Putin’s Spy Ring

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One of the Soviet’s supreme covert influence agents, Dr. George S. Counts, joined the International Institute at Columbia Teachers College in 1927.  With no background, he was hired to specialize in Russia.  Immediately sent to Moscow, and provided with a highly intelligent Russian assistant, he was recruited by the KGB within a year.  His powerful covert influence operations, guided by the Soviets, planted the seeds of anti-American political correctness that destroyed our education system.  Even today American education students cite Counts in their radical dissertations.

The KGB is not all-powerful.  They are very tenacious, focused, and professional.  They never take their eye off the ball.  Even when the Politburo was purging KGB officers –calling them home and putting a bullet in their neck — they still operated successfully, up to the day they got on the boat for Moscow.  The agents they left behind were well-trained and continued operating.  Their covert influence operations did not need KGB officers to maintain.  Once they were begun, funded, and operating, the covert influence took on a life of its own.  Like kudzu devouring Georgia, political correctness has engulfed our country.

The KGB targeted the three main cultural transmitters:  education/academia, the media, and Hollywood.  The anti-American messages (America is a racist, foreigner-hating, sexist imperialistic, hating culture), implanted like advertising, went viral.  A KGB officer did not need to be at every meeting of radicals.  The KGB chose its influence agents carefully.  It provided the American “Willing Accomplices” with the messages, and then got out of the way.  The message exploded across American society.

The KGB influence agent at Columbia, Dr. Counts, created the anti-American point of view in education and academia.  In his 1932 speeches “Dare the School Build a New Social Order,” declared to American teachers that they needed to “change society.”  Counts told American teachers that they had a duty to bring about a new age of collectivism.  Counts told teachers that the “age of individualism is dead.”

The Russian spies today are only the tail end of Russia’s fixation on the Great Enemy, America.  The questions today are:  Do our protectors believe in traditional America, or in destroying traditional America?  Is this the change some of us believed in?  Does change mean the final destruction of the America we once knew and loved?

Kent (www.kentclizbe.com) served as a staff CIA case officer in the 1990s, and as a contractor after 9/11.  He worked in Counter-terrorism against Islamic Extremism in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  He is the author of an upcoming book, Willing Accomplices:  Soviet Covert Influence and Political Correctness.

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  • Gylippus

    Yes. The same question haunts me. How closely does the circle of American leftist academic-media-political elite (including the Obama administration) coordinate its policies with the international left, which is apparently (according to Mr. Buchar and the other authorities in his book) still largely under the influence of the post-Soviet KGB.

    Is there something to the apparently outrageous notion that we have a Manchurian President? And are there elements within the FBI trying to expose this? It seems like something straight out of Hollywood, but facts are indeed often stranger than fiction.

    • Gen. Patton

      Amen to that

    • Thomas

      Right, because Russia is real popular among the American and European Left. They love Putin and hate Chechens, Boris Nemtsov, Kasparov, and other liberals.

      I am glad a lot of patriotic "conservative" Americans see through the KGB conspiracy and can support their brethren Islamic extremists and liberal-libertarian anti-Christian characters in Russia against the Stalinist Putin-Medvedev regime.

  • Artem (Russia)

    Americans, you psychos fixated on his own greatness and can not look at the world around them.

    • l w h tadd

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    • l w h tadd

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  • Victor Kalashnikov

    Western elites used to be largely corrupt and vulnerable for the Soviet/Communist infiltration even in the far more rigid Cold war conditions. I can confirm, e.g., that the European anti-war movements with their blockades of military bases or roads had been closely monitored by the Soviet General staff together with KGB to include those activities into their operational estimates and plans. So apart from holding Europe a hostage of an overwhelming strike (to blackmail Nato and the US within the general confrontation framework), the Soviet military threat also was instrumental in influencing European governments and public, e.g. by cultivating the defeatist, pacifist and appeasement moods.
    Victor Kalashnikov, Lt.-Col. (ret.), the SVR

    • Thomas

      There is nothing pacifist or defeatist about a Dutchman wanting his country to be independent of both American and Soviet weapons! He never chose to be a part of NATO! He doesn't get to vote on geopolitics! What is he defeatist about? He never signed a paper pledging unconditional support to the US Armed Forces!

