Not all media matters at Media Matters

Today, Media Matters‘ website is packed with stories slamming Republican candidate Scott Brown, who is challenging Democrat Martha Coakley for “Ted Kennedy’s seat” in Massachusetts.

The George Soros Steno Pool reports breathlessly that,

In recent days, Scott Brown, the Republican nominee in the special election for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat, has made numerous appearances on Fox News to raise funds for his campaign, solicit volunteers, and peddle misinformation.

Interestingly, Media Matters hasn’t a single word to say about reports (including video tape) that a journalist was “roughed up” by a Coakley henchman, while the Democratic candidate herself looked on and did nothing:

The fact that people who work either for or with the state’s Attorney General feel free to commit assault and battery on a reporter should tell Massachusetts voters all they need to know about Coakley and her views on public accountability.

I guess that’s because the reporter works for the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine.

Just 48 hours ago, Media Matters was fretting about “right wingers” taking critiques of “left wing media bias” so seriously that they might become “unhinged” and take “physical action against journalists.”

Apparently, when liberals take “physical action” against conservative journalists, that doesn’t merit a peep from the moral exhibitionists at Media Matters.


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