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Five Word Summary of CNN’s Benjamin Netanyahu Interview: Larry King, You’re An Idiot

Posted By Kathy Barkulis On July 12, 2010 @ 9:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Larry King keeps wetting his pants. He’s consistently the gift that keeps on giving to the right, but his latest interview with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was so bad, and so insulting to the Prime Minister that CNN seriously needs to fast track King’s retirement.

Netanyahu made an excellent case for Israel during the interview, and answered Larry’s insulting questions regarding the recent flotilla incident. Netanyahu even answered the questions with a straight face, which had to be excruciating. All of King’s questions are posed with a liberal slant, and the fact that he doesn’t even listen to the answers so as to engage in a real dialogue is maddening.  He just reads the questions off the cards his producer gives him, and then goes to the next ignorant question with no recognition of what was just answered.

Of all the important issues that Netanyahu could be called on to discuss, the recent video of Israeli soldiers dancing is not one of them.  But King couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister knew nothing about it, and told King that.  King then admitted that he didn’t know anything about it either, but said his producers wrote the question down and that was why he was asking it! Kill me now Larry, and put me out of my misery. You’re an idiot. But here is the worst exchange of the interview:

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