The Hezbollah Threat

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Are al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region the primary threats to the U.S.? Even before winning the presidency, this has been the contention of Obama and his administration. Fareed Zakaria argues, however, that “al-Qaeda isn’t the threat anymore.” Zakaria’s assessment notwithstanding, I would venture to say that the Shiite terrorist organization, Hezbollah, is a far greater threat to the U.S., Israel, and the West, than al-Qaeda. Yet, this threat has been virtually ignored by the Obama administration. Consequently, Hezbollah has been allowed to take over Lebanon and create a base there for its Iranian patron.  In fact, during a recent visit to Lebanon, Ahmadinejad vowed before thousands of Hezbollah supporters that “U.S. and Israeli power in the Middle East will soon be eclipsed.”

Syria, forced to withdraw its troops from Lebanon in 2005, has been reasserting its control over Lebanon. The visit by Syrian President Bashar Assad to Beirut this past July was one such example. Another, the recent pilgrimage of Saad Hariri to Damascus, where the Lebanonese Prime Minister asked for reconciliation and for Assad to be absolved from the murder of Hariri’s father, Rafic. Moreover, in 2008 Hezbollah defeated pro-Western factions in Beirut, which increased Hezbollah’s power, and therefore, the influence of Iran and Syria.

Al-Qaeda, according to Zakaria:

“has been whittled down to about 400 fighters. It has been unable to execute large-scale attacks of the kind that were at the core of its strategy—to hit high-value American targets that held military or political symbolism. Instead, the terrorist attacks that have taken place after 9/11 have been launched by smaller local groups, self-identified as affiliates of Al Qaeda, against much easier sites….The fatal problem with these kinds of attacks is that they kill ordinary civilians—not U.S. soldiers or diplomats—and turn the local population against Islamic radicals.”

The opposite, however, is true of Hezbollah, which has become stronger since the 2006 war with Israel.  It is now the dominant force in Lebanon and, according to a October 25, 2010 special report from the Paris-based Le Figaro, Hezbollah has been able to construct an elaborate infrastructure used for smuggling an array of sophisticated weapons, including 40,000 missiles into Lebanon.

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has been mandated to assisting the Lebanese Armed Forces create an area between the border with Israel and the Litani River that is free of any armed personnel, assets or weapons, other than those of the Lebanese army. But it has been incapable of stopping Hezbollah from smuggling missiles and other lethal weapons from Syria to Lebanon.  Recent clashes between southern Lebanese villagers and UNIFIL peacekeepers have reduced UNIFIL’s ability to enforce Security Council Resolution 170; enacted at the end of the Hezbollah-Israel war in the summer of 2006.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    Too bad GWB and Condi “appeaser” Rice during the 2006 Second Lebanese War worked behind the scenes with the duplicitous French to encourage Israel’s leftwing Prime Minister Olmert to agree to the ceasefire and UNSCR 1701, which anyone with at least half a brain new beforehand was a complete and utter joke. Instead, both those losers behind the scenes should have encouraged Prime Minister Olmert to take advantage of the golden opportunity to eradicate Hezbollah once and for all and at the same time hand Iran and Syria a strategic defeat. Hell, they should have offered financial enticements to help motivate Israeli Prime Minister Olmert. Indeed, it was another ignominious failure of the GWB administration.

    Unfortunately, Hezbollah has learned from its lessons and today is exponentially a far greater threat than it was in 2006. Hence, the next war, which is imminent, will make the 2006 Second Lebanese War look like a picnic in the park thanks to the incompetence of GWB, Condi “appeaser” Rice, and Olmert.

    • kksa

      i think you are missihformed if the war continued at that time israel would have lost its millitary and army in lebanon,if you remembered the last days of the war was the highest casulties for the israelis further i think people worked behind the scenes was olmert and his defense minister

  • tanstaafl

    Lebanon, once the "Paris" of the MIddle East is now the Cambodia (under Pol Pot) of the Middle East.

  • Fred Dawes

    there is no peace with rats like hezbollah the ultimate joke would for the jews to think that muslims would make peace with jews the sad part is that many jews think that peace can be made.

  • David Holmes

    Your are dead right Tanstaafl, Lebanon, with Hezbollah running the show is more like Cambodia under Pol Pot.
    It must be embarrassing to the Lebanese to know that they are under military/thug /terrorist rule and not the democracy they initially voted for.
    Hezbollah have made a farce of the entire Lebanese political system and its people.
    Once these maggots are gone then Lebanon can revert to the Paris of the Middle East.

  • gerard

    I have a Dream… My dream was of 2 people were elected to Lead United States through those tough times.
    Sarah Palin and Allen West. Those 2 people have the heart , wisdom and courage to lead.
    Wise word from a black African who love united states

  • JCPA-JerusalemCenter

    Hizbullah is no more than a puppet, as is Lebanon. Yet their weapons and decisions are attached to those who control the strings in Syria and Iran. The reason that Hizbullah is such a threat is because a west that uses the carrot of appeasement with any stick does not strike fear in Iran, Rather emboldening them to act antagonistically to the the west. To better understand the mentality of the Iranian regime please watch:

  • aspacia

    The UN, as usual, fails. They run from conflict or they steal from or rape those the Blue Hats are supposed to protect.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Islamists get what they want and sit around and laugh
    at how stupid the Western States are. Why should they listen
    to reason or do anything other than continue to destroy and
    create mayhem while destroying the peace of Israel, they
    have time and tide on their side and we have weakling morons
    making every excuse immaginable to do nothing serious.
    It will take years for the American Government to be under
    the control of it's citizens and it may be to late, Israel is on
    its own for the next few years, maybe the new Congress will
    make provision to help with military needs. Obama gave
    Hamas $900,000,000.00 of our tax dollars and sent military
    trainers to help these murderers, when do we throw up our
    hands, will it be to fight or in continuous frustration………..William