Don’t Cry for Juan Williams

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He’s now paid to give his opinion (emphasis added), and with three decades in the news business, it is often a valuable take on today’s politics.”

Is opinion-giving by NPR news analysts really off-limits? Does “the same go with anybody,” as asserted by its CEO?

Senior news analyst Cokie Roberts called Glenn Beck a “terrorist.” Legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg once said she hoped conservative Sen. Jesse Helms or his grandchildren would contract AIDS, and she called the Bush tax cuts “immoral.”

Tavis Smiley, who once called pro-death penalty then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush a “serial killer,” isn’t a news analyst, and he works in public broadcasting on TV, not on radio. But consider this jaw-dropping — but apparently non-newsworthy — exchange on PBS between this left-wing host and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim author, as she criticized Islamic terrorists:

Smiley: But Christians do that every single day in this country.

Ali: Do they blow people up?

Smiley: Yes. … Every day, people walk into post offices; they walk into schools. That’s what Columbine is. I mean, I could do this all day long. … There are so many more examples, Ayaan, of Christians who do that than you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country, where you live and work.

Now, what exactly was Williams’ “offense”?

He said people in airports wearing “Muslim garb … identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims” make him “nervous.” Because Williams expressed an opinion likely shared by a large majority of Americans, NPR’s CEO questioned his mental stability.

Isn’t vigilance, post-9/11, the job of the citizenry, part of a national neighborhood watch? What kind of twisted political correctness is it to say, as did then-Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, that a 70-year-old white woman from Vero Beach deserves the same level of scrutiny in an airport as does a young Muslim man from Jersey City?

NPR and PBS are supposedly nonprofit. But shows like “A Prairie Home Companion,” through a complex weave of private holding companies and licensing deals, made a phenomenally rich man out of Garrison Keillor. NPR and PBS executives and on-air talent enjoy salaries and benefits higher than the private sector pays comparable positions.

That NPR and PBS receive public money — in a world of hundreds of competitive television and radio stations — is outrageous. More galling, they push a leftist worldview while taking tax dollars from non-liberals for the privilege.

Pull the plug on NPR and PBS. No, don’t cry for Juan Williams. Cry for America.

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  • logdon

    “A news analyst cannot continue to credibly analyze the news if they are expressing opinions (emphasis added) about divisive issues,”

    So when the NY Times publishes an 'Op-Ed', (Opinion-Editorial) it can be regarded as personalised bunk?

    These people just make it up as they go along. It is worse than moronic.

  • logdon

    Talking of 'moronic' an ex friend of mine who once worked for Soros thought that 'Op' meant the opposite page! And like true indoctrinated liberals everywhere, even when presented with the evidence of an 'Op-Ed' appearing on the same page as it's introduction, still refused to budge.

    • viktor

      It does mean 'the oposite page'. Look it up. What did you think it meant?

      • logdon

        Opinion. Opposite has two p's.

  • Steve W

    Personal Feelings are not opinions. The libs know that but refuse to acknowledge it. Why… because it doesn't fit their PC agenda of, 'let me pretend that I am not prejudice'.

  • mikidiki

    Williams gets on my nerves and to think he will be getting more air time makes me cringe with the TV remore in hand,

  • Ret. Marine

    Never was a fan of Williams, never considered him to be either fair or balanced or knowledgeable of any item he speaks of or in any form. He's a true to the color liberal with a delusional sense of what the average American knows to be facts vrs. opinion. I am not all that pleased that so-called talent such as williams goes on to get a multi-million dollar deal from Murdock when I can think of a variety of others that report the news as we Americans crave, but never get outside of the sites as this and then to add insult to injury, he's still always wrong even of his opinions. Calling this Fox news channel it fair and balanced is just center left of right and that's not how the American's see this picture of the American experience, but that's just my opinion, and maybe not considered as facts. Either way, its not a good thing for this Country to have to still pick the lessor of two evils, not even on a good day.

  • Cuban Refugee

    The unconscionable firing of Juan Williams should make every American take notice of the soft tyranny that threatens our freedoms daily. NPR, with George Soros' slimy funding, is an arm of the Obama regime. If expressing his feelings on another station was cause for Juan's termination, then we all soon will be speaking in whispers, afraid to voice our opinions in our own living rooms. This is how intimidation and censorship of the masses start; if we do not feed this monster with public funding, it may not grow to darken our existence in every facet of our lives. Do you remember "The Blob" — the cinematic organism from outer space that grew to massive proportions to consume everything in its path? NPR and PBS, in conjunction with the "Journolists" and the rest of the corrupt Fourth Estate, have become the equivalent of that matinee movie monster. The American people should not continue to buy tickets for this sickening spectacle … we need to run out of the theaters and DEFUND NPR.

    • Christie!

      Now, that was a near PERFECT analogy!!! I'm sad that I remember the film vividly! But that also means I remember when our government, with all its faults, was still for and of the people!!

    • Dan Ward

      If not DEFUND, do what they did to The Blob for PBS/NPR and a lot of other Big Gubment agencies: Freeze! That would be the start before we haul all the unnecessary parts and airdrop them in the Arctic (or Anarctic).

  • steve

    I am glad to see Williams on fox news that way there may be less of Alan Colmes who really is very difficult to listen to. I find that as I get older{67} I dont want to spend anymore time listening to the other side ,especially while our country is rapidly being destroyed by these marxists… In attempting to be fair we seem to be aiding these people . Our time could be better spent by working towards their defeat rather then listening to their blather Steve D

    • JustMe

      I agree with you, Steve, about it being difficult watching Alan Colmes. I want to tear my hair out every time he spouts his liberal/progressive crap. I put Bob Beckel and Caroline Helman in the same category as Colmes. They're all raving liberal idiots!

