Turmoil in Lebanon

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Lebanon is in a state of turmoil. Hezbollah, the powerful Shiite-Muslim guerrilla terrorist organization, is threatening to take over the country if the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon indicts its members in the murder of Rafik Hariri and demands their arrest. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri (Rafik Hariri’s son) “walked” earlier this year in submission to the proverbial Canossa to bow before “Pope” Bashar Assad and asked “forgiveness” for his indirect accusations against the Assad regime, suggesting that it was responsible murdering his father. It now seems that Saad Hariri might swallow the bitter pill of truth about the murderers of his father by avoiding a confrontation with Hezbollah and “re-inviting” Syria back to Lebanon.

The confessional system in Lebanon, whereby a Christian holds the presidency, a Sunni-Muslim the prime-minister’s office, a Shiite-Muslim the speaker of parliament office, a Maronite-Christian the commander of the army post, and a Druze the army chief of staff position, is under siege.

The civil war in Lebanon has reduced the Christian majority in the country, as hundreds of thousands of Christians left the country and joined the large Lebanese-Christian Diaspora in the West.

The Sunni-Muslims led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri are seeking ways in which to enfranchise some of the 400,000 Sunni-Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to gain greater power in the country.  The Shiite-Lebanese, in the meantime, have grown to become the largest confessional group in Lebanon, and are demanding the reshuffling of the National Pact of 1943.

Demographic changes alone, however, do not explain the turmoil in the Land of the Cedars.  Neighboring Syria has reasserted its influence on Lebanon from whence it was ejected following massive demonstrations and international pressure in the aftermath of the assassination of Hariri.  Iran, which supports Syria both militarily and financially, is also the singular force training, arming, and funding Hezbollah, and has become the major foreign power asserting its influence.

The perceived weakness of the Obama administration for having chosen to appease Iran and Syria rather than counter their growing influence over Lebanon, has undermined the emerging Lebanese democracy and the Cedar Revolution in particular. It has enabled Hezbollah to become the strongest military force in Lebanon, capable of intimidating the government and superseding the strength of the Lebanese army.

Revealed diplomatic dispatches via WikiLeaks support the assertion that the Obama administration’s pandering to Syria was an unrealistic fantasy. Obama sought to engage Syria and reactivate the Syrian peace track in order to distance Damascus from Tehran, and he did so against the advice from regional allies such as the Emirates Crown Prince Muhammad bin Zayed, who cautioned the Obama administration against wasting time on trying to pry Syria away from Iran.

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  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    its all over in that poor land soon the muslim monkeys with help fron our boys and others will make that land into a hell on earth.

  • posse101

    once again the heightened confidence of our enemies is fueled by the fecklessness of our weak and self serving president. but this connect the dots scenario won't show up in the newspapers so why worry about it. and if it doesn't show up in the newspapers then why should we expect it to show up on the nightly newscasts? and if doesn't show up in the newspapers or the nightly newscasts then it probably never happened. and if it never happened, then why in the heck are we even discussing it?

    go away, stop bothering me. if anybody wants me, i'll be on vacation… in Hawaii.

    • Rev. Roy

      Excellent summary, posse.
      Of all the adjectives there exists to describe Obama, I had never thought of "feckless". It does have a certain ring to it if you turn it over in your head a few times. After so doing, I believe that it probably is the ONE word defintion of your impotent leader that describes him best. Hmmmmm……..feckless….,,,,,feckless….yup, methinks you have a
      winner :).
      Happy New Year….
      Rev, Roy….<><

      • posse101

        why thank you kind sir. your nice words have made my day. have a happy, healthy, prosperous and potent New Year.

    • History_of_truth

      Speaking of Hawaii, the new governor, Neil Abercrombie, is a lying socialist (despite the evidence of his ties to the socialists, he denies it) : http://keywiki.org/index.php/Neil_Abercrombie . This is important (even though no one will report it) because socialist Abercrombie is another of Obama's marxist cronies…Abercrombie has "fixed" Obama's Birth Certificate "discomfort" and intends to make the issue go away once and for all. "Big deal," people might say, well how about the fact that Mark Ritchie, the Secretary of State of MN (who counts the votes; remember Al Franken?) is also a lying socialist. See the big picture? Lying socialists everywhere. But good thing it doesn't matter (since the media, not even FOX, reports it) ….. laalala laala (psst–this is really scary stuff).

  • Alex Kovnat

    I find it ironic, given the danger of Lebanon becoming an Islamic dictatorship, that the best Helen Thomas can do is blame everything on "zionists" (read: Jews).

