India and Israel United

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The Israeli daily Ha’aretz recently characterized the relationship between India and Israel as “strong but low key,” and for once, Ha’aretz’s description seems fairly accurate. Cursory observation shows that the countries share two crucial features — both are democracies and both are surrounded by Muslim enemies. In addition, Islamic terrorism has been visited upon both Israel and India, and should nuclear Pakistan crumble and be taken over by jihadi Islamists, the consequences would be dire for both nations.

India and Israel’s relationship has been rather adversarial for most of Israel’s existence.  During India’s pre-independence period, Gandhi, Nehru, and the ruling Indian National Congress Party opposed the creation of a Jewish national home and voted in opposition to the 1947 recommendation by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) to partition Palestine.  Moreover, India voted against the admission of Israel into the United Nations in May 1949.

Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, maintained a strong anti-Israel position in spite of the fact that all of India’s opposition parties – from the Left to the Right (including the communist and socialist parties on the Left and Jan Sanngh and Swantantra parties on the Right) – argued for close political and economic ties with Israel. For Nehru and his successors in the Indian National Congress, domestic considerations such as appeasement of the large Muslim minority, drove India to support the Arab cause.  In addition, Nehru, Tito, and Egypt’s Nasser led the Non-Aligned Block during the Cold War, and India tilted towards the Soviet Union while Israel was clearly in the Western camp.

In the aftermath of the Pakistani inspired uprising against Indian-controlled Kashmir in 1989, military escalation with Pakistan, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the ending of the Cold War, India decided to chart a pro-Western and pro-American course. This eventuated in India’s decision to formalize relations with Israel.

The 1993 Oslo Peace Accord between Israel and the Palestinians freed up India to fully embrace Israel as a partner.  India established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992. In February 1992, Israel opened its embassy in New Delhi, and in May of that same year, India opened its embassy in Tel Aviv.  In December 1996, then-Israeli President Ezer Weizman led a 24-member delegation of Israeli businesspeople to India – the first of dozens of reciprocal visits by Israeli and Indian officials. The relationship received a major boost when the Bharatiya Jaanata, the Hindu nationalist party, took power in India in 1998 (ending in 2004).

Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s 2003 trip to India was a pivotal moment, marking the first such visit by a top Israeli government official. During his trip, Sharon met with India’s Prime Minister at the time, Atal Bihari, and other Indian leaders and signed a series of cooperative agreements. The accords addressed a set of issues including the environment, health, education and drug trafficking.  At the end of Sharon’s visit, the two nations issued the Delhi Statement on Friendship and Cooperation, aimed at enhancing bilateral agreements and creating an institutional framework for continued exchanges.  Since 1999, India’s Ministry of External Affairs and Israel’s Foreign Ministry have held annual bilateral consultations in Jerusalem and New Delhi, in addition to having periodic discussions on counterterrorism.

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  • John Trout

    It's about time. Let's hope the next President has better sense and the ability to recognize friends instead of appeasing theocratic maniacs.

  • bastich

    Hopefully – all of Nehru's follies and immature policies are now negated!! Curse him for his lousy leadership whose continued policies which has kept india in the Middle Ages for 50 years!!!

    I completely support the India Israel Relationship!!

  • Kanwi

    All western countries need to take effective control over the education processes and if Imans and teachers don't toe the line in accord with the laws of the country then prosecute them and ship them out or jail them including disqualification to teach-preach again. There should be zero tolerance for hate speech, incitement etc just as it is in Islamic countries. This is what Australia has done with an Islamic Teaching Council (reporting to the Education Minister and PM) approving granting of degrees, other qualifications, all course material, licensing of Imans and the like. We should note that Islam gets at the kids so early and that is the cue for reversal of the poisoned mindsets.

  • jacob

    But madrassas (Islamic schools) and mosques, places of hate teaching and preaching spring out almost overnight like mushrooms after a rain

    And now the Rotten Apple's mayor and council look with simpathy the building of the mosque near Ground Zero….

    It is not the blind man's fault
    It is the man's who gave him the club in the first place

  • Draza

    When do Christians, Buddhists, and Shintoists get out of their self induced coma and join the Hindus and Jews and realize that Islam is the enemy of all mankind. Islam should be in the same trashcan as Naziism, Communism and Facism.
    Islam tells everyone in no uncertain terms that they mean to kill us, or reduce us to Dhimmitude and our leaders think it's just cute and ignore the threat. Western countries have to regain their heritage and take control of the dialoge. Call out ISlam for what it is. A gutter religion that needs to be stamped out.

