Obama’s Tea Party Troubles

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What is it about President Obama that fueled the emergence of the Tea Party?  Simply put, for the first time in American history, a president does not seem to share the vision held by most Americans about their country.

Obama was elected because of widespread support from Americans of all backgrounds.  They voted for him irrespective of his skin color and his cultural background – and therein lies the problem.  For many whites, there was a need, conscious or not, to assure themselves that they weren’t racists and that electing an unknown African-American with a strange name was not problematic but rather inconsequential.

The liberal-left media, for whom political-correctness is the penultimate commandment, bought into the Obama campaign slogans and neglected to examine every angle in search of the real Barack Obama. Rather than run the risk of feeling guilty for having violated its cherished commandment, it deliberately overlooked Obama’s associations with a racist and anti-Semitic pastor, a Palestinian/Hamas supporting professor, and a convicted ex-terrorist, to name but a few.  Moreover, it failed to dig deep into his past, as it would surely have done with any white candidate.

Obama’s conciliatory keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, during which John Kerry was nominated for President, was how most Americans learned of his existence.  In that speech, he presented himself as the epitome of the American dream: a son of a Kenyan goat-herder and a middle-American mother from Kansas, accompanied by all the familiar buzzwords such as “the Depression” and “Pearl Harbor,” and included the line, “believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success.” And how about his parents, who “imagined [him] going to the best schools in the land, even though they weren’t rich, because in a generous America you don’t have to be rich to achieve your potential.”

In his 2004 keynote address, Obama also appealed to the political center (while hiding his left-wing views) when he said: “Don’t get me wrong. The people I meet in small towns and big cities, in diners and office parks, they don’t expect the government to solve their problems.” Really, Mr. President?

An August 2010 poll conducted by Democratic pollster Doug Schoen for the Independent Women’s Voice, notes a “fundamental realignment” as independents now lean to the right by 2 to 1. The survey asked Independents what changes they would like see made. The response list makes it clear: Decrease the size and scope of government, cut spending and taxes, balance the budget, reduce the federal debt, reduce the power of special interests and unions, repeal and replace the healthcare legislation, and decrease partisanship.

When asked whether the country is going in the right direction or on the wrong track, 70% responded that America is on the wrong track.  The same question about the economy garnered a similar response – 68% felt the economy is on the wrong track.  81% felt that the government in Washington is out-of-touch with average Americans, and, when asked specifically about Obama, 55% had a total unfavorable view of him against 43% favorable.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    "For many whites, there was a need, conscious or not, to assure themselves that they weren’t racists and that electing an unknown African-American with a strange name was not problematic but rather inconsequential."

    I disagree. Those whites who voted for Obama based on his race did so not because of a subconscious desire to purge themselves of any possible residual racism, but rather because they see the world through the prism of race (a mindset cultivated in academe) and that therefore, Obama's ethnicity was his principle attribute.

    Meanwhile, the centrist whites in middle America who voted for Obama for non-ideological reasons did so because they preferred him to McCain….and race had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Now they have buyers remorse…and race still doesn't factor in.

    The lesson to be learned is not about race, it's about being uninformed. Ignorance isn't bliss after all.

  • RiverRat2U

    As an old custom in the southern states,people vote against candidates as much as they vote for them.The vote was more against the Republicans and their candidate than for Obama. If anyone bothered to look at Obama's record and lack of accomplishment they would have rejected him.
    If people read the Obamacare document, which many have,they know it is not about improved Medical Care but more control and taxes. It is time for a party representing the common man and time to throw out the oligarch rule in America.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    RiverRat2U hit the nail on the head. But that custom is not confined to southern states, it is probably universal in countries where a form of Democracy exists. We are going through a period of poor leadership. There is a dearth of enlightened leadership talent in the world. We become so tired of the existing leaders that we'll vote for the devil himself to get rid of the one who burdens us. The primary reason for Obama's election must be Bush. Secondly, he brought to the table some attractive elements. As a campaigner we have to give him top marks. He was engaging, had a ready smile, seemed loose, and cool, made beautiful speeches. CONTINUED

  • Andres de Alamaya

    He was clever, too. Never did we get a hint of his socialist bent, his contempt for America, his deep respect and devotion to Islam. We should have paid attention when the revelation of his 20 year relationship with Rantin' Rev. Wright surfaced. But perhaps by then he had developed too much momentum.


  • Andres de Alamaya

    McCain didn't look strong and there was fear that he'd simply carry on with Bush's naivete. So we put on blinders and voted for Obama anyway.
    His early Muslim training must have included lessons in Taqiyya and Kitman because when it comes to deception he gets a B-plus. Can't give him an A because of late his trickery has become more obvious. He is not that good at it – of course neither are his tutors, the Muslims. They seem to lack a sense of balance and tend to go overboard, thus revealing their subtrefuge. The duplicity of mosque promoter, Rauf, has become screamingly obvious but so many Americans are still fooled by him. When it comes down to it, folks, we were not very bright, we've been had, and those of us who actually voted for him will be kicking ourselves for the rest of our days because the economic, cultural, and general damage he is inflicting on our country will be a long lasting one.

