CNN loses ‘dozens’ of viewers

Or: “Larry King’s audience has fallen (by 52%) and it can’t get up…”

The two MediaBistro headlines tell the story:

* “Q1 2010 Ratings: Dominant Fox News Has Best Quarter in Network History

* “Q1 2010 Ratings: CNN Sees Double Digit Drop from Year Ago

Since CNN has such trouble with, you know, numbers and stuff, I wonder if they’re capable of competently analyzing these startling ratings results, and fully grasping their import. After all, CNN is the same network that reported that Saturday’s anti-Reid Tea Party in Searchlight, Nevada was attended by “at least dozens of people.” You can see those “dozens” yourself, thanks to a local news station’s report (see video below).

Drilling down, we discover this cringe-inducing factoid concerning CNN rival, MSMBC:

Olbermann was out all but one day during March before returning Monday due to the illness and death of his father. During that month, with Lawrence O’Donnell serving as the fill-in anchor (…) it does raise the question whether Olbermann still commands the audience he once did…

Oh dear.

Sitting in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday, Mark Steyn quipped (audio is members only) that CNN’s problem’s might well be attributable to its inescapable ubiquity on airport TV screens. “This is why people hate CNN,” said Steyn. “They associate it with canceled flights. I associate Wolf Blitzer with the full body scan now.”