  • ziontruth

    No nation has suffered more at the talons of Islam than the Hindus. The most conservative estimate says the Islamonazis murdered 90 million Hindus from Mahmoud Ghazni's time up to the beginning of British rule. It's a poignant reply to those, Leftist complaceniks, who say Jews can trust Muslims to keep peace treaties because "Muslims never did to Jews anything like what was in Europe." True, strictly speaking, but that's only because the Muslims expended their energies doing that to the Hindus. It proves they can if they want to–so any nation that chooses life cannot tolerate the presence of Muslims, either within its borders or in their vicinity.

    A Muslim population within a non-Muslim country is a fifth column; a Muslim-majority country next to a non-Muslim country is a military base. And the enablers of both types of threat are, in India, in Israel, in the United States, in Europe, everywhere: the Marxists. The Leftist/Islamist alliance is the one single greatest threat to all free people today.

  • Fan of India

    This is indeed a very well written article. Israel and India have much in common, and much to gain from each other. In both India and Israel, the Muslim minority is treated with dignity and given equal rights. In Pakistan, Hindus are murdered for using "Muslim only" water fountains, and the Arab countries violently ejected all of their Jews between 1949 – 1970, not to mention the pogroms that happened in the 1920's. Another similarity is that both countries have had land that is rightfully theirs taken from them and used to form a Muslim theocracy – Pakistanis are actually the same race as Indians, but Pakistan is Muslim due to Islamic invasion and imposition of Islam. "Palestine" is the Roman name for the Holy Land, not a Muslim state that ever actually existed, and the Muslim Arab state being forced upon the world in Judea and Samaria (i.e. "West Bank"), is being carved out of the heartland of Israel.

    • satm

      I am an Indian, and I can tell you how much respect Israel and its people have in India.
      Since India's independence, we have wasted our energies with communal violence and picking wrong friends. As a nation, we need to mature. India is fast becoming a pragmatic country, that is inclusive and peaceful.
      As I read the posts here, I am surprised to see animosity and anger towards Muslims. We must end terrorism, but we must connect to humans in all societies and religions if we want lasting peace.
      In my recent trip to Himalayan ranges, I was happy to see many Israeli guys going around in motorcycles enjoying their vacations. I hope we can create a society that promotes such social interactions, and prevents terrorists from disturbing those who would like to live peacefully

      • IndyIsDave

        Awesome! The two nations are a natural fit as allies and know that Islam is a thoroughly corrosive menace.. It's a shame the US has such a horrible leader but that will change in 2012. Long live the US, India, and Israel!

      • Arjaan

        "I am surprised to see animosity and anger towards Muslims. "

        I am Indian too and I am not surprised. I totally share the same animosity and anger and for good reason. Peace comes at a price. Israel has demostrated that they are willing to pay that price for survival and peaceful existance. There is something we Indians need to learn from Israel.

  • CB3

    Strifes that the Hindu people have gone through, as well as the strifes that the Jewish people have gone through – amazes me that we weren't "together" from the beginning. After all the two beliefs do have the best doctors throughout history – the greatest minds have consistently been Hindu and Jewish!

  • JK21

    So far, most of the symbols of friendship are too superficial. Mostly talk and some trade. When India does more than shake hands, we can take their friendship seriously. But India will quickly, and without much pushing, support the anti-Israel front in most key areas: flotillas, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. They are also still strongly allied with Russia. India, so far, has taken no strong or independent position to support Israel's existence or even right of self defense.

    • ziontruth

      I believe India, like Israel, acts against its interests only for the same reason Israel acts against its interests: domination by Leftist elites. The policies of the New Delhi government probably no more reflect the stances of the Hindu man in the street than Israel's craven capitulations since 1993 reflect Israeli Jewish opinion.

      The whole free world is given up to leadership that betrays its very essence. You Americans have a Marxist in the White House, and the situation elsewhere isn't that much better. Even Netanyahu has to abide by the rules of the Left, such as adherence to international "law" and the idea that a nation-exclusive state is a thoughtcrime. So did George W. Bush. The Marxists have shaped the discourse to such an extent that they maintain virtual rule even when they aren't officially in power.

