The Anti-Israel Bandwagon

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One of the many questionable foreign policy decisions made by the Obama administration was to join the United Nations Human Rights Council.  The Obama administration reversed the Bush administration’s policy of ignoring the council, which tolerates unsavory regimes and affords them influence over the body’s decision making.  It is this very same council, made up of mostly repressive regimes, that currently sits in judgment of Israel.  The council saturates the media with reports of alleged Israeli sins, including a condemnation of Israel for the Turkish flotilla incident, and the Goldstone report which blamed Israel for Gaza turmoil in 2008.

Of the 47 countries represented on the U.N. Human Rights Council, 13 are African (none of which are democracies), 13 Asian, (only Japan , S. Korea, and Thailand could be categorized as democracies), 8 Latin American and Caribbean (including non-democratic Cuba), 6 East European (including non-democratic Russia and Moldova) and 7 Western (free and open democracies).  There are also 13 Muslim majority states and 6 Arab states, (needless to say – not democratic). As all U.N. agencies elect members who are part of a regional group, Israel has no chance of being part of this, or any council.  Therefore, amongst the “paragons of virtuous human rights observing countries” on the council are China, Cuba, Jordan, Libya, Pakistan, Qatar, and of course, the “most virtuous,” Saudi Arabia. The Vice President of the U.N. Council on Human Rights is Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez of the “great democracy” of Cuba.  In sum, of the 47 states that make up the council, only 20 could be considered democracies who respect human rights.  The 27 others represent a variety of repressive governments.

The Geneva-based Human Rights Council was established in March 2006 to replace the 60-year-old Human Rights Commission, which lost international credibility after countries with abysmal rights records, such as Sudan and Zimbabwe, were allowed to join and, subsequently thwart criticism of their actions.

The Obama appointed U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, justified the administration’s decision to join the council by declaring that: “Those who suffer from abuse and oppression around the world, as well as those who dedicate their lives to advancing human rights, need the council to be balanced and credible.” She said the United States seeks election to the body “because we believe that working from within, we can make the council a more effective forum to promote and protect human rights.” Contrary to Ambassador Rice’s assertion, many of the member countries are oppressors who abuse their people. Furthermore, these oppressive, non-democratic countries are a majority in the council – so how can any legislation emerge that could correct the abuses they enacted?

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    The UN Human Rights Council was supposed to be a "reform" of the old UN Human Rights Commission. Like most modern reforms, it's now worse than it was. A principled democratic government would boycott the council and withhold dues. But since when was Obama's Administration ever principled?

    We need a new international body, a Federation of Democratic Nations…of which the qualifying criteria for member states would be

    1) multi-party democracy
    2) independent press
    3) independent unions
    4) independent judiciary

    With economic incentives for members such as free trade, such a body would encourage democratization around the world and over time, it would replace the cesspool that we now refer to as the UN.

    • John Beatty

      Who gets to decide what's "independent?" You? A pack of kowtowing buearucrats?

      Get real.

      • stephencuz

        Yes. Of course, you are right. Lets just keep it like it is. After all, 57 nations of the OIC can't be wrong. We shouldn't look for a better system or organization than the U.N. all we need do is look at its track record. It has done wonderful things through the years. Why, working through the definitions of membership qualifications would be too much work. We would never be able to decide. A word like "independent" is just too ambiguous and can never be truly defined.
        What a dolt!

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Well John, I think there is sufficient objective criteria that could be agreed upon to both qualify and quantify the word "independent". For example, the unions and media would be free from government ownership and control. An independent judiciary would be one in which judges are appointed for life…and whose decisions can only be reversed by a higher judicial body, not by governments in power.

        I hope this was helpful.


      this must be what my grandmother would have called a wolf in sheeps clothing and compared it to a certain biblical narrative.when this adminastration took control i actualy thought maybe we could regain some of the respect that our country used to command. LOL!!

  • neils60

    Is there a surprise here? If so, perhaps another reader could explain. This has been a consistent pattern of this regime from day one.

  • aspacia

    The UN will need the USA again, and we might create a list of binding agreements when they do.

  • Guest

    We need to kick the UN out of the US and stop wasting our tax dollars on it.

    • jim

      The United Nations long ago lost its credibility and its usefulness and is now no more worthy of existence than the old League of Nations.

      Let's get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!

    • ssg kent , army

      i agree . do it now !

  • andres de alamaya

    For the first time, I have to side the disaster in the White House. Unless it were possible to disband the Human Rights Council and banish it, it is better to be in it fighting than turning one's back to ignore it. The question is, will this participation become another Cairo speech or deep bowing to Saudis?

    • Stephen_Brady

      But is the Obama Administration fighting for anything, other than the destruction of Israel? The HRC is nothing but a front for some of the most destructive, hateful regimes on the planet. As Mr. Obama himself put it, "Show me who you walk with, and I'll show you who you are."

      We see you, Mr. Obama, and we know who you walk with. We know you …

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Thanks, friend!

  • Truman Hill

    Mr Obama!!!! You are nothing but a traitor, a pig in everyway……..

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    You sleep with dirty dogs you get fleas! Why is Obama legitimizing these USA haters? Does he bow before them too? Bush meant business and these haters knew it.

  • Indioviejo

    If the November election manages to get enough Conservatives elected, maybe we just might withhold our funding for the UN (25%) plus. Maybe we can stop foreign aid, funding for IMF, The World Bank, pull out of NATO, and all other extravagant waste of money from a nation that is almost broke. We the tax payers funded WWI, WWII including the USSR, and lest not forget, the Marshall Plan for western Europe. I believe we never got paid back, not even in gratitude. I know it is just a dream, but sometimes you need to think out of the Box. I think if all of this was on the table we would get every one's attention and maybe they would listen to us. Just think of Pakistan's double dealing with our billions in foreign aid. It breaks my heart to pay jizya.

  • Len Porochnia

    One of the unmistakable signs that the US has elected a great person to be President will be evidenced by his/her decision to abandon UN membership and to convert the UN into river-front condominiums. The property will be thereby put for far better use than it is currently. The UN is not only a useless relic, it is a dangerous one. It exists only to promote anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda. A greater waste of our taxes dollars is unimaginable.

  • jaythehistorian

    Susan Rice is Obama in a dress. She attended the best universities because she had the important credential: high melanin content. The Fool in the WH handed out a very high post that this affirmative action nit wit obviously didn't deserve. She has been lazy and incompetent just like her boss. She only comes out of her stupor, when Israel is the subject . She , like her boss and most blacks is a racist anti-semite.

    • David Slater