    • den

      Thats why Pres quotes from the peaceful Mecca side of the Koran, (sooo odd from a Christian to quote that book, ever) as opposed to the Medina side of the Koran which is violence, which he never quotes, and I cannot believe he did not read the whole book.
      Of course the later writings trumph the older peaceful ones. The koran also uses Taqiyya.

      The good side is he educated many of us about Islam, but not the way he wished to.

  • M Rob

    If anyone bothered to research Obumble they would have known what he had in mind. The problem with our current population is that they are extremely uninformed or they were looking to have their mortgage paid! Obumble didn't fool some of us at all – thankfully more and more Americans are waking up to this monstrosity that is living in the White House.

  • Dennis X

    What tea off the tea baggers, the President is Black. Where were the baggers when bush ran up the deficient and not including two wars in the buget . Clinton left a surplus and before the election of 08" everyone had to run back to Washington to help save the economy. Its about race, stupid.

    • Jerry

      Us baggers were complaining like hell about the spending, but it was only billions, not the trillions your half white God has spent.

      Get your head out of your racist butt.

      • Dennis X

        you tea baggers didn't even exist prior to President Obama's election. Name one bagger event prior to Nov. 2008= None, now go over to stromfront where you belong!

        • Boogie's Daddy

          Didn't really need the "TEA Party" before Obama quadrupled the national debt.

          It's still the ECONOMY stupid!

        • stern

          Firstly, why is that when lib lefties like you can't find a decent argument, you resort to name-calling? There is absolutely no call for that kind of idiotic nonsense.

          Secondly, you're quite right, there was no Tea Party before Obama's election. That's because Obama is the primary cause of the Tea Party. (See what I mean about not being able to find a decent argument?)

          • Dennis X

            So i'm correct, bush blows the surplus adds billions to the debt keeps two wars off the books= no problem, the President comes in attemps to fix it ( by spending) = teabaggers. First , you just blew jerry's response out of the water , second didn't call anyone a name ( jerry called the president a half white god and me a racist , third I have a decent agruement , what you got, nothing. Now you can't have your country back, because white supermacy is dying, ha,ha!!!

        • Boogie's Daddy

          We didn't really need the TEA Party before O'bama quadrupled the dept in his first year and promised more of the same. Thank you very much.

          By the way, Clinton didn't leave a surplus, moron. Republican Contract with America did. And you are welcome!

          p.s. If I didn't know better I'd think you were deliberately trying to inspire hate. I thought you guys were all about peace?

          • Dennis X

            Clinton was the president and at the end of his term there was a surplus. Hate is already here on this site, peace ? time to lock and load.

          • coyote3

            Tee, hee. I don't know what is going to happen in the next election, and neither do you. I am a member of a minority, and a resident of the south, you don't know what hate is. You go ahead and "lock and load". I will watch with amusement.

    • Mikeymojo

      I was initially worried about Obamas' race because some black politicians completely ignore their white constituents. I know because my congress critter is John Conyers and he doesn't even campaign in the white neighborhoods in his district, let alone represent any of the people there. It was a concern which I quickly dismissed when I got to know more about the President. That was my only race based issue and I'm past it. BTW, I didn't support Bush and I do support a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced budget. Governments need to live within their means, same as housholds. Rome wasn't the only empire to collapse because of fiscal irresponsibility.

    • den

      He is not black. He is Arabic.

  • http://www.shugartpoliticalaction.shugartmedia.com/index.html Tar_n_Feathers

    Millions of Americans went out-the-roof Howard Beale when Obama started implementing his destructive policies. Worse still, he did so with such an arrogance and such a disregard for the citizenry it was simply beyond toleration. The leftwing Democrat's "eff you" approach to expanding government doesn't play well with ordinary Americans.

  • Ret. Marine

    You asked, " what is it about obamas Bin Ly'n that's got America so tea'd off" its real simple he a fricken liar and an enemy within. Not hard when one considers our current cluture and the way the last Dem prez abused his office and basically everyone gave him a pass. Its only going to get worse.

  • Jim

    As an independent I voted for Obama because he was very effective in selling his "change we can believe in" and also because I didn't feel McCain was a good candidate. His presidency has been a nightmare for our nation. I'm very sorry I voted for him, as so many Americans are. His big government, socialist agenda and anti-capitalism has brought our economy to a standstill. Obamacare is complex and costs more than Obama promised, doing more harm than good. He has spent two yrs on his liberal socialist's agenda instead of focusing on jobs. He knew he had a short time to push through his liberal changes and just went for it instead of being the president that America needed. He is surrounded by incompetents that are out of touch with America just as he is. He cannot push radical socialist's changes to America and control the economy at the same time because he spends with no limits whatsoever. He has decided to stay far left and not move to the center so Americans have no choice but to get rid of him as fast as we can!