Daily Beast names Jon Stewart ‘the Left’s #1 Journalist’

Jon Stewart: he's #1

A few years ago, in my occasional role as professional “book doctor,” I tried and failed to get my liberal New York author-client to ease off the whole “Jon Stewart is the Walter Cronkite of America’s youth” thing.

It’s so played out, I told him. Stewart’s numbers are one tenth those of Rush Limbaugh’s, making the unfunny comic literally overrated. And his viewers come in dead last when tested on their knowledge of the issues. Alas, I lost the argument.

And I guess I was wrong. Having canvassed “about 75 academics, politicians, journalists, and denizens of corporate America,” The Daily Beast just named Stewart #1 in its list of “The Left’s Top 25 Journalists.”

It’s true, my fellow backward redneck tea party hicks! They say we’re the ones who want to live in the past, but those enlightened progressives at The Daily Beast are still pushing that 2004 meme about Stewart’s “reach” and “impact,” without once questioning whether or not that “impact” is a good thing.

As for the rest of the winners: I’d call them “the usual suspects,” except I’ve never heard of half of them. Seriously.

There really are two Americas, I guess.

The leftist “journalists” I have heard of? There’s Paul Krugman, whose crazed head shot makes him look like he’s auditioning for an all-Jewish remake of House of a Thousand Corpses, and who I know basically because his gigantic, hypocritically energy-sucking mansion has become a comical internet meme.

And “Zsa Zsa” Huffington made the list. And Frank Rich. And some bloggers.

But let’s give The Daily Beast its due. At least Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann didn’t make the top 25. It was a tough slog, though:

Given that almost four times as many American journalists identify themselves as “liberal” than as “conservative” (thanks, Pew, for that little detail), our exercise in tagging the 25 most influential journalists who sit somewhere to the left of center on the political aisle was considerably more complex than the one last week in which we identified the top 25 on the right.

(And “nuanced,” too, no doubt!)

If you need a palate cleanser after the liberal list, check out that conservative top 25 here.

Meanwhile, those of us old enough to remember when “fake news” was genuinely funny and cutting edge have to look back to 1980. Yes, this “fat stout rights” sketch spoofing professional victimhood and “political correctness” is thirty years old — and was written by unabashed liberals: