Glenn Beck: What Next? Dune Buggies?

Look, Glenn Beck is doing a great service to the nation: inspiring ordinary people to stop their impotent muttering and get active. He and his fellow talk radio host Mark Levin also launched a timely revival of interest in the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

But sometimes? Yeah, he loses me.

Yesterday on his radio show, he overreacted to Scott Brown’s “my daughters are available” victory speech throwaway line.

And much as it pains me to agree with Media Matters on something, I too was thrown by Progressive movement’s “long march through the institutions.” And the song does contain an oddly appropo line about “carrying pictures of Chairman Mao.”

But Beck should reconsider spending minute upon excruciating minute of valuable airtime stopping and starting an old (and aurally unpleasant) pop song, while impatiently interjecting “Listen! Listen!”, like a teenaged boy with a new favorite album, who’s trapped his hapless friends in his rec room to share his enthusiasm.

Tearing a page from the Charles Manson School of Exegesis just looks bad.

I just hope he’s not planning to spend one of his upcoming TV shows on that whole Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz thing…

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