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The Political War Up North: 9 Tales of Left Vs Right in Soviet Canuckistan

Posted By Kathy Shaidle On August 29, 2010 @ 12:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

I present, for your amusement, the latest developments up here in The Country Where My Computer’s Plugged In.

You’ll have to forgive me; I consider my true fellow citizens to be those reading this particular site, and others who yearn for liberty and common sense, wherever they may be.

The entity called “Canada” embraced bureaucracy, conformity, pettiness and envy around the time of my birth. I know no other iteration of this once great — or so I hear — nation.

To hear our elites tell it, thousands of men fought on Juno Beach on D-Day for the “right” of future transsexuals to use womens’ bathrooms or something.

(A note of caution, however: when I broadcast these types of stories, American readers sometimes respond with “Thank God WE have a first/second amendment!” However, in reality, the state of gun ownership and free speech is only slightly better in American than up here. Also? Can you say Kelo?)

Speaking of which, the first story will be of special interest to those passionate about property rights:

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