      • pasars

        This is far milder than Israel's European allies who strongly rebuked Israel. India did not specify who it was talking about since both sides used force. India got flak for not specifically condemning Israel by name. Since India and Israel relationship took off in 2002-2003 India's relationship with Iran has gone down dramtically. India voted twice in in two critical votes at IAEA forums against Iran's nuclear program. Iran vowed that India would pay for her anti-Iranian actions. India is widley perceived by Muslim countries to have launched an Israeli synthetic aperture spy satellite 2 years ago. Iran was particularly angry because it felt the satellite would be used against Iran.

    • pasars

      You are wrong. Please show me where India has praised Hezbollah or Hamas. This is an outrageous assertion. This is absurd since India is facing the same type of Fedayeen attacks in Kashmir for which we have sought Israeli assistance based on their long years of fighting Hamas and Hezbollah. As far Russia your assertion is absurd since Israel and Russia are cooperating in developing avionics jointly for India's fighter jets. Israel and Russia have also cooperated in providing a jointly developed A.W.A.C.S aircraft for India. Russia has also bought U.A.Vs from Israel. Public opinion polls show that Israel's image in India is higher than in any other country in the world including the U.S.. This is remarkable considering that that the Jewish community in India is miniscule. In other words this affection for Israel is natural. During the flotilla incident India never mentioned Israel by name for which it received criticism. Google it and see. India's statement was mild. This is exactly what India said: "we condemn the indicriminate use of force" and thats all India said and left it at that. India did not specify whose use of force. It was tantamount to saying "we condemn violence". It is meaningless.

      • pasars

        This is far milder than Israel's European allies who strongly rebuked Israel. India did not specify who it was talking about since both sides used force. India got flak for not specifically condemning Israel by name. Since India and Israel relationship took off in 2002-2003 India's relationship with Iran has gone down dramtically. India voted twice in in two critical votes at IAEA forums against Iran's nuclear program. Iran vowed that India would pay for her anti-Iranian actions. India is widley perceived by Muslim countries to have launched an Israeli synthetic aperture spy satellite 2 years ago. Iran was particularly angry because it felt the satellite would be used against Iran.

        • pasars

          Energy-starved India cancelled a natural gas pipeline that had been in the works for many years. Recently Iran announced that India would NOT be invited to a confrence on Afghanistan but Pakistan would be invited. This is remarkable considering that in the 1990s India and Iran were working hand and glove with each other in support of anti-Taliban forces. Today Iran is not even inviting India to a confrence on Afghanistan. It shows how far the relationship has sunk. Last year India cut off refined petroleum product (gasoline) to Iran which was critical because Iran was getting 40% of its gasoline from India at that time. India has never in its history taken such an abrupt tilt in its foreign policy for any country. Such a punitive action against an energy power like Iran, upon whom India is dependent for a significant share of oil imports, is praiseworthy.

          • pasars

            You must understand how big these sacrifices are. India imports 70% of its oil. Russia supplies the largest portion but much of that has to be shipped past China and is therefore vulnerable to the Chinese navy. Therefore you can understand the critical nature of Gulf oil to India. Because of the fall in relations between Iran and India. India has had to re-invigorate its relations with her # 3 enemy, Saudi Arabia, as a hedge against an Iranian cut-off. This is quite humiliating since Saudi Arabia supports the terrorists that did the Mumbai terrorist attack known as L.e.T.. L.e.T charities and schools are funded by the deep pockets of the Saudis. Saudi Arabia also funded the Pakistani nuclear program. So you can imagine how humiliating it is for India to go to the Saudis. Iran would have been the perfect friend in the region for India because it flanks Pakistan's vulnerable western border as well as Afghanistan's. But for the sake of Israel, India has ended this close friendship and it is now a mere acquaintanceship.

