Remembering Neda

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June 20, 2010 marked the sad one year anniversary of the death of Neda Agha Soltan at the hands of the ruling Iranian regime. She was 26 and passionate about life, albeit, not very political. Last year’s fraudulent elections that kept Ahamdinejad as president of Iran, stirred Neda enough to join others in demonstrations against the Islamist regime. It pained her to see the curtailment of freedom and gross injustices against her people, and she paid with her life for that simple and pure act of defiance. Her image, captured on a cell-phone camera as she bled to death on a Tehran street, has made Neda the symbol of the Green revolution and the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom.

Caspian Makan, 38, was Neda’s fiancé. He and Neda had planned to marry this summer. A film director, photographer and journalist, Caspian wrote three books, which were confiscated by the Islamic regime. “They wanted me to blame the west for Neda’s death, and I refused,” Caspian said, in an interview this author recently had with him. Following the elections, Caspian decided to take his camera to the streets and documented the regime’s brutality. He said:

The dictatorial Islamic regime in Iran came to power through lies and by spilling the people’s blood. For more than 30 years, its leaders have deprived the youth and the women of their basic human rights, and have resorted to inhumane treatment of the general public under the disguise of religion. Imprisonment, torture, rape, and murder of thousands of people buried in unmarked graves are evidence of the regime’s crimes.

He added, “To insure its survival and to serve its own interests, the regime uses intense censorship, confines the media, and arrests intellectuals, such as professors, students, journalists, artists, lawyers, and even those who work within its own system. As a result of these practices, Iran – a country with a beautiful history – has been transformed into a large prison.”

Caspian argues that the leaders of the Iranian regime are not satisfied with the crimes they have committed in order to stay in power. “They have collaborated with other similar regimes to embark on international terrorist attacks in order to disrupt the security in the region. It has become increasingly apparent that the Islamic regime is hatching a plan for world domination.” According to Caspian, “The Iranian people’s problem has turned into an international problem that needs the help and support of people everywhere.” As Caspian puts it, “The emancipation of the Iranian people from despotism is the key to freedom, peace and stability for all people around the world.”

Asked whether the Green Movement has lost its steam, Caspian points out that some of the leaders of the Green Movement are supporting the regime “behind the dark curtains.” These individuals, according to Caspian, are the “reformers” who ignore the Iranian people’s demands and care only about power. However, Caspian added, “With every passing moment the awareness of the Iranian people increases, while the regime’s power decreases and comes closer to its destruction.” Caspian predicts that the Iranian people will win their demands for a free Iran before the end of Ahmadinejad’s presidency, and perhaps as early as next year.

And what about the role President Obama played in the Iranian drama? Caspian responded rather emphatically by saying, “Unfortunately, unlike previous U.S. presidents, Obama has not declared a clear and explicit position against the tyrannical regime of Iran. The Iranian people expected him to take firm and effective action against the ruling regime in light of the people’s wrath over the election fraud and the brutal repression that followed.”

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  • SAM000

    To Cuban Refugee;

    You wrote;
    May she, and others who shed their precious blood on Iranian soil, haunt Jimmy Carter's nightmares.

    May I add these names on your list?

    Clinton (BOTH),
    Madelaine Albright,
    Gary Seek,
    Joe Biden,
    Condelissa Rice,
    Collin Powel,
    and many many others who appeased and supported the Mullahs against our People.

    Caspian is right but I should add that without a worldwide and leaded appeasement of the Mullahs, this Criminal regime can not stand even one day on power.

    Did you know that the Iranian Resistance is in your Black list?!

    USA and CANADA are the countries who consider Terrorist the Iranian Resistance organization, and CANADA and USA help and collaborate with the Mullahs in a mutual anti-terrorist war!!!, when we know that Iran arms and trains and funds the anti-American groups in all around the world!!

    • Cuban Refugee

      Yes, you are correct, SAM000 — there are many others whose nightmares need haunting. If the Iranian Resistance had garnered even minimal support from the U.S. and Canada, the tyrannical rule of Ahmadinejad and all the Mullahs would have come crashing down the day the latest fraudulent election took place.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Next to my computer monitor, I keep a photo of a man I never met, Mark Rothenberg, who was one of the passengers in the ill-fated Flight 93 that crashed in a Pennsylvania field on 9/11. He was one of my husband's childhood friends, and I have heard stories about his great sense of humor and boyhood pranks. In the picture, he is smiling widely at a class reunion. After reading this article, and seeing the excellent HBO documentary about Neda, I have decided to add her picture to my inspiration wall. Her vibrant image and radiant smile, along with Mark's, will remind me of the heavy price to be paid for freedom, and their now silenced voices will join with mine when I post a comment, write my representatives in Congress, or march behind the Tea Party banner. Neda's spirit, and her cause, live in the hearts of all who unite to fight against tyranny. May she, and others who shed their precious blood on Iranian soil, haunt Jimmy Carter's nightmares.

    • james

      Jimmy Carter needs a mental evaluation;tell us about your childhood Mr. Carter.Consider how many are killed every day for the same reasons;unsung heros of all makes and models.When war comes with Iran;many more victims will be added to the list.Freedom is not free.PLUS;you must keep vigil cause they are always trying to take it away.TYRANNY is natural;so the natural selection proccess favors the wicked;The wicked are the bullies of the religion of tyranny.They must unfortunantly be dealt with harshly at times.