Ann Coulter Hits Back

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I could have told you this would happen if you ever got Ezra Levant and Ann Coulter in the same room together.

In response to that embarrassing, vaguely threatening message she got from that tax-teat sucking Canadian academic before she even set foot in the country, Ann Coulter announced recently that she is considering — you guessed it — filing a “Human Rights” Commission complaint against known Frenchman Francoise Houle (his real name).

At her first ever speech at a Canadian university (which I attended, of course), she told the sold-out crowd of (mostly) supporters, tongue firmly in cheek, that she was going to take her cue from all those other friviolous, professionally “offended” complainants who’ve made Canada the laughing stock of the world, and charge Houle with violating her “rights” as part of an “identifiable group.”

Of course, the definition of “identifiable group” most assuredly does not include “white, Christian conservatives” — as white Christian conservatives have discovered when they’ve tried to file Human Rights complaints against anti-Catholic homosexual activists and so forth.

I think Coulter should claim “American” as her “identifiable group.” After all, in Canada, Americans are the only people you are allowed, and encouraged, to viciously insult at willeven on, especially on, 9/11, with the encouragement of our tax-payer funded national broadcaster, no less.

Such a cause celebre might force my fellow citizens to confront this poisonous little habit of theirs once and for all.

And naturally, we all hope Coulter will hire Ezra Levant as her lawyer. He was more or less forced to become Canada’s leading expert on our censorious, politically correct kangaroo courts, when he fought them — and (900 days and $100,000 later) won.

  • Tony Kondaks

    Canada is no bastion of freedom.
    It already segregates its citizens in Quebec in two separate and distinct civil rights categories according to descent, in direct violation of the principle of equality.

    • USMCSniper

      It is the tribalist citizens of Quebec that demand the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada, but with access to the rest of Canada's wealth.

    • SLK

      What "freedom" was taken away from Ann Coulter? Are you even aware of what happened? Do you know that she made slurs against Canadians and made bigoted remarks against a kid she was unable to debate?

      Why SHOULD we have her in Canada? She got the same reaction we gave Al Gore: she got put in her place.

      She mocks hate crimes legislations yet she's attempting to file a claim that one was made against her because she was cautioned about previous hysterical behaviour.

      Surely you have someone capable of arguing the conservative viewpoint who is informed and able to carry on an adult conversation without slandering people.

      As far as Canada not being a "bastion of freedom", we have conservative Stephen Harper in power, and you have Obama. Enough said.

  • betty boop

    Yes, Canada sounds awful, for such a beautiful country. Politically they are about two weeks ahead of the US, so we needn't feel safe here, either. If Ann can bring some exposure to the Canadian situation, perhaps she can save her own country from a similar fate. I hope she decides to go for it!

  • mikenj

    Go For It, Annie!! Give 'em Hell!!

  • grossecaisse

    Canada has not been relevent since the French and Indian Wars. If it had not been for the USA , Canada would have been conquered by Moose.

    • Tanstaafl JW

      Some of those moose are pretty big…………

  • Thunder

    You mean those "for freedom, for free speech,for free killing elderly and babies" liberals being sued by Ann???
    YES!!! BRAVO, ANN!!! SUE WHOEVER was involved in that mob "pre-lynch" attacks!!!

  • Cam

    this is drivel and your all shit heads :)

    • Frank(ly) M'Dear

      At least "shit heads" can spell!

    • Pablo

      Don't you mean "you're all shit heads"?

      • Barb

        thank you Pablo… I was going to say the same thing. Cam are you listening. Your all….where is the verb? I'm sure you meant…you're all ……. Anytime you need help with your grammar you can ask Pablo or mois. Merci beau coup

    • watchful

      You are drivel and your spelling is directly indicative of your intelligence.

    • Bob RevaI

      another dorky Canadian useful idiot…perhaps we should banish all liberals and lefty loons to this silly place…USA ROCKS

  • FBastiat

    Canada has long embarrassed itself with its politically correct censorship:

  • grog

    Cam and grocass– why don't you two have some beers . eh?? Then have a serious talk about hockey- that's about your limit -maybe theres a sports blog somewhere you'd be better suited to respond to.

  • Korren

    Essentially Canada has fallen to the erroneous arguments of the politically correct fanatics. I feel sorry for Canada, because they should have been a genuinely free nation with protections for Christians who now cannot even speak their faith.

  • Rifleman

    Their being little children with their eyes squenched shut, fingers stuck in their ears, yelling "lalalalala," is one thing, they didn't have to hear her speak, but they deprived the other students of their right to hear her. Like I've said, most lefties are intolerant and spiteful little sh*ts, who don’t practice what they preach.

    $10 says cam's an adult child.