          • pasars

            The Obama administration has also hindered things as well. Obama the Muslim is vehemently anti-Indian. Obama prevented Israel from bidding on a massive jet fighter tender from India. Obama is also putting huge anti-nuclear pressure on India while at the same time allowing China to export reactors to Pakistan. Remember it is Pakistan which sold Iran uranium gas centrifuges in the first place. Obama's behavior is a 180 degree reversal of Bush policy. India may be forced to take counter measures if this insanity is not stopped. For example, India may resume investment in Iran's petrochemical sector if Obama does not end his pro-Muslim anti-India policies. India is the number two market for Israeli exports and Israeli exports will only grow in the future. It is a vital trade link considering that the western world is in a deep recession and thus Israel's traditional markets are not as lucrative. It is precisely because of the warmth in the Indo-Israeli relationship that the terrorists in Mumbai targeted the Chabad house in Mumbai. It was an attempt to awaken the Muslim world to the "India-Israel axis".

          • pasars

            And remember India's friendship with Israel is all the more remarkable considering that Muslims make up 12-13% of India's population and constitute a critical deciding vote bank in Indian elections. Muslims are told for whom to vote at the mosque and they come out to vote in enormus numbers. India's Muslims are vehemently anti-Israeli. So India's policy comes at significant domestic political risk.

          • pasars

            I guess you don't read the Pakistani press which seems to have become the epicenter of the worse type of anti-semitism. The Pakistani press constantly accuses the Israelis of supporting the Pakistani Taliban, Baluchi separitists, Jundallah and they even the accuse the "Jews" of staging the Mumbai attacks. They constantly accuse world wide Jewry of conspiring against Pakistan and the Muslim world through what they describe as the "Jew-controlled" western press. Every Pakistani malady is blamed on the Jews along with the Hindus. The Pakistanis are rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Jewish and you can thank good old Saudi Arabia for that which for the last three decades pumped vile Islamist propaganda into the hearts of Pakistanis with billions of petrodollars. As a result, Al-Qaida-like Islamist anti-semitism has become the norm in Pakistan. Good luck finding a better natural ally than India. Never forget Daniel Pearl!

  • jgreene

    Now if only the United States awaken from its self-imposed slumber regarding the threat of Islamic Radicalism – Islam. India, Israel, the United States of America – tolerant Democracies. Islamic Nations – Intolerant Radical Theocracies and/or Totalitarian States.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    It would be interesting to ask Islam haters of this blog, what has Pakistan done against Israel. President Musharaf went so far as to address the Annual gathering of Jewish Congress in New York in 2006 and Pakistan has never threatened Israel with atomic weapons or helped any Arab state in its war with Israel. It was actually India which helped Egypt in its war of 1973 with weapons and nurses.

    Just because Pakistan is one of 56 Muslim countries, does not mean that Israel should join forces with India against destabilizing Pakistan.
    Pakistan has no designs against any country, but India and Israel should remember one thing before embarking on any foolish adventure. Pakistan is not a banana republic. It has 170 million people, 7th largest professional armed forces in the world and a large stockpile of very destructive first option WOMD. It should give anyone a pause to think things over.
    By the way, if one make anti-Islam alliances, it is good to know that Muslims have more in common with the Jews than Jews have with Hindus. During the centuries, when Jews were being persecuted and killed in large numbers, it was Muslims who protected them and gave them jobs and positions in their societies from Spain, Morocco, Egypt and Iraq.

    Kind regards
    Bashy Quraishy

    • S Chopra

      What has Pakistan done against Israel, you ask my friend!!! In addition to undermining the right of Israel to exist at every possible forum, Pakistan sent Pakistani Air force pilots to fight against IAF in the six day war in 1967. Even though Pakistan could not openly support US ally because of massive US military aid. It actively encouraged its piolets to go fight Israel. Here is a little history for you.
      "RJAF and PAF were flying under a joint command. Flt. Lt. Saiful Azam became the only pilot from the Arab side to have shot down 3 IDF/AF aircraft within 72 hours and also the only pilot to have shot down 3 different aircraft types of the IDF/AF. He was, subsequently, decorated by Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan" (from The shear hatred for Jews in all muslim countries is well known but in Pakistan it is magnified by at least an order of magnitude. The proof was the Mumbai attackers, who made sure that they go and kill some Jews even in India, who are less than 0.005% of population. As far as Pakistani Nukes are concerned, they will be useless after Pakistan destroys itself. They are more likely to be used by the Pakistani Punjabi dominated coward army in Baluchistan and Pakistani than against India or Israel.

