Israel’s Delusional Left-Wing

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A number of years ago, I encountered the Israeli author and Peace Now activist Amos Oz at a New Jersey forum.  Following his lecture, I asked him – in his native tongue – to explain how he could possibly demand that peace be delivered “now,” as if it would simply come by commanding it. He chuckled for a moment and replied, “The name might have been adopted a little hastily but peace is within our [Israel’s] reach.”  Amos Oz was one of the original signatories of a letter sent to Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1978, which marked the creation of Israel’s left-wing Peace Now movement.

In the letter to Prime Minister Begin, the founders of Peace Now wrote:

[A] government that prefers the existence of the State of Israel within the borders of “Greater Israel” to its existence in peace with good neighborliness, will be difficult for us to accept. A government that prefers the existence of settlements beyond the Green Line to the elimination of this historic conflict through the…normalization of relationships in our region will evoke questions regarding the path we are taking. A government policy that will cause a continuation of control over millions of Arabs will hurt the Jewish-democratic character of the state, and will make it difficult for us to identify with it.

It is critical to note the naiveté of the left-wing Israelis that established Peace Now – especially in light of Khartoum’s “Triple No” decision (no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel) delivered at the September 1967 Arab Summit. This move unequivocally demonstrated that the Arabs and the Arab-Palestinians were not at all interested in “peace” or in “good neighborliness.” The Coastal Road Massacre perpetrated by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) on March 11, 1978, in which 38 Israeli civilians (including 13 children) were murdered, and 71 others were wounded, proved it as well.

Ironically, the left-wing Israelis who formed Peace Now did so against the center-right Likud government of Prime Minister Begin, despite the fact that it was the Likud government that had orchestrated and signed a peace treaty with the largest Arab state: Egypt.  Moreover, PM Begin stated that he was willing to trade all of the Sinai, including its oil wells, and the settlement of Yamit (where the PM owned a home) for peace.

While this 31 year-old peace is cold and tenuous, it still holds.  The Oslo Accords, signed by the Rabin-Peres-Beilin center-left Labor government and enthusiastically supported by Peace Now, were an unmitigated disaster and cost Israel over a 1,000 innocent lives.  The murderers were Arafat’s Palestinian terrorists – the same individuals with whom Peace Now advocated “making” peace.

Peace Now claims on its website that in 1988, upon the PLO’s acceptance of UNSC Resolution 242 and the principle of the two-state solution, the group “led a massive demonstration of 100,000 persons calling on the [Israeli] government to negotiate with the PLO.”  A mere six months after the declaration, the PLO approved a terrorist raid on the Israeli coastal village of Palmachim with the intention of killing as many Israeli-Jews as possible.

In 1993, Peace Now (in its own words) “fully supported the break-through represented by the Oslo Accords,” during which Israel and the PLO negotiated directly for the first time. As a result, Israel withdrew its military from areas of the West Bank and Gaza, and the PLO renounced violence and publicly accepted Israel’s “right to exist.” Again, only six months after Peace Now “celebrated” the Oslo achievement, suicide bombers began blowing themselves up in Israeli cities.

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  • Rob

    I just love Front Pages unbiased support of Israel. What do you have to say about Rabbi Yosef's recent comments about non-Jews. He is the spiritual leader of the Sephardics and his party is part of Netanayu's coalition. He claims that non-Jews were created to be slaves (donkeys) to the Jews and they can be killed with impunity since they are sub-human. No one in the government was critisized these remarks since the "chosen people" believe in a Hitleresque way that they are the master race. The sick Nazism of Israel grows.

    • Elilev

      Most Israelis don't treat his statements seriously. The government obiously cannot make a statement against the spiritual leader of one of its partners. But, I agree with your obsevation. I think he is alreadt senile.

    • Bert

      Meanwhile hundreds of American rabbis have endorsed J Street despite its criminal associations and its anti-Jewish racism. And these anti-Jewish rabbis are not elderly and perhaps senile but rather in full command of their mental faculties. People like Rob who practice selective morality undercut their own credibility and actually strengthen the pro Israel camp. Is this the main complaint that Rob can muster?

    • ziontruth

      "I just love Front Pages unbiased support of Israel."

      In a sea of unbiased support for the Arab/Muslim cause, it makes for a welcome change. But just one channel that doesn't toe the line, like the island of Fox News in a sea of lefty propaganda outlets, is too much for the Marxists.

      And just like one Jewish state amid 22 Arab or 57 Muslim states, come to think of it. The compatibility of the mindset might go a long way toward explaining why this unlikely alliance of godless hippies and burka-clad religionists is going so strong.

      "The sick Nazism of Israel grows."

      The only sick Nazism growing is the New "Anti-Semitism as Anti-Zionism" that the aforementioned Marxist/Islamist alliance is promulgating. Fire and brimstone rained on Israel for defending itself, nary a word against A-jad for his clear intentions of genocide. And all in the name of support the oppressed Sudeten-Arabs, the Phakestinians.

    • Brian

      Rob's statements are blantant lies. His mind is clearly corrupted by anti-semitic fantasies. Sadly, the biased secular Israeli press provides fuel for delusional anti-semites, by publishing articles the misrepresent and libel rabbis, including the great Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

    • MixMChess

      "No one in the government was critisized these remarks since the "chosen people" believe in a Hitleresque way that they are the master race."

      Actually, nearly all mainstream Jewish organizations in and out of Israel criticized Rabbi Yosef's remarks. The term "chosen people" merely means that Jews are meant to follow all of gd's 500+ laws (in the torah), it is in no way a Jewish declaration of supreme awesomeness. Get over yourself.

  • waterwillows

    Jews everywhere rightly condemn the Rabbi's statements. Seems the old fella missed a note or two. Try to remember, it is not any Rabbi who is in charge of this planet, nor any Cleric, nor any Pastor. The Creator of ALL is the one in charge. Always has been.
    Besides is it not self-evident one can not have Paradise and slaves? You can have one but not the other.
    I doubt he has glimpsed the Depths of the Lord's Wisdom. Nor has he contemplated the Cunning of His Right Hand. There is a peeling of understanding that must be done.
    My suggestion would be; more contemplation on the above and one's notes will be a lot more in harmony.

  • Ira Kasper

    Liberals never learn. Liberals are insecure socialists and Socialists are insecure Communists. The belief that the government can do everything deludes them, even in their foreign policy. To believe that anything Israel does will stop terrorism(other then killing terrorists) is at best delusional, at worst pure antisemitism. Its like saying maybe if all the Jews in Europe walked into the gas chambers on their own there wouldn't have been a world war.

  • waterwillows

    Ira Kasper,

    What a thought. If the Jews in Europe walked themselves in the gas chambers?
    hmmm……some might agree with you. But that only takes care of the apes. So there would still be war, because the pigs are still alive.
    No. I'm afraid that solution won't do.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Israeli leftists are just that leftists, they are not loyal to
    Israel but live in the mindset of world domination by their
    superior minds. It is necessary for leftists to eliminate
    Israel to destroy Christianity, without Jerusalem where
    Jesus is going to return, without this City in existance
    the Bible fails, leftists are after Jerusalem and to turn it
    in such a way as to overcome the Judeo-Christian world,
    Israel first, America next, leftism knows no National loyalty.
    Leftist assault on Christianity is second only to that of
    the assault on World Jewery………………………..William