      And there is nothing patriotic about Poland accepting American weapons, causing Russian weapons to be targeted back on it.


  • Victor

    Meanwhile, two strategic moves made by Russia in recent months are bound to impact the international security environment dramatically: the effective regaining of control over Ukraine and strengthening of a military-political alliance with Islamist regimes and their terrorist mates in the Greater Middle East. Thus, we witness a remarkable continuity of Moscow’s strategy and quite a similar set of players. That very interplay has, in my view, developed to a strategic challenge of the extent, the Western world hardly had faced ever before.

    • Thomas

      Too bad for how the US lost control over (*the*) Ukraine and is losing its grip over Lebanon, despite its alliance with radical Islamist regimes in the Gulf and their terrorist friends…the same ones they used in Kosovo and Bosnia and whom they use today in Iran, Pakistan, and the North Caucasus.


  • Sergey from Moscow

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    • USMCSniper

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      • Sergey from Moscow

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    • Gen. Patton


      Is the bear drunk or is the spy — or is the bear the REAL spy?


  • Bella

    Victor, if you're Russian, I'm your mama.

    • Victor

      Hi Mom!

  • Denis

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    • l w h tadd

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  • Max

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  • Steve Chavez

    Google: Obama Columbia Sundial 1983.

    This article written by Obama on known KGB influenced and funded front organizations directed by the Communist Party USA, who got their days marching orders from Moscow, shows how our current President was a useful idiot/ product of the KGB which will explain Obama's friendship, and hypnotized trance, to the Russian Master: Putin!

    Putin cried about missiles in Europe and how quick did Obama stop the program?

    Hillary too was brainwashed in the 80's, like millions of Americans, who aided the KGB, Cuban DGI, and our CPUSA, in their takeover of Nicaragua and the funding the Communist FMLN in El Salvador. Hillary gave thousand$ to the Communist Party USA fronts that aided the rebel movement. THE FMLN WON THE PRESIDENCY LAST YEAR AND HILLARY WAS THE HIGH RANKING U.S. OFFICIAL AT THE INAUGURATION!!! Then she and Obama sided with Hugo Chavez and Sandinista Daniel Ortega when the Honduran President Zelaya was removed from power by their Supreme Court and even by his own Party!!!

    Ion Pacepa, a frequent writer for FPM, and Arkady Shevchenko, the highest ranking Soviet defector ever and whom I personally talked to face to face, say that the WORLD PEACE COUNCIL IS RUN BY THE KGB! Our CPUSA directed the United States Peace Council and directed it members to start a Peace Council in every State and major University including at Columbia since it was already in the Soviet camp of influence!

    Obama's COMMUNIST brainwashing from a young age, and during his Columbia days, explains why he has surrounded himself with "Socialists," Closet Communists, and Communists!

    "Socialist" is just a Politically Correct term really meaning "Communist" and the way they say it, and dismiss it as something bad, proves that their goal is to create the conditions for the downfall of the United States as revenge for the downfall of the country they loved more than their own: THE SOVIET UNION!!! (At the CPUSA.ORG website, their logo is "Socialism USA." Communists wanting "Socialism" means they are one in the same!)

    • Thomas

      In retrospect, perhaps you are just some Cuban exile who is so concerned with Communism's threat to "freedom" and "democracy" that you know Latin America had it right when it just took Communists (and sympathisers) out to a football stadium and mowed them down.

      And, BTW, defectors are not typically reliable sources of information. Mr Pacepa's wild allegations have no basis in Soviet archives, nor in CIA records.

    • l w h tadd

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  • MrBorn

    ZOMG so this is the level of "analyst's' in CIA. We laughed thery well, thank you, Kent Clizbem. You as good as our comic Zadornov.

