Media Matters not Even Trying this Week

Maybe they’re still keeping Euro-type holiday hours at the George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters.

Let’s see now:

So far this week they’ve been concerned about the Fox & Friends weatherman’s corny global warming joke — the sort you’ve heard countless times on your local radio drive time show.

Fox & Friends’ other mortal sin? The gang calls recently foiled Muslim terrorist the “crotch bomber” because “it’s impossible to say his last name anyway.” Good to see Media Matters has its priorities straight, like getting the name of an attempted mass murderer just right. (I hear Manson prefers “Charlie” to “Charles”…)

Today they’re mad at Glenn Beck for using a tiny snippit of audio from Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech in his new radio show intro. Beck asked this morning on air if the Left thinks they own King’s words. Well, maybe, but the King family sure does, and they’ve been known to sue. Watch for that registered letter, Mercury Radio Arts!

However, Soros’ “Limbaugh Wire” correspondent Greg Lewis has finally roused himself, after his last encounter with Mark Steyn left the poor boy knocked out on the mat.

Steyn was back on the air Monday and Tuesday, sitting in for a recuperating Rush. And sure enough, Greg was back, too. Alas, only one of the “Zacharies” was available to assist Greg with the high-risk, labor-intensive job of working the high steel listening to a three hour radio show then typing a few hundred words about it. (Next they’ll be claiming that’s a leading cause of mesothelioma and claiming worker’s comp… Hey, Obama did say “You can’t listen to Rush Limbaugh and get anything done,” right?)

Greg managed to sit through all six hours this time without fainting. He helpfully put “scare quotes” around Steyn’s most “outrageous” phrases, such as “free market,” “big government,” and “bowed” — as in, “like when Obama ‘bowed’ to the Saudi king” (a real life, well-photographed occurrence  I didn’t realize was in dispute.)

If they ever figure out how to put “scare quotes” around photographs, rest assured the well-funded boys at Media Matters will be the ones who invent it.


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