  • USMCSniper

    For Cultural Marxism's critical theory to be successful the cultural institutions must be infiltrated. Theatre, the arts, schools, universities, seminaries, and newspapers become prime targets and eventually succumb to the invasion. Critical Theory ideas have burrowed so deeply into these institutions that one is rarely aware they exist; a ringing in the ears that eventually goes unnoticed.

  • stern

    I am seriously embarrassed (yup, I'm Canadian). Seems Ms. Coulter was prevented from speaking at the University of Ottawa last night because of a "security risk". A crowd of screaming, yelling leftists threatened a smaller crowd that wanted to hear her speak – and somebody pulled a fire alarm. Once again, Canada proves that free speech is only allowed to so-called "liberals". Conservatives are not allowed to open their mouths.

    • Cam

      10$ says you're from Alberta

      • stern

        Sorry, no. Ontario.

    • SLK

      She wasn't prevented from speaking because of a screaming crowd. Her speech was stopped because a fire alarm was pulled and it took too long to clear the building and regroup. If you're Canadian, why aren't you aware of what happened in your own country instead of the drivel hysterical Ann is spouting?

  • marshall

    Ann Coulter showed herself to be the coward she is. Tucked tail and ran! Scared to cross the picket line! Canadians are in splits over this comedienne. "Is this the person, that great talk host, you are talking about? As scary as a pre-teen-I-will-hold-my-breath-if-you-don't-give-me-candy!"

    • Rifleman

      Some bozo pulled the fire alarm, and it's more a matter of Ottowa students showing what immature and intolerant *ssholes they are. Thanks for helping to make the point.

      How many of you wusses did it take to run off one little woman? Hilarious. Be nice, or we'll send a girl scout troop to kick your butts.

  • coiurr

    Canad should seriously consider abrogating NAFTA and make every effort to join the EU. Its culture, politics, economics, ruling ideology is far more like continental Europe than US or even UK.

  • Seek

    This morning I burst into a rousing chorus from the 1998 "South Park" movie: "Blame Canada!"

  • dchamil

    Francoise is a girl's name. Perhaps the writer meant to say Francois.

    • Rifleman

      The first spelling seems appropriate to me.

      • dchamil

        The reference is apparently to Francois Houle, the provost of the University of Ottawa. M. Houle is a man, hence the name Francois.

        • Gary Rumain

          He sounds more like a F.Houle!

        • Rifleman

          I know, lol, but he's awful girlish.

  • Ron Grant

    Canada is far from "the laughing stock of the world".It is generally well respected for her tolerance.We have a well respected history in both World Wars ,Korea ,peace keeping and now Afghanistan.Tell a member of the Princess Pats or Vandoos that we are a laughing stock.Just make sure a medic is nearby and your insurance paid up(so much for our tolerance,eh).
    While we are not Americans,we are the next best thing.We really are more alike then different in our values and ways.We are both liberal democracies and all can live with our differences.At the end of the day,be it Election Day or not,we accept, grudgingly perhaps,the results of the majority/courts,consensus.
    We can learn much from America.They are generous,innovative productive people.And America can learn from Canadians.We are not as warlike as our neighbors,less arrogant,more gentle and tolerant ,perhaps. We are good neighbors,always.But we expect our guests to respect our values and laws.Coulter should watch her manners while a guest in my country.Otherwise,she is welcomed to express her opinion.God Bless America.

    • watchful

      This isn't about manners and speech. It is about toeing the line of politically correct speech. While Europeans and Canadians have handed over their right to self-determine what words come out of their mouth Americans know the importance of retaining that Natural Human Right. If you can't determine what comes our of your mouth your government has effectively taken over control of your brain. If you can't say it you probably won't think it. You will dismiss your own thoughts and force them into line with government-think. You have effectively sold yourself out. How can anyone respect a person who would do that even if you are doing it to be nicey-nicey?

  • Captain Obvious

    It is sad that so many have been completely suckered into arguing over whether Ann's speech is "hateful," that they have completely ceded the premise that it would somehow matter even if true. If you believe in not-free speech, what you believe is not free-speech!

  • 080

    What did Francois or Francoise threaten to do? Lift his or her skirts?

    • dchamil

      The second paragraph of the article mentions “… Frenchman Francoise Houle (his real name.)” Hence the confusion.

  • George

    When I was working on my doctorate, I was once asked by a group of candadian students at my school (and the fact that they had to come to the US to go to school should be a major clue about the viability of canada) WHY I owned firearms and carried them. The major thing I told them is it was the ultimate say with regard to crime. Nothing says, crime is not allowed here like killing a criminal that tries to rob you. They were, of course, mortified. I told them I hope they never end up in a situation where they are helpless in the face of people who want to victimize them.