  • Leib

    The SVR emerged seamlessly from the KGB. Yeltsin's regime's openness was very brief and GRU operations in NOrth America and SVR/KGB ops never stopped (witness Ames and Hanson moles respectively in CIA and FBI were run without hiatus on both ends of the "post-Soviet" spectrum. Each year the Russian intell service celebrates its anniversary based on the founding date in Lenin's rule as year one. This was as true under Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin as it was under Andropov, Brezhnev, Khrushchev, Malenkov and Stalin. One positive aspect of Columbia U in this regard is its collection of translations of the transcripts of the Soviet Communist Party Congresses including the 28th from July 1990. The transcript of Yeltsin's resignation speech quotes him as saying that a new multiparty system will be assembled in which one or another of its factions will become the vanguard of society. This quote revealed the deliberate nature of the "collapse" of the Soviet Union and action taken to entice the US to loosen its dual use technology restrictions, to bring Russia into the G-7 now G-8 and the Western economic system in general, to lower our guard in the intelligence field and to convince us that a peace dividend was at hand allowing us to drastically reduce our military forces and to stop nuclear modernization. Putin was appointed to his office when Yeltsin resigned during his second term and elections were held only later. The transfers of power have never affected the KGB/GRU complex and as the author above notes struggle continues but now we have an Administration even less aware of or sympathetic to our main enemy. Imagine bringing Medvedev to Silicon Valley!

    • Gylippus

      Was Yeltsin's ascent anticipated? In other words, didn't the KGB anticipate the possibility that they would lose control of the political superstructure, and thus that their entire scheme could be exposed by a new and hostile Russian government?

    • Nikolay

      Yeltsin destroyed the KGB after the failed coup. In Russia now there is no ideology. She ruled the former Communists with accounts in banks. Capitalism is in my opinion Russia is more than in the U.S.. :)

  • USMCSniper

    Putin watched a test flight of a "fifth-generation" stealth fighter, dubbed the T-50 and billed as Russia's first all-new warplane since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. "This machine will be superior to our main competitor, the F-22, in terms of maneuverability, weaponry and range," Putin told the pilot after the flight, according to an account on the government website. Putin said the plane would cost up to three times less than similar aircraft in the West and could remain in service for 30 to 35 years with upgrades, according to the report. Russia also plans to manufacture T-50s jointly with India. Of course, Comrade Buraq Hussein has cancelled the F-22 Raptor as Russia and China put the upgraded SA -400 anti aircraft missile platforms on line in every major city. Ohhh,,, the The Sukhoi T-50 looks like a close copy of the F-22. Real spirs here! See doe yourself. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/01/29/3

    • Gen. Patton

      Comrade Buraq Hussein — I love it!


  • kentek

    Putin's got oil and lot's of it and finding more. Sokhalin Island is huge oil for the Ruskies.
    They want to be a world player again.

  • Serhio25

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  • Steve Chavez

    Our CPUSA were the most bitter at the fall of the country they loved more than their own! Many American Communists just changed names to and are under some "Social Democrat" name now but as the KGB changed its name to FSB, our Communists are still Communists and now they are in control of the White House which means the Soviets won the Cold War after all!

    • Russian spy

      You burned us! LOL!

    • Thomas

      A few Communists became Social Democrats, like Bayard Rustin. The Social Democrats USA (SDUSA) were mostly, however, ex-Trotskyites who were/are super Zionist and ultimately supported Reagan and Bush II in their foreign policies. Most of you who still believe in communist conspiracy theories did/do too, so I don't know what you are getting at.

      If you are one of those who believe the Communists and Zionists and NWO are all one, then you will have to explain how the KGB fits into this, since the late USSR was anti-Zionist (not the same clan as the early Bolsheviks) and the KGB had some of the most patriotic higher-level officials in the Soviet Union. And while I don't see Putin as anti-Zionist, he did kick out or subjugate (to the State) the mostly Jewish oligarchs who had fleeced the economy.

      But most likely you are a nutter who thinks that Obama and Clinton are Communists and that our rate of taxation is secretly 99% and that the State owns everything…even while income disparity is about at an all-time high, corporations pay ever less tax, multinationals pay no tax, and the big banks own Congress and Obama (not the other way around).

