombed into oblivion and there wouldn't have been a thing you semiliterate primitive savages could have done about it. Whining to gullible politically-correct Western idiots wouldn't have counted one jot.

  • Okey

    Arabs and other racist anti-Zionists want Israel to sit back and allow jihadist genocidal maniacs to wipe out all the Jews. It's not going to happen.
    Israel is the good guy. Its existence is the best thing that's happened in the Middle East for the last 2,000 years. It's a force for good in the world, whereas its enemies are a force for evil all over the world.
    Look, e.g., at the Islamic state of Pakistan: even as millions of its people suffer terribly because of natural disasters, some Pakistanis continually blow up other Pakistanis with whom they disagree on politics and religion. That's the mentality of the anti-Israel crowd: medieval, benighted, reactionary, destructive.

  • aspacia

    Obviously you are an uneducated Muslim who is practicing Taquiyya, lying to deceive enemies. So what is Arabs are lousy shots. They started the violence, and the West will eventually end it, probably rather brutally.

    A Zionist

  • To the ignorant


  • ajnn

    'Reciprocity' is one of the most important and longest-existing principles of 'International Law'. It goes by the vocabulary word 'comity' among lawyers.

    This is a firmly-established and important principle of International Law and it must be discussed more frequently and actually respected. We talk so much of International Law. it would be nice to follow the real thing instead of the nonsense put forward by dictatorships, facists, and extremists.

    Here is to knowing the actual content of International Law and showing the real thing some respect..

  • ajnn

    Please note that every Arab country manufactures a war memorial to 'Bad Israel'. In most of these places no Israeli has ever set foot. Syria has a great one. 1978 newspaper accounts describe Dictator Assad killing a few thousand in a weekend and then the town was maintained as a ghost town to warn others not to protest against the Ba'ath government of Syria. But in the 1990's it was converted to a war memorial testifying to bad Israel.

    The best example is the 'Mohammed al-Dura Incident of 2000' where the Bad Israel killed a little boy hiding from the bullets behind his father. It turns out that (i) not only was the incident manufactured in a film studio (great special effects by the way -) but also (ii) ALL OF THE JOURNALISTS WHO RAN THE FILM ON TV TESTIFYING TO 'BAD ISRAEL' KNEW IT WAS PHONY.

    The story your friend from Lebanon told you was fiction. The Israeli army never set foot into Lebanon in 1948. Good story, likely told in a very intimate and moving way, but still just more 'Bad Israel' propaganda