    • Arjaan

      Pakistan's biggest enemy is neither India nor Israel, it is Pakistan itself. Your own paranoia, hatred, obsession and schizoid vitriole against "Zionists" and "Hindu fascist" is your biggest undoing. Pakistan will destabilize itself without India or Israel needing to do anything……. although both countries very much independently retain the capability to completely annihilate Pakistan if they so feel the need, all your 170 million, 7th largest army and WMD nothwithstanding.

      Just remember its not that Israelis that call for the complete destruction of your Islamic state. Its not Hindu radicals that dream of flying the Saffron flag over DC, London and Islamabad. It would take much less effort to plant the Saffron trident or the Star of David over Islamabad, then for Muslims to plant the green Crescent and star over DC, London, Delhi or Tel Aviv. Mostly we have to do nothing but wait till Pakistan falls on its own. It is not India or Israel that is on the brink of being a failed state.

    • pasars

      Pakistan sold Iran the uranium centrifuges which are the basis of the Iranian nuclear bomb program. Pakistan also gave Libya the nuclear bomb with the entire infrastructure for indigenous manufacture until British and U.S intelligence discovered it and Libya wisely decided to end its nuclear program fearing that the U.S and U.K would target Libya after invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Pakistan does not recognize Israels rght to exist. Pakistan does not even have consular relations with Israel. The killer of Daniel Pearl was an asset of the I.S.I. Google it! Read the vile anti-semitic bile printed in Pakistani newspapers and posted on Pakistani blogs. I blame it on Islamist ideology emanating from and funded by the Saudis and Emiratis and other Gulf petro-Sheikhs.

    • KUMAR


  • Arjaan

    For India, any alliance with Israel is always a good thing. Its high time we need to dump the Arabs and embrace Israel. Israel is our strongest ally. We need to cut off all diplomatic ties with the terrorist state of Palestine and declare full support for democratic Israel.

  • Arjaan

    "……….. what kind of ugly game India is playing with Israel. "

    So India is playing ugly game, Israel is playing ugly game, US is playing ugly game….the only innocent one here is Pakistan right? And talking about unease……
    Its funny how you showed up on an Indo-Israeli discussion thread out of your own anxiety, and you call on others as being uneasy. The only one uneasy about India-Israel alliance here is YOU. India-Israel alliance will happen regardless of your raving and ranting, so dont waste your breath.

    Another funny thing…… you mentioned India supporting "a democratically elected" Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman in East Pakistan…. but failed to mention the genocide of 3 milion Bengalis in east Pak.

    "bombing innocent Kashmir’s and Nagaland people"

    Nice try. When exactly did India went "bombing" innocents in Kashmir and Nagaland? "bombing innocents"? Obviously something Pakistan would never do…especially in SWAT and Waziristan right?

  • Arjaan

    As for "inferiority complex among Hindus". Do you really think a tolerant democratic society, an economic powerhouse and a rising global superpower would have inferiority complex against a failed state they defeated in every war? Do you really think a winner would ever have inferiority against a loser?

    And what on earth is "Bagwan Gitta"??! If you are referring to Bhagwat Gita… if you have actually cared to read it….. you would have known… the central theme of the book is about fighting a just war against tyranny and evil. Very appropriate given the fact that we are facing the evil of Islamic terrorism.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear Arjaan
    Even if it is hard to argue against people whose knowledge is of questionable quality, let me answer some of your questions.

    You ask; “What kind of ugly game India is playing with Israel”.
    •Israel is now India's second largest arms provider after Russia
    •Disguised young Israeli army officers began visiting the Kashmir valley in the early nineties tourists to help Indian security forces to oppress local Kashmiris and try to infiltrate Pakistan through Kashmir to sabotage part of Pakistan’s atomic installations.
    •Israel also helped India in its foolish planning to bomb Kahuta, as in Operation Opera, where Israel destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor: The plan was later dropped because of fear of massive Pakistani retaliation.
    •In December 2009, Gabi Ashkenazi the general of Israel Defence Forces made a historic state visit to India to cement the defense ties between the two countries.
    There are a number of other sinister secret alliances directed towards Pakistan. During my 3 visits to Israel in 2005, I met many politicians and academics. Since I am born in India, some of them thought that I was Indian national. I was amazed to notice how much, anti-Pakistan Indian propaganda has poisoned the Israeli mindset. India has somehow convinced the Israelis that Pakistan’s atomic weapons can be used against Israel which in itself is totally rubbish and a ploy to get latest technology from Israel.

