Israel’s Delusional Left-Wing

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Peace Now has also actively opposed Jewish settlements:

We (Peace Now) believe that the presence and expansion of settlements in the Occupied Territories and in East Jerusalem have the potential to corrupt the process of political negotiation about these disputed areas.  These activities must not be allowed to derail the negotiated solution favored by the majority of Israeli and Palestinian citizens.  The Settlement Watch Project was founded to monitor and report on these activities to the world, conduct aerial and ground surveys that monitor and expose settlement expansion in the occupied territories, create media reports, maps in English and Hebrew, and materials for briefings and press conferences based on information collected from our settlement monitoring activities.

Contrary to Peace Now’s perception, the vast majority of Israelis support the settlements, as revealed by the election of a pro-settlement government in 2009.  And, whereas Israelis favor a negotiated solution, they reject the kind of unilateral withdrawals that Peace Now supported in Lebanon (2000) and Gaza (2005).  These withdrawals resulted in strategic land takeovers by Hezbollah and Hamas, which now jeopardize the lives of countless Israeli citizens. There are no prospects for peace with these radical Islamist groups, which are growing in power and have the support of the majority Shiite-Muslims in Lebanon, and the Sunni-Muslims in Gaza.

Former Palestinian Authority Chairman Arafat and now, his successor, Mahmoud Abbas have clearly demonstrated to the world their reluctance to make peace with Israel — even in the face of unilateral Israeli concessions.  The left-of-center governments of Ehud Barak in 2000, and Ehud Olmert in 2008, agreed to part with 95%+ of the West Bank and Gaza (in addition to territory swaps for the remaining 5%), and to allow for a Palestine capital in East Jerusalem in exchange for the Palestinians agreeing to sign on to an “end of conflict” declaration.  Moreover, Olmert secretly promised Abbas the “right of return” for thousands of Palestinians. Arafat walked out of these talks and launched the Intifada, and Abbas walked out and increased incitement against Israel.

The arrogance of Peace Now is in its assumption that it takes only one side to make peace.  They willfully ignore the reality of every opinion poll that reveals the Palestinians support terrorism and want to displace the Jewish State with an Islamic-Arab state.  Palestinians consider Israel a cancer in the Arab body, and a foreign object in the domain of Islam.

Israelis on the political-right, as much as on the left, want peace.  They too do not want their sons, brothers, and husbands, wives, sisters and daughters, to become victims of violence. They too yearn for a lasting peace. However, they reject the suicidal actions of the left, which would have Israel give up vital strategic territory, including the Judean and Samaritan ridges where a majority of Jewish settlements are.

Hebrew University Professor Yisrael Aumann, a game theory scholar and Nobel laureate, summed it all up in an interview with Israel National News: “The calls for peace which we have been hearing (mainly from our side) for the past 90 years, do not bring us closer to peace but actually take us further from it,” said Aumann. “Peace is like honor. If you chase it, it runs away. This is not just game theory; it has been proven in history.” One wonders what Amos Oz has to say about that?

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  • Rob

    I just love Front Pages unbiased support of Israel. What do you have to say about Rabbi Yosef's recent comments about non-Jews. He is the spiritual leader of the Sephardics and his party is part of Netanayu's coalition. He claims that non-Jews were created to be slaves (donkeys) to the Jews and they can be killed with impunity since they are sub-human. No one in the government was critisized these remarks since the "chosen people" believe in a Hitleresque way that they are the master race. The sick Nazism of Israel grows.

    • Elilev

      Most Israelis don't treat his statements seriously. The government obiously cannot make a statement against the spiritual leader of one of its partners. But, I agree with your obsevation. I think he is alreadt senile.

    • Bert

      Meanwhile hundreds of American rabbis have endorsed J Street despite its criminal associations and its anti-Jewish racism. And these anti-Jewish rabbis are not elderly and perhaps senile but rather in full command of their mental faculties. People like Rob who practice selective morality undercut their own credibility and actually strengthen the pro Israel camp. Is this the main complaint that Rob can muster?

    • ziontruth

      "I just love Front Pages unbiased support of Israel."

      In a sea of unbiased support for the Arab/Muslim cause, it makes for a welcome change. But just one channel that doesn't toe the line, like the island of Fox News in a sea of lefty propaganda outlets, is too much for the Marxists.

      And just like one Jewish state amid 22 Arab or 57 Muslim states, come to think of it. The compatibility of the mindset might go a long way toward explaining why this unlikely alliance of godless hippies and burka-clad religionists is going so strong.

      "The sick Nazism of Israel grows."

      The only sick Nazism growing is the New "Anti-Semitism as Anti-Zionism" that the aforementioned Marxist/Islamist alliance is promulgating. Fire and brimstone rained on Israel for defending itself, nary a word against A-jad for his clear intentions of genocide. And all in the name of support the oppressed Sudeten-Arabs, the Phakestinians.

    • Brian

      Rob's statements are blantant lies. His mind is clearly corrupted by anti-semitic fantasies. Sadly, the biased secular Israeli press provides fuel for delusional anti-semites, by publishing articles the misrepresent and libel rabbis, including the great Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

    • MixMChess

      "No one in the government was critisized these remarks since the "chosen people" believe in a Hitleresque way that they are the master race."

      Actually, nearly all mainstream Jewish organizations in and out of Israel criticized Rabbi Yosef's remarks. The term "chosen people" merely means that Jews are meant to follow all of gd's 500+ laws (in the torah), it is in no way a Jewish declaration of supreme awesomeness. Get over yourself.

  • waterwillows

    Jews everywhere rightly condemn the Rabbi's statements. Seems the old fella missed a note or two. Try to remember, it is not any Rabbi who is in charge of this planet, nor any Cleric, nor any Pastor. The Creator of ALL is the one in charge. Always has been.
    Besides is it not self-evident one can not have Paradise and slaves? You can have one but not the other.
    I doubt he has glimpsed the Depths of the Lord's Wisdom. Nor has he contemplated the Cunning of His Right Hand. There is a peeling of understanding that must be done.
    My suggestion would be; more contemplation on the above and one's notes will be a lot more in harmony.

  • Ira Kasper

    Liberals never learn. Liberals are insecure socialists and Socialists are insecure Communists. The belief that the government can do everything deludes them, even in their foreign policy. To believe that anything Israel does will stop terrorism(other then killing terrorists) is at best delusional, at worst pure antisemitism. Its like saying maybe if all the Jews in Europe walked into the gas chambers on their own there wouldn't have been a world war.

  • waterwillows

    Ira Kasper,

    What a thought. If the Jews in Europe walked themselves in the gas chambers?
    hmmm……some might agree with you. But that only takes care of the apes. So there would still be war, because the pigs are still alive.
    No. I'm afraid that solution won't do.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Israeli leftists are just that leftists, they are not loyal to
    Israel but live in the mindset of world domination by their
    superior minds. It is necessary for leftists to eliminate
    Israel to destroy Christianity, without Jerusalem where
    Jesus is going to return, without this City in existance
    the Bible fails, leftists are after Jerusalem and to turn it
    in such a way as to overcome the Judeo-Christian world,
    Israel first, America next, leftism knows no National loyalty.
    Leftist assault on Christianity is second only to that of
    the assault on World Jewery………………………..William