Media Matters’ 9 Most Embarrassing Screw Ups

When I first started writing for NewsReal Blog, I was assigned the Media Matters beat, mocking and debunking those self-appointed “media watchdogs” of the Left.

“But if you get burned out, we’ll understand,” my editor added. “That site is pretty toxic.”

“I can handle it,” I chirped in my best “seasoned professional” voice.

Oh well. After filing daily stories, month after month, in which I fact-checked the “George Soros Steno Pool,” burn out I did.

In my career, I’ve covered not one but two sordid, seemingly never-ending national Catholic Church sex scandals (the Canadian one, then the American version), but even that wasn’t as depressing as picking through the daily sludge posted at Media Matters.

Here’s a handy guide to some of their “greatest hits” from the recent past…

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