Alabama shooter a crazed, right wing extremist… oh, wait

(credit: Oleg Volk)

The George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters, had lots to say about the 2009 murder at the Washington, D.C. Holocaust Museum — until the shooter turned out to be a 9/11 truther who hated “neo-cons.”

Media Matters is now observing radio silence regarding the recent mass murder at an Alabama college.

Usually, leftists shamelessly use events like this to call for more gun control. Not this time. Maybe because the shooter is what the late novelist Dominick Dunne, in a very different context, called “an inconvenient woman”:

A family source said Bishop (…) was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.


Being a Canadian, and therefore, well-acquainted with school shootings (our first contemporary one predated Columbine by almost fifteen years), I think the solution is obvious:

We don’t need gun control. We need school control.