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Write your own ‘So easy, even a caveman can do it!’ joke

Posted By Kathy Shaidle On April 27, 2010 @ 12:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

No doubt by now, you’ve heard that the guy who did the voiceovers for those clever Geico commercials left a foul-mouthed message on the conservative FreedomWorks group’s answering machine. This being the 21st century, FreedomWorks promptly released his message to the public. Since “the public” included “his boss,” said actor was duly fired.

The actor and FreedomWorks are now playing “dueling gotcha videos”. The Geico guy just posted what’s purported to be a collection of messages angry Tea Partiers left on his answering machine. (Mild CONTENT WARNING).

FreedomWorks, meanwhile, released an audio assortment of messages they’ve been getting from foul-mouthed “progressives” taking issue with the Geico guy’s firing. (Much more serious CONTENT WARNING).

If we’re playing “Whose Side is Nastier?”, this evidence alone indicates that the Left is by far the more obnoxious segment of American society today.

The “angry” messages the Geico guy got are exponentially tamer than the ones received by FreedomWorks. The “Tea Baggers” who called Mr. Geico said stuff like “Damn,” “Why don’t you move to Cuba?” and, repeatedly, “Have a nice day.”

The messages left for FreedomWorks by the Lefties? Well, remember, I warned you:

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