Obama’s Middle East Failure

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There is no disputing the fact that Obama’s perceived weakness and his appeasement of Iran and Syria have boosted the power of the radical anti-American and anti-peace coalition: Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas.  As the Lebanese Forces website pointed out in its September 30, 2010 issue:

As the West, led by the Obama administration, has warmed to an unreformed Assad and downgraded its support of Lebanon’s moderates; Hariri has gradually toned down his antagonism to Syria.  His first visit to Syria came in 2009, and since then he has become a frequent caller in Damascus, each time leaving a little more of Lebanon’s independence at Bashar’s feet.

The report added:

Just as the success of the Cedar Revolution was not all the Bush administration’s doing, the loss of Lebanon did not result in its entirety from the Obama administration’s actions.  But there is little question that policy shifts in Washington changed the regional realities to the point where Saad Hariri (Sunni-Muslim Prime Minister of Lebanon-JP) now feels he has no choice but to side with Syria if he hopes, quite literally, to survive.

Egypt, in whose capital city Obama addressed the Muslim world and exalted the virtues of Islam, is now reaching a decisive turning point.  Will Jamal Mubarak, the son of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, succeed his father or will there be elections?  If not rigged, elections are likely to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power.  And, just as with Hamas’s 2006 victory in Palestinian elections — which turned out to be a “one time election”– Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood would similarly win power by the ballot-box, and then put and end to all elections.

Obama’s Cairo speech focused almost exclusively on building bridges with leaders and governments.  Yet, in both Egypt and Iran, a gulf has opened between the government and the citizenry.  While Obama has strengthened ties with the aging Mubarak, he has ignored concerns over Egypt’s increasingly restive population.  Democratic activists in Egypt are uncertain they count for anything in the U.S.’s relationship with Egypt.

The Iranian opposition was duly despondent over Obama passivity in the wake of the regime’s stolen elections in June 2009. One can still recall the young protesters chant: “Obama, Obama — you are either with us or with them [the Islamist regime of Ahmadinejad].”  The Obama administration’s refusal to invoke the military option against Iran, coupled with years of appeasing the tyrannical regime, has encouraged the radical-Shiite republic to forge ahead in its quest for nuclear weapons.  The indecisiveness of the Obama administration has shifted the balance of power in the Gulf.  Iran is now calling the shots in Iraq, and the Arab Gulf states are leery of depending on the U.S. for protection, and thus seek accommodation with Iran.

Ankara, Turkey, Obama’s destination for his first speech to the world as U.S. president in April 2009 (where he called the host country “a critical ally”) has now cemented its alliance with Iran and Syria.  Erdogan’s Turkey has also attempted to foil the Obama administration’s efforts to put stronger sanctions on Iran.  Moreover, the Obama administration, intimidated by Russia, has chosen to deploy elements of the ballistic-missile defense shield originally intended for Poland and the Czech Republic, to Turkey.

The question now is whether President Obama will focus on repairing the damage of his appeasement toward Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians, and take a more decisive stance against these radical and destabilizing forces. Or will he continue with his failed policies?

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  • Mary

    Obama doesn´t want to help Israel. He is not interested in the peace process in Middle East. He revealed his true aims in his speech in Indonesia.
    He wants Israel to disappear. He is a true follower of so called rev. Wright and all his other antisemitic associates.
    There is much evidence now about his lies and sealing off important documents so that he can be impeached and be forced to step down and with him his cronies.

  • Greg

    Obama's perceived weakness against Hamas and Fatah isn't weakness at all, I believe it's called solidarity. Obama despises Israel just like rev. Wright, his parents/grand parents and mentors taught him. There's nothing difficult to understand here, all the facts support the fact he's a anti-semite and makes no apologies for it. The sooner he's our X-President, the better off these United States of America will be… that is if we learn from it. He'd be happier living in Indonesia anyway, let's help him get there as quickly as possible. And I'm sure Michelle has always been proud of his homeland. She's so cute, I just love her candor… oh, and she has fabulous arms.

  • Spider

    Can anyone answer this: Why did two thirds of the Jews in thei country vote for Obama? I have a wonderfully intelligent and educated Jewish lady friend that voted for Obama along with her father who served in WW 2. I just don't get it, How could they not see this one coming?

    • Phobic

      WHY? Because thoughtless liberals, especially Jewish libs would close their eyes and vote for a rotten log if it ran as a Democrat. These are true believers who do not think.

    • guest

      Great and timely question. May I suggest get/read a copy of Commentary magazine and search of title " Why Are Jews Liberal." May be it'll shed some light, and reasons.

      I too could never understand the rationale. But, then again, no one can really know.

      • WildJew

        Come on. Please. What did he write? Why does Podhoretz say Jews are liberal?

    • Bert

      The hard reality about most American Jews is their lack serious education in their own religion and in their own history. That omission leaves a void that the anti-American, anti-Semitic left is only too eager to fill. The natural instinct among Jews to seek justice is thus easily exploited to confuse them with lies and all manner of propaganda.
      Those Jews with religious training ( a minority in the Jewish community) are totally different and can tell right from wrong and friend from foe. They are not the ones who voted for Obama.

  • USMCSniper

    Muslim states and their proxy Jihadist terrorists see a President who spends a great deal of time validating the terrorist’s propaganda against the United States by apologizing for alleged wrongs in the eyes of the left at every available opportunity. It isn’t just the French President who sees Obama as weak and ineffective, it is the Russians and the Chinese too. Everything about Obama invites theJihadists to try harder. Bush scared them, but Obama couldn’t frighten even a fly. Weakness displayed by Obama is what Muslims despise.

