Five Reasons O’Reilly Shouldn’t Play Kissy Face with CAIR

kissy lips

Bill scored big with his Juan Williams story, but that’s no EXCUSE to get in bed with America’s #1 Terror Front Group, CAIR

Last Thursday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor, with Juan Williams, scored big with the public, drawing nearly 4.3 million viewers.  Among the 25-to-54 age group, the demographic most important to news advertisers ,O’Reilly was on top with 1.04 million, compared to Olbermann, a mere 317,000.

So O’Reilly is highly motivated to follow-up on the story of the Williams firing by NPR.  It was a natural for O’Reilly to invite CAIR on The Factor this week, since the high-profile Moslim group orchestrated the complaints by Muslims to NPR calling for Williams to be fired.

O’Reilly is not number one for no reason.  His primary concern goal is not the news, not tough stories, never to be out alone in front of the wave like Hannity did for almost a year with the Reverend Wright story, but to promote himself.  One eye is always on his own successful self-marketing as Mr. Fair and Balanced.  So he debates with the CAIR spokesman Ahmed Rehab in a friendly way, on whether there is a “Moslim problem” or only a “terrorist problem.”

Bill O’Reilly’s greatest compliment is to call someone “a stand up guy.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s a compliment he likes to pay himself.  So imagine this:  Bill O’Reilly ends this soft-ball debate with Mr. Ahmed of CAIR by calling him a stand-up guy.

“Bill O’Reilly fawns over anti-Semitic Islamic supremacist Ahmed Rehab of Hamas-linked CAIR”

In the words of Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.  Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs was apoplectic:

FOX NEWS’ Bill O’Reilly Praises Hamas-Linked Anti-Semite CAIR Thug.

Why in the world was O’Reilly playing kissy face Monday night with Rehab? Didn’t his staff do any background check on this guy?  Surely they briefed O’Reilly that CAIR is America’s foremost terror front group.  Bill himself knows that CAIR promotes Islamic fascism in America. Their goal is the caliphate.  They hate America, freedom, Jews and Israel. They do not represent American Muslims.  Yet, O’Reilly calls CAIR spokesman Ahmed Rehab “a stand-up guy.”

There are five reasons O’Reilly should stop paying phony compliments and do an exposé on CAIR instead:

1. CAIR is a terror front group.  This should be more important to O’Reilly than using them to enliven the debates on his show.  CAIR works to block the FBI and Homeland Security from conducting counter-terrorism operations. Note to O’Reilly: this is not a ratings game.

CAIR was founded by Hamas operatives – in plain English, terrorists. Two former FBI directors call CAIR a terror front organization.  Terrorism expert Steve Emerson testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1998 that CAIR was a radical Islamist group.   In its first decade, five CAIR directors and board members were convicted in federal court for their ties to terrorist groups.  Surely Bill O’Reilly’s staff can do a cursory web search and turn up this background for him.

CAIR tries to destroy the reputations of moderate Muslims and critics of militant Islam, such as Steve Emerson , Daniel Pipes and Khalid Durán. CAIR uses the courts to bankrupt and intimidate critics.

2. Has O’Reilly any idea who he is praising? Ahmed Rehab, the CAIR spokesman who O’Reilly called “a stand-up guy,” is an antisemite, defends Holocaust denial, and is a strong supporter of the Islamic Nazi group, the Moslim Brotherhood.   Rehab’s “favorite modern personality” is Sayyed Qutb: the ‘father of Islamic fundamentalism.”  Sayyed Qutb wrote an influential (among Arabs) book published shortly after the Holocaust, Our Struggle with the Jews – Qutb’s Jew hatred has been called ‘as extreme as Hitler’s.” Rehab’s “favorite thinker” the younger brother, Mohammed Qutb, was Bin Laden’s mentor.

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