    Speaking of Helen Thomas: Can you imagine the reaction if an elderly white reporter of Polish, Italian or some other blue-collar ethnicity, were to suggest that black people should "get the hell out of Chicago", or Boston, and "go back where they came from"?

    • MixMChess

      Helen Thomas has said far worse things (if you can imagine that!) since then… On December 2, 2010, in a speech for the eighth annual "Images and Perceptions of Arab Americans" Thomas said: "Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by Zionists. No question, in my opinion." As you correctly pointed out Alex "Zionists" = Jews.

      Thomas "defended" her comments on December 7 to an Ohio radio station: "I just think that people should be enlightened as to who is in charge of the opinion in this country."

      This blatant antisemitism was the "straw that broke the camel's back" for Wayne State University (in Detroit) which had no choice but to discontinued the Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity in Media Award. Why WSU didn't discontinue the award after her May 2010 disgusting remarks is beyond me…

  • FunkyBird

    Deleting my post adiministartor?? Are you affraid of the truth? The only truth that you guys like to see is what serves your interests: Oil and Israel! May the Lord Jesus Christ forgive you cos you sell your Middle East Chrisitan brothers for less than 30 silvers!

    • MixMChess

      Christians have long been unwelcome in Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, and most have been driven out of their ancient homes throughout the middle east such as in Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt. Of course, Christians have and continue to be welcome in Israel, which is the only Middle East nation where the Christian population has GROWN and FLOURISHED in the last half century (from approximately 34,000 in 1948 to over 145,000 today).

  • sam000

    Saad Hariri and Valid Jonblat( the Leader of the Darooz) were questionned about their rapprochement to Assad of Syria and Iran.

    They answered " we see that USA is dealing with Syria and Tehran behind us about our vital and strategical interests, and we concluded that negociationg with Syria and Tehran directly, we will lose less".

  • Lightning Jack

    There's probably going to be another civil war in Lebanon between the Christian and Sunni (Hezbollah) factions, or with Hezbollah's help, between Lebanon and Israel. You can rest assured that Hezbollah, with Syria and Iran's assistance will find a way to involve the Lebanese Army into a full scale provocation with Israel.

    The Qbama Administrations naive belief that it can leverage Syria to reign in Hezbollah, much less diminish Iran's ideological and material support for its proxy faction is a fools errand. Middle Eastern dictators or totalitarian regimes are not interested in peaceful or mutual coexistence with anyone who does not share their ideological goals and beliefs.

    • sam000

      The mullahs of iran want to coexiste with any body if they accept to be governed and directed by the Mullahs;

      The Mullahs even do not consider the other midel eastern countries the Muslims, We don't even have a Sunni Mosques in Tehran.

      The Mullahs says that the Sunnis are even worst than the Jews.

      And Hezbollah is the Iran's Proxy (as you said), The Syrians and Assad's Familly who govern Syria are not Shiit, they are the Mercenaries, if you pay them you can employ them, His Father was the same, and Iran pays too much to syria; Iran pays daily 300,000 Barils of Petrol to syria from the first day of power seize of Khomeiny on Feb. 1979, and this is the minimum, Syria costs us several Billions per year, and Syria prints yearly some 12 Billions USD$ en counterfeit money.

      Syria has no industry and no income, and what I outlined you is the way Syria gain money and lives.

      And, one can understand the dependence of Syria to Iran.

      Or, One can understand how Naive are the USA leaders, they want to control Hezbollah( Iran's proxy) by Syria ( Iran's employee)!!

      this level of the USA naivety, the Mullahs understand that they can ride the Americans to any direction that they want.

      So, there is not a question of the religion, the question is "how simple minded are the USA RULLERS".

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Lebanese Government is failing the Lebanese Christian
    population. A fractured Lebanon gratis the Mullahs and Syria
    with Iranian backing must fail and become a Muslim State
    before the Mullahs can feel confident of a united front in the
    next war with Israel. As Lebanon boils Israel comes closer
    to renewed but all out war as it will come down on them from
    all of the Muslim states who are acting in accord………..William

  • ziontruth

    Lebanon: Where multiculturalism leads in the end. A warning to all lovers of liberty and haters of servitude.

    Lebanon: Mix Christians, Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims and Druses, and at one stage add also Arabs of immediate Palestinian origin (expelled by King Hussein of Transjordan in 1970), and there you have it. Call them "the Lebanese nation," ignore the fact that giving a name has no bearing on reality, then keep acting surprised when, time after time (1958, 1975-90, etc.), sectarian tensions flare into violence.

    Lebanon: Proof positive that if care is not taken to maintain the exclusivity of each nations within the borders of each state, disaster will be the eventual result.

    Lebanon: Why Israel must remain the State of the Jews and resist all attempts to transform it into a multicultural state.