Imam Rauf on CNN: Moving The Mosque Could Get Us Killed

Soledad O’Brien interviewed Imam Rauf last night on “Larry King Live.”

Rauf’s contention that we must accept the building of the mosque near Ground Zero because “moving it would embolden Islamic radicals, and in the Muslim world it would be considered an attack on Islam” is a threat. He seems to be saying that Americans better not fight this, or we’ll pay for our opposition to it by being attacked. That sounds like the same argument used against publishing a cartoon, or a book, or making a film exposing Islam’s violence.  If you do it, you will die. Comedy Central took that kind of threat seriously by not showing criticism of Islam.

View video of the interview after the jump:

Rauf probably doesn’t realize it, but his argument makes the point that 70 percent of Americans have been making for weeks, which is that Islam is not a religion of peace or freedom or understanding, but instead it is an ideology of violence and submission. We must accept it, or else. Building this mosque on this site serves no purpose other than submission to those who attacked us. Why should we be silenced into submission to Islamic law? What is American about that?

The imam displayed his character in full view tonight for everyone to see.  More threats, more deception, and more reason for us to continue the opposition.

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