Compare and contrast: Fox News vs ABC News

Even today, Media Matters is still pushing their tired meme about the “Glenn Beck boycott.” As I’ve explained, this boycott literally cannot work, because cable TV has a different business model than broadcast television.

Speaking of which…

It’s sad to see the George Soros Steno Pool desperately pushing their “boycott” non-story in light of reports like this:

Exhibit A:

ABC News will cut 300-400 jobs — 25% of its work force — in a restructuring that will dramatically change the way it gathers and produces news, the Los Angeles Times reports. The news follows a round of layoffs at CBS News only three weeks ago.

Exhibit B:

The FOX News Channel (FNC) operating income, as compared to the prior year, increased 50% for both the fourth quarter and the full year, primarily from increased affiliate revenues. For the full year, FNC primetime ratings were up 45% compared with the same period a year ago.

Exhibit C:

Fox News was the #2 cable network in primetime last week, averaging around 500,000 viewers less than #1 USA Network. MSNBC came in #27 and CNN was #33 in primetime. In total day, Fox was the #4 cable network, while CNN was #28 and MSNBC was #35.

In the rankings for cable news programs, Fox again had the top 13 led by “The O’Reilly Factor,” which averaged almost 4 million viewers the week of Jon Stewart’s appearance. FNC’s late-late night program, “Red Eye,” which airs at 3am on the east coast, ranked ahead of CNN’s primetime programs in the A25-54 demo.

Wow, it’s almost like ordinary people are boycotting liberal TV news!

For people with the word “media” in their name, who claim to be hip, plugged-in and progressive, you’d think all that hard evidence might have some kind of impact on Media Matters. Apparently, you’d be wrong.