      Stop listening to Limbaugh and take a page from Putin: to build a conservative and prosperous country, you must re-establish the supremacy of State power over private interests.


    This brainless author served as a CIA spy in the 1990s so why doesn't this yank tell us more about his own bloody crimes against humanity?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Because then he'd have to kill us …

  • Vladimir

    Most of the article is pure nonsense, and looks more like an attempt to put American people against Russian people, while the governments are in bed with each other. It is well documented that both US and Russian governments are controlled by Zionists (Zionism as the ideology of racial supremacy of Jews) and hence based on ethnic corruption. Disregarding Obama the Hologram, Number 1 guy in the government, Rahm Emanuel has dual citizenship, is a member of Mossad and Israeli military. He is doing more damage to this country than a thousand Russian "spies", even if some of them are journalists.

    • cochavi1

      Very good, Vladimir. You left out the part where the Elders of Zion told the Rothschilds to tell Hitler to kill all the Jews in Europe.

      You and your friends are very, very sick.

      • Vladimir

        Those are facts and can be checked independently. At least, they do not depend on my (and my friends') health

  • dork

    Can somebody please explain the strange timing of the whole thing, right during Medvedev's visit and G20? Did Obama really want it? Hard to believe FBI acted on their own.

  • Jose Garcia

    Question. According to "The Mitrokhin Archives", the CPUSA aided the killers of Trostsky in logistics and other things. Can the CPUSA be shut down for aiding and abedding in a murder?

  • David

    KGB was en enemy before and KGB -despite changing its name – is an enemy now. I think China and Saudi Arabia are as dangerous as Russia only by bribing corrupt politicians as lobbyists. But the most dangerous country for the USA is Iran by using its own spies (infiltrating the State Department, VOA, universities and building so-called peace and anti-war groups) and buying corrupt politicians. Unfortunately the USA has a president who has shown no interest for the security of the USA.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    The author of the article is correct. You will be shocked to realize since how long ago it all is going on…

  • Boris

    In Russia, people see this frenzy in US media about "Russian spy ring" as a sort of bad sequel to the great movie "Wag The Dog" and paramount of hypocrisy.
    Here is a typical comment to Russian translation of this article (quite ironical, in case you didn't notice): " There are no American spies in Russia, and there are no American spies elsewhere. Great America never brings any evil to the world, but only good. Indians just got extinct by themselves. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was punished by Zeus. Millions of Vietnamese, Iraqis and Afganis humbly asked by themselves to be killed by The Great Empire of Good. America will never attack Russia, it is just surrounding Russia by military bases to protect silly Russians form evil Iraqis and other aliens from Mars. And of course, America wouldn't need resources in lands overseas. god save America"

    • Gylippus

      Why so defensive Boris? Are we children? Surely you recognize that we all act to protect what we deem important? Russia is no different in this regard. (Surely you would not deny that Russia has interests abroad, and cultivates relations when it seems advantageous.) This does not automatically have to make us enemies. In fact in this day and age we don't even really need to compromise to get what we want, (win-win scenarios abound) and you Russians have a decisive role in determining which way things go.

      • Thomas

        Yeah, I think you and some others are kind of like children. I don't think you got the point of any of the irony, particularly the latter bit about how "America will never attack Russia, it is just surrounding Russia by military bases to protect silly Russians from evil Iraqis and other aliens from Mars…"

        Do you realise Russia has been in a very defensive position for years? They see themselves surrounded by US/NATO military bases. They see former parts of the Soviet Union influenced by George Soros' money and rigged elections to invite NATO bases into the country, even when the people there don't want it. Russia has begun a military trade again with Cuba and Venezuela, but it does not have bases in Mexico or Canada, does it?

        Ultimately, the Russian and American people have a common enemy, the criminal banking cartel based in the US and UK, but multinational and paying taxes to nobody. Don't be scared of Putin, get angry at Goldman Sachs!!!

  • jones123peter

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