    But the other reason was it also is the final say against tyranny. They didn't understand this. It literally never occured to them that they might be intimidated, abused or otherwise forced to give over by a minority (or even a majority) using violence against them.

    But understand something. Because I own guns and my neighbors own guns, the type fo thing happening here isn't possible on any meaningful scale. Those that attempt it, will eventually be killed when they attempt it on the wrong person.

    The bottom line…..and something to think about if you are canadian.

    • SLK

      Believe me, we have Americans attending our schools here too. I made a fortune tutoring dumb Americans in calculus and trig. They couldn't even pass a high school test in math, let alone our university courses.

  • watchful

    Imagine not being able to say the word rapist, or Nazi, or even dictator because it could be proven, by the government, that it's hate speech. Silly? I don't think so after chatting with Europeans. You'd think a motorcycle cop was going to pull up along side of the table at the cafe you are eating at. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Just wait for your government health care and your vacation and retirement. Great trade off. You give the government the essence of your being, they give you substandard health care and a vacation, No thanks.

  • Linda

    THE EU, Canada, and the U.S. have become selective tyrants. By that I mean they are tyrants when it comes to white Christian heteros. Hell you haven't seen anything yet people! STAY TUNED. They ain't done with us.. this is only the beginning.

  • SLK

    Ann Coulter got a very mild cautionary piece of advice from Mr. Houle because Ann Coulter made a bigoted, unwarranted remark to a 17 year old Arab girl to "Go ride her camel". This isn't the first bigoted remark Ann Coulter has made. The woman is a hysterical, illogical mess.

    Is she so unable to grasp the facts that she can't debate a 17 year old kid without resorting to slurs and stereotypes?

    If Ann Coulter is the best representative of conservatives that Americans have, no wonder you guys have an inept person like Obama in office. Your country is sinking fast with Obamacare and massive debt caused by your elected President, and you all have nothing better to do than to support a nut like Ann Coulter who plays name-call with a teenaged kid?

    Ann Coulter represents the Ugly American.

    • glpage

      That 17-year old Muslim girl was an admirer, if not a member, of an anti-Israel hate site, It's Called Palestine, Not Israel. What Coulter said was a flippant response to an inane question. When liberals do it they call it humor.

      • SLK

        All the more reason for Ann Coulter to give an intelligent, well thought-out answer rather than play into their hands and make a bigoted slur. She was goaded and fell straight into their trap. Not very bright.

  • Ron Grant

    Canada is far from "the laughing stock of the world".It is generally well respected for her tolerance.We have a well respected history in both World Wars ,Korea ,peace keeping and now Afghanistan.Tell a member of the Princess Pats or Vandoos that we are a laughing stock.Just make sure a medic is nearby and your insurance paid up(so much for our tolerance,eh).

    • Ron Grant

      Sorry,I had posted a response but somehow the above repetition got posted.

  • SLK

    I dunno, Ron, if insurance will help them anymore. Remember, they're under "Obamacare" now.

  • Dave

    Canadians have the biggest inferiority complexes in the world. I love the bit about being so much smarter than the US….I can tell by being led around on a socialist leash by effeminate officials like "Francoise". Oh, aye, were pretty darn polite up here unless you're an American. Then we get to try and stick it to ya. Guess what, Canada is used to being under someones thumb. How long did you suck England's teat before you were finally able to wean yourself off aye? Fact the facts, if a Muslim were giving a speech in Canada about wiping Israel off the face of the map and praising suicide bombers, you spineless canucks would be OK with that. Just better not be some horrible yank doing it, right? Free country, my azz!

  • Carbon Dioxide

    I can tell we in the US are behind the Canadians with our control of speech limited to less formal methods such as PC, but PC has been deemed safe from the First Amendment by the left, is quite effective and growing stronger, trumping national security at the highest levels (Fort Hood massacre) and many other Obama policies, foreign and domestic.
    The Ann Coulter event helps teach Americans about who decides incorrect speech in Canada. The policies are laid out at the university level, then there is a wonderful example of public-private partnership as the police appear to work with the mob to enforce the Provost policy. A little messy to be sure, but then I suppose a “diversity” of enforcement methods is encouraged because “diversity” is good when it is enforcing PC. Provost Houle is powerful!

  • Gary Rumain

    Brave Ann! I'll enjoy watching you sticking it to that F.Houle!

    • SLK

      Do you really support Ann Coulter using racial slurs against a 17 year old girl because Ann couldn't answer her question?

      Do you realize you're playing into the stereotype of the racist, close-minded, uniformed, unintelligent, belligerent American?

      • Rifleman

        Lol, F. Houle acts like a 17 year old girl, but I have it on good authority, he's a 'man.'