    Than you say to me;
    “Its funny how you showed up on an Indo-Israeli discussion thread
    fighting a just war against tyranny and evil of Islamic terrorism”.
    If you have been reading Frontpage regularly, you would have noticed that it is not an Indian Israeli discussion thread but an anti-Islam blog where anyone can comment. Since I work with the issue of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the West, I read many of such blogs. So I did not show up. I hope that I have not disturbed your anti-Islam sleep.

    Then, you ask me;
    “When exactly did India went "bombing" innocents in Kashmir and Nagaland?”
    Please take the trouble if reading what some great human rights activists in India are saying.
    Arundhati Roy have often said that here in India, there’s the smell of fascism in the air!
    Human Rights Watch report accuses the Indian military and Indian-government backed paramilitaries of "committing serious and widespread human rights violations in Kashmir.
    Dalits have been suffering humiliation, loss of respect, dignity, culture and
    above all, unspeakable horror of the caste system for the last three thousand years of human history. Should I continue?
    One last thing, You call Pakistan a failed state. Please walk the streets and slums of large Indian cities and you would see that while China has pulled its 400 million citizens out of poverty in the last 25 years, in India 600 million people live on 1 dollar a day. Roads and infrastructure is worst than many countries in Africa and corruption is a way of life.
    So stop pretending to be an economic super power. I would be the first one to accept this claim, if I did not know better.
    By the way, as Indian born person, I have great love for the people of India and I hope that one day, India can be trusted as a big brother. Pakistan in the meanwhile can not and would not accept a drunk elephant in the china shop-as India often acts like.
    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

    PS; I have read Bhagavad-Gita by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupäda. All religions teach justice, compassion and strive for peace, including Hinduism.

    • Arjaan

      Yup there you go again! More whining about India- Israel conspiracy against poor old innocent Pakistan.
      So India and Israel are making dirty deals while Pakistan does no such thing……………………except for their little dealings China, US, Saudi Arabia and Iran. No?
      Really, what makes you think Israel has any interest in a failed state like Pakistan? They have enough failed states around their own border. India's and Israel interest are far more boarder then just Pakistan.
      For Israel we are probably their only friendly country in the region. There is enormous potential for trade and scientific cooperation between the two countries. Israel and India are global leaders in innovation, science and technology. Israel is will to share some of their scientific expertise in return for access to one of Asia's largest markets. Its is a mutual win win situation. Besides we are both modern and liberal democracies and both face the threat of Islamic terrorism and share painful experience of with Islamic intolerance. There is a share heritage and shared destiny that is much deeper then the shallow Islamic nonsensical rhetorics like "people of the book".

    • Arjaan

      "I was amazed to notice how much, anti-Pakistan Indian propaganda has poisoned the Israeli mindset"

      I might comes as a bigger amazement if I tell you Indian propaganda has nothing to do with it. The western world and their powerful media doesn't have to read through Indian propaganda to know what what Pakistan is upto. You would have to be really stupid and ignorant to be blind to the fact that Pakistan is a world leader in export of terrorism.
      Here in US people associate Indians with Industry, Technology, Education or at least the motel business, while people associate Pakistanis with crime, hatred and terrorism. That didn't happen because of Indian propaganda. American military boots are on Pakistani soil and American drones regularly fires rockets into Pakistan not because of Indian propaganda. The Wikileaks report that claims Pakistan government complicity in using US aid to fund terrorism in Afghanistan and Kashmir is not Indian propaganda.The world is getting tighter with immigration from Pakistan not because of Indian propaganda.

    • Arjaan

      “When exactly did India went "bombing" innocents in Kashmir and Nagaland?”

      I asked you when exactly did India went "bombing" in Kashmir and Nagaland and you answer was about Arundhati Roy and Human Rights nonsense. Do you understand the meaning of the world "bombing"? If you understand basic English, let me ask you again….When exactly did India went "bombing" innocents in Kashmir and Nagaland?