  • bubba4

    Anything short of peace on earth after two whole years in office is simply a failure. I'm glad Puder reads two or three other cultic blogs before passing on his poorly sourced "knowledge".

    America's future's bright with champions of truth like this guy on the case. Revealing that in Obama's speech in wherever that no of you will bother to read that he said he was a Muslim and trying to bring down America….you just can't get that kind of analysis anywhere.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Al-Ahmad expects that within the next two-weeks, an agreement with Hamas will be signed in Cairo.

    If this occurs, it means the very well armed and trained PA security forces, which has been armed and trained by America, will in effect become part of Hamistan. In other words, it will be another demonstration of why our useless State Department should be completely shut down and put out of business because it has become a grave detriment to the interests of the USA and our allies. By the way, our State Department is also arming the Hezbo controlled government in Lebanon as well. However, I must point out that all of this was also taking place during the Bush administration as well. Thus, Bush’s foreign policy was equally as inept and misguided as Obama’s.

    We need to elect a President that understands what Islam is and the threat to freedom in the world it represents, and who will also be courageous enough to declare that the peace process between Israel and the so-called Palestinians is null and void because it is nothing but a farce (taqiyya) meant to weaken our ally Israel, since the jihad being waged against Israel and also, by the way, the entire non-Islamic world is permanent.

  • MichaelF

    I suppose the Bush Mid-East policy was a success? By deposing Saddam, he opened the door to Iranian expansion, not to mention putting Iranian puppets in power in Iraq. We should have stopped supporting those bastards years ago.

    And wasn't it the Bush administration that allowed Hamas to participate in Palestinian elections?

    Does the writer know what the word appeasment means? Obama is responsible for wrecking the Iranian economy and he has increased the US presence in Afghanistan. Is that appeasement?

    Obama's peace initiative to settle the disputes between Israel and the PA leaves much to be desired. But Bush pretty much failed there as well.

    • ziontruth

      I think it's high time for all states to pull out of international entanglements, aid and all, and concentrate on taking care of what's particular to them. We know today (ask a Danish cartoonist if you have any doubts) that the situation in the Land of Israel has absolutely no bearing on the present turmoil in the world; no more than the situation between, say, India and the Islamic state illegally carved out of its western territory (Pakistan).

      Those "Middle East Peace Initiatives" are every bit as mistaken as taking the war to Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11. The Phakestinians want peace on their Jew-free terms (God forbid), the Muslims in Iraq use democracy to vote shariah totalitarianism to power, and in the meantime, Britain and Scandinavia are fast falling to de-facto Islamic rule, with effects being felt even in the United States (Juan Williams anyone?).

      The time for WWII-style sending of armies of liberation is over. It's every nation in its own shell, doing the best it can to keep the state in its original intent, as the home and safe haven for the nation. I say, let everyone just hunker down and stop acting like it's their duty to help the Muslim invaders. For a change, see yourselves as indigenous instead of enlightened colons obligated to bring light to a dark world. For a change, lay the blame with the invader where it belongs, instead of going on "What did we do to make them hate us?" It's a whole new ball game.

      And first, outlaw Marxism. None of this would be possible without Marxism's treasonous hand, opening to the gates wide to the invader.

  • 080

    I thought that the original plan was to put a clamp on Iran from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Together with sanctions it was hoped that the mullah regime would collapse. If that plan didn't work the Iranians would break out and dominate the Middle East all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. So far the clamp is in place but the sanctions are not working so well. If the clamp doesn't work then all hell will break loose. You can probably say good-bye to the Gulf States, the Saudis and the Egyptians. As for Syria it is already in Iran's sphere of influence.

  • gregg

    Whenever Christians die or get persecuted BHO has thrills. For heavens sake he is muslim. It is time liberals stop denying the obvious. All visa's and immigration requests from muslims must be stopped. islam is a governing way of life that is in absolute contrast to our constitution. Please will someone force the government to allow unrestricted assylum to all Christians living in muslim dominant lands. Satan rules this white house and history will prove this fact a million times over.

  • http://apcnational.wordpress.com/ Mike in VA

    While I don't expect to see an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict in my lifetime, the rest of the failures referenced in the article are largely a product of the realization within the region that Obama is a weakling who is completely out of his depth in the Middle East.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Why is it that the readers of FPM who comment here all seem to be widely aware of what is happening to America while so much of the country is blind or wears blinders. How can we wake up the rest to reality?

    • Lady_Dr


      FPM is one of THE BEST web-sites. Every time I stand in a grocery line, or have any chance to talk to anyone I find out what interest them and get the conversation around to something I've learned from FPM – then I give them the web-site. I urge you to do the same.

      Work on your friends and family. Educate them – you may not be able to get them to read a site like this – but you can provide them with the information. Bit, by bit, you can counter the lies they learn from the MSM.

      Also – I like to take one subject a week from "Discover the Networks" and read what I can on it. Gradually I'm learning things I never knew about – you can do it too.

  • deana

    Why can't Obama's records be "unsealed" now that we have Issa in there working? Surely this is impeachable what Obama has already done ? Refusing to protect the people on the border…the list is very long. I just cannot believe he keeps strutting around lying . thinking he gets away with it…well so far he has… he is soo anti american it is creepy .