Code Pink-er wants Toronto blogger arrested for… standing next to her on the sidewalk

Toronto anti-Israel vigil, Jan 15/10 (Credit: "Josephine")

Some highlights:

There exist in Toronto today legally enforced no-go zones for Zionists. (…)

I had to be downtown last night, so I decided to check out a candlelight vigil that was being held by (at my count) 29 people in the anti-Israel movement (…) a woman approached and stood uncomfortably close to me. I didn’t record any of what happened next so the dialogue is reproduced to the best of my ability. At this time, I was standing several feet away from the protesters.

Woman: “Excuse me, there are a number of us who meet here every Friday and we have some rules. We want to know the names of the people who are photographing us and what you’re going to use the photos for.”

Me: “This is a public place. You are making a public display. I can take photos.”

Woman: “No, you can’t: you’re [Jewish Defense League] JDL.”

Me: “I am not in the JDL.”

Woman: “Whatever.”

Woman: “The JDL has a s** list with everyone’s name on it. I’m probably on it.”

Me: “What?”

Woman: “The JDL, the Zionists have a list with Richard Gere with a penis.


Sandra Ruch, of Code Pink, a group which is in the news again for advertising on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website and which has such an excellent relationship with Hamas, was “upset” by my presence.

A cop asked to speak to me away from the group and I refused. He told me I was breaching the peace and had to leave.  (…)

Cop: “Your presence here is upsetting to some people…”

Me: “So my presence is upsetting someone and that’s against the law?”

The author of that post, “Josephine,” is one of “our” “official” photographers and videographers in the “416 “free speech/anti-Sharia/pro-Israel “cabal.” She shot this last month:


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