    • Arjaan

      Its funny to me how you selectively apply your moral judgement. I have witnessed this general trait to be very common among Muslim .You talk about human right in Kashmir but make no mention of the 90,000 killed by Pakistani sponsored terrorism. No mention of the serious human right violation and ethnic cleansing of Sindis, Baloch and Shias …. those seen as lesser Muslims by the Punjabi army establishment in the "Land of the Pure". No mention of the genocide of 3 million Bengalis in east Pakistan. No mention of human rights violation of minorities using blasphemy laws, no mention of the rampant honour killings and judicial rapes of women committed via Shariyat laws. Seriously you are a case of pot calling kettle black. You live in absolute denial of your own horrific reality but suffer from ceaseless obsession over India and Israel both of whom have far better human right record then Pakistan.
      As for Dalits, the worst of castism (not doubt it was evil and tyrannical) did not kill even a tiny fraction of the population that Islamic barbarian was responsible for killing. Do read up on Will Durant's Islamic conquest of India. That is the kind of barbarianism your kind looks upon with pride. Yes please do continue…….

    • Arjaan

      Its not me but the world media is calling Pakistan a failed state. Again it is not Indian propaganda. However it does corroborate what Indians have been saying about Pakistan.
      And fact and figures have no meaning for you? You saw the slums of India and you think you know everything you need to know about India's economic growth.So you create your own bogus figures!
      The total number of people below poverty is roughly 450 million. India with 8% growth rate is the second fastest rising economy in the world (compared to 2% growth rate in Pakistan in 2009). Roughly 15 million people come out f poverty each year. The Goldman Sachs predicts that in another 15 years India would be the third largest economy in the world. My take is during the same time Pakistan will continue to be a cesspool of instability and Islamic terrorism. Your viewpoints reflect prefect reason why it will be impossible for Pakistan to come out of the mess. There absolutely no willingness on your part to admit your own fault or take responsibility for anything.

    • Arjaan

      And its too late to google up Bhagwat Gita. Obviously you had no idea about the spelling or the content. Bhagwat Gita is not about peace and compassion, it is about righteous war. It is narrated at the battlefield.

  • Arjaan

    And if India allows Israelis in Kashmir, that is India's business. Kashmir belongs to India, full and final. Pakistan has no say whatsoever. You can bang your head against the wall all you want.
    Besides aren't you guys trying to infiltrate into Afghanistan, Kashmir and Chechnya yourself? Why are you pointing fingers at India and Israel for something you yourself do very often?

    "The plan was later dropped because of fear of massive Pakistani retaliation. "

    In the last 4 wars we fought where we whooped your behind in all the wars, we never saw anything that could be even remotely be described as a……"massive Pakistani retaliation". Just a case of neutered poodles barking at India. So give your jingoist hyperventilation and little rest. There is no such thing as "massive Pakistani retaliation".

  • pasars

    Why on earth would we want Pakistan. It is a bloody mess of terrorism, disease, monumental corruption, and illiteracy. India would never come up if India had not cut looses these disloyal uneducated Pakistanis. If Pakistan joined India, Muslims would become a near majority. Are you Insane? Given the Muslim birth rate Muslims would have taken over India had Pakistan not been partitioned out. The E.U does not want Turkey for the same reason.

  • Frankenstein

    THis Bashy Quraishy seems to be an islamic terrorist himself like any other pakistani

  • calvinrn

    As an Indian, I always say "LONG LIVE INDO ISRAEL FRIENDSHIP"..

    Wipe out the enemies of freedom and liberty…Death to all terrorists.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    I have explained as best as I can but even well formulated arguments seem to pass by these ignorants who take up discussions with me.

    The last two replies from Frankenstein and Calvinm clearly shows the low level of discussion among those who have nothing better to do.

    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

    • Raj

      Couple of things here
      What relation have you find on you Islamists with atheist china.?If that is possible then there is no wrong in INDIA ISRAEL friendship.Atleast India and Israel is victim of radical islamic terrorism that itself is more than enough to have this relation.You talk about Eelam,Nagaland and East Pakistan but you forgot Sindhis,Balochis and your so called FATA .So stop it .This is not the right forum to take out your venom againist India.And last one ….Pakistan denies the existence of Israel ,which tell what Pakistan is about for

  • Ram

    You wouldn't know a well formulated argument were it to sit up and bite you on the behind, Bashy.