      • michiganruth

        I totally agree, but I LOVE Juan Williams, and I'm even rather fond of Prof. Marc Lamont Hill for some reason.

  • Barbara

    Watch the All Stars almost every evening. Would not miss Charles Krauthammer. Juan usually would make me nuts but Fox needs the balance. Have you noticed though that Juan appears much more relaxed and is actually showing a sense of humor on air. Think NPRs loss is Fox's gain. Will continue to listen to his opposing view although I doubt I will ever agree with him.

  • reeves

    Speaking of the Public Broadcast Stations, anytime you have government connected to the private sector, you have corruption of the kind that has PBS, NPR, etc spewing out leftwing hatred, and muzzling any contrary opinions, such as Juan Williams' statement that got him fired. Our Constitution forbids favoritism such as "public" broadcasting forceably paid for by the private sector. This is taxation without representation, the very core of our Founding Father's reason(s) for seceding from Great Britain. Williams' statement was racist and he should have been reprimanded, or even fired, but the same applies to the public broadcasters who live off the public dole and use race-baiting class warfare as a matter of course. We are being duped by our government and unkowingly paying for political statements from the broadcast industry that we may disagree with. This is how Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Saddam and Obama came to power. Are we ready to protest and demand our government defund these unconstitutional left-supremicist hatemongers? .

    • Sam B.

      To have a healthy caution re behavior–and in-your-face garb is behavior that's worthy of a healthy skepticism–that's not racist, my friend. Begin to use language more precisely. Besides, Moslems are not a "race".

    • Sam B.

      To have a healthy caution re behavior–and in-your-face garb is behavior that's worthy of a healthy skepticism–that's not racist, my friend. Begin to use language more precisely. Besides, Moslems are not a "race".

  • Kendrick1

    Let's cease our funding to NPR and the other media that we fund. While we are at it, let's quit giving money for anything to the United Nations. They just want to take away our sovereignty that we have had for over 230 years. Right now, this very day, they are chastising us because (they say) we are not doing enough for civil rights in America. Since when do we need anyone to tell us what to do and how to do it, we who saved the whole world during WWII?

  • Ken Spiker

    I have to say that the links in this article are broken. Very frustrating. I notice a link above that indicates it's to a clip of a Williams-Krauthammer exchange and all I get are ads. Does this site have a competent webmaster? What is going on here?

  • Carolyn

    I'm still in euphoria over Juan's chutzpah in actually acknowledging that Muslims dressed in their garb worry him! He echoed the feelings of millions of Americans. I might add that, along with the concern, we will throw back our shoulders and we will all fight to protect our wonderful country.

  • Sam B.

    Larry: Have you ever seen the average (political) nightly line-up on the Charlie Rose show–that pretender to "deep curiosity"?

    • Jim Johnson

      If the Charley Rose show is so interesting as it is billed then why does he look like he is half asleep?

  • Jim Johnson

    "Don't cry for Jaun America" Cry for America where so many people in power act like Kim Il Sun. Th firing of Juan is but one small drop in the bucket compared to the one sided oceanic dogmatic routine which we get from almost all the media.

    I can't remember the time when the media was a "Borg" for the party line. They lied beyond all common sense.

    They did not report the news;they promoted the political" program". The" program" is more dogmatic than any religion

  • michiganruth

    what's interesting is that Bill Maher of all people just came out and admitted he too was fearful of Muslims. even Bill Maher, now!

    Juan Williams was just saying what almost everybody thinks–it's not like you seriously think your hijabbed seat-mate is a terrorist, but it flashes across your mind for a millisecond…you can't help it…c'mon, you know you do it too…I live in Detroit and I have actually been searched by a TSA employee wearing a hijab. talk about a weird experience!

    NPR's loss is definitely Fox's gain.

    a few little errata: Juan's employment with Fox actually pre-dates NPR. he's been with Fox for 13 years, 3 years longer than NPR. also the article mentions that Jesse Jackson has not spoken out for Juan. this is not correct: it took him a few days, but Jackson finally did make a statement of support for Juan.

  • btilly

    Larry, Juan probably doesnt know that men who look like you and him are called less than a donkey's penis and created by Muslims the God-Allah to be slaves to white people. A book called "Religious Bullying by Raisin Head exposes really how CAIR who also had him fired feel about naive black men and women who look like Whoopi Goldberg. Muslims of the wheat complexion dont care and tell the zurgi (dirty black) in Arabic. To see people from another land coming to my home and making me change my home, roads, schools, constitution and return to slavery is unreal.
    White slaves are mamluks
    black slabes are abeds.
    How can any black man join such insanity. Muhaammad was the founder of this plaguarized piece of crap. All of sane people are afraid to ride with Muslims anywhere on anything. Inbreeding breeds insanity.

  • btilly

    Travis Smiley is fool.

    No where in the 27 books in the New Testament did it tell Christians to blow people up. Ali should have asked him where are Christians told to kill Muslims. The Quran tell Muslims to kill Jews and Christians and all non-Muslims, that includes Travis. Travis is a low level intellect who doesnt read clearly. He will be the first one killed by Muslims when and if they take over.

  • ryukyu

    How many knew Vivian Schiller worked in the Soviet Union as a tour guide? I’m sure everyone is shocked, SHOCKED I say. A perfect fit for NPR.

    ps I like Juan as a punching bag way more than that smug ass Colmes. At least it looks like Juan genuinely believes what he’s saying.