What? No ‘Lonesome Roads’ references when they’d actually be appropriate?

When they aren’t comparing him to Howard Beale of Network, Media Matters (a.k.a. the George Soros Steno Pool) and other left-leaning pundits love calling Glenn Beck a real life Lonesome Roads.

Roads is the lead character of the recently revived film A Face in the Crowd (1957). Like Network, A Face in the Crowd is about the power the mainstream media presumably wields over the masses, and the making (and unmaking) of a broadcasting demagogue.

Usually typecast as the lovable innocent backwoods boy, Andy Griffith shocked viewers with his portrayal of Roads, an amoral drifter with a gift for gab, boundless ambition and no redeeming qualities. (That’s a true Hollywood rarity, because viewers tend to appreciate villains as long as they are charming. Perhaps only Edward G. Robinson’s stupid, humorless, sadistic Scarface (1932) character comes close to Roads in terms of sheer incorrigibility.)

Now, Griffith is shocking some folks again, many years later: he’s become a shill for Obamacare.

FactCheck.org has already done the heavy lifting in terms of, well, fact checking the claims Griffith makes in this new PSA.

But oddly enough, Media Matters et al. aren’t making any Lonesome Roads references today, even though Griffith’s new ad is more like something from A Face in the Crowd than anything Glenn Beck’s ever uttered on the air. What a surprise.

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