Massachusetts to Obama: ‘No, You Can’t!’


“Let me be as clear as I can. There is no way in hell we’re going to elect a Republican to Ted Kennedy’s seat. Period.”

So said the man who finished second in the Democratic Massachusetts primary held to fill the seat occupied for 47 years by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. State Attorney General Martha Coakley won the primary. Republican state Sen. Scott Brown once trailed her by 30 points in the polls.

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010, Brown defeated Coakley by 5 points. This astonishing Republican win in Massachusetts is a flat-out repudiation of President Barack Obama.

This is now strike five. In 2008, Obama carried New Jersey and Virginia. Last year, he unsuccessfully stumped in both states for Democrats in gubernatorial races. Democrats previously held those seats. He twice flew to Copenhagen, once to lobby for the Chicago Olympics and later to get a meaningful international deal on “climate change.” Both times, he came home empty-handed. Now comes Massachusetts. Try to explain that one away.

Massachusetts had not elected a Republican senator since 1972. Its 10-seat House delegation is wall-to-wall Democrats. Obama, in 2008, carried the state by 26 points. Registered Democrats in Massachusetts outnumber registered Republicans by more than 3 to 1.

What happened? One, Obama. Two, the Democratic filibuster-proof Senate supermajority. Three, a party led by like-minded lefties.

But ObamaCare is ground zero. Brown campaigned against it and promised he’d try to stop it. The unpopular legislation would mandate that everyone carry health insurance. It would force insurance companies to accept those with pre-existing illnesses. It would tax — or, if you prefer, fine — employers for not providing health insurance and individuals for not having it. It would exempt union members from a tax on their employer-provided plans but force nonunion members with similar plans to pay it. Nebraska would get its new Medicaid costs exempted in perpetuity. Louisiana would receive $300 million in goodies.

ObamaCare, according to Obama, promises both deficit neutrality and eventual cost savings. Right. And the legislation ignores the fact that most Americans have and like their current health insurance.

The Democrats misread the country’s mood. They misunderstood why they won in ’08. They thought that Obama’s election and their gains in Congress meant not just receptiveness, but an eagerness to embrace a New Enlightenment. They believed that people really want to tax “the rich,” to redistribute wealth, to punish success.

So Obama set sail to grow government — to use tax dollars to create “green jobs,” to tackle “climate change” with onerous regulations on businesses.

He showed the world his un-Bushness by apologizing for America’s alleged past arrogance and by employing a kinder, gentler approach to what we once called the War on Terror.

He called the passage of the partisan “stimulus” bill necessary to prevent unemployment from reaching 8 percent. It is now 10 percent. The bill promised to “create or save” millions of jobs. Instead, it created embarrassing headlines about money going to nonexistent ZIP codes and about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per “created or saved” job. Brown called for tax cuts and criticized Obama’s stimulus plan.

The Obamacrats bailed out insurance companies, car companies and banks. Bank bailout recipients rang up huge profits, repaid the government ahead of schedule and then dealt themselves big bonuses. People looked at all the Wall Streeters in and/or advising the administration and wondered, “Why did they need our money in the first place?”

The Boston Massacre dooms ObamaCare — at the very least its current incarnation. It pulls the country back from the brink of this costly, irreversible leap into collectivism. Oh, sure, Democrats have procedural maneuvers to pull it off. But after this wake-up call, let them try. Gone are “cap and trade” and a second spendthrift ”stimulus package,” as well as an attempt at “immigration reform” — even as our borders remain scarily porous. With Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and interest on the federal debt on automatic pilot, ObamaCare was a pillow pressed over the face of the country.

Former Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean, representing the left-left wing of the left-wing party, says Massachusetts means that Democrats should turn further left. Does he know that only 26 percent of Massachusetts voters think RomneyCare, their own version of ObamaCare, is effective?

Dean thinks Democrats wussed out on providing a health insurance “public option” and calls the bill a sop to greedy “special interests.” Dean is obtuse. Other Democrats will trade ideology for self-preservation. They will reflect and redirect or suffer the consequences.

As for the late Sen. Kennedy, his death opened a seat that guarantees the defeat of ObamaCare 1.0. Kennedy’s death, therefore, stopped this wide-ranging health care “reform.”

And America now has a new lease on life.

  • irishbeauty

    Beautiful post, Larry. Brought tears to these eyes. Thank you.

  • TalkinHorse

    Had to check on the WWII vet letter you mentioned; sometimes these things turn out to be urban legends. But this one is legit; validated by Snopes. This guy nails it.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    When Caroline Kennedy imagined that she heard the voice of her father in the words of Barack Obama and anointed him the "new JFK" with her uncle Ted and 15 family members Obama's fate was sealed: The proverbial " Kennedy Curse" was upon him setting the stage for his electoral victory and a tragic presidency historically necessary for the collapse of the Progressive Democratic Left and the renewal of our Republic.

    Google my name ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read my piece: Barack Obama and the "Curse" of the Kennedys" and see for yourself the evidence I've discovered of an underlying order and master plan in the "chaos" of Obama's unprecedented election and catastrophic presidency

  • USMCSniper

    The MA Democrats will now spend the next six years trying every dirty trick and lie they can dream up to marginilize Scott Brown musch the same as they did to Sarah Palin. Afyer all they cannot allow a Republican to desecrate Edward Kennedy's seat so anything goes foul or fair.

    • Stephen_Brady

      From one sniper to another …

      I've written an open letter to Senator-elect Brown … which is going to be published in our local paper. In it, I told him that it's not just Massachusetts that put him into his position. Thousands of people, like me, contributed to his campaign chest. Thousands of people, like me, went to Massachusetts and worked for him, door-to-door. We're watching him, those of us on the Tea Party Right, and we expect him to deliver on his promise, and his promises. We worked for him for one purpose: to stop the Obama agenda in its tracks. We did not work for him so that he could play basketball with Obama.

      We've got to hold Sen. Brown to his promises. The same goes for every other Republican we help to elect, this year. If 2010 is a repeat of 1994, we expect that the Class of 2010 will not become corrupted by Washington, as was the Class of 1994. We will hold them to their promises, or we will find someone else to represent us.

      The Tea Party movement extends beyond traditional parties, and we expect results.

      • minaka

        Glad that you and others have realized that voting in an election every couple of years is not nearly enough. It's an on-going part time job for every citizen to keep his politicians honest and focused on the good of the nation. They also need to be kept humble instead of getting swelled heads and thinking that they should be foisting their poorly thought out schemes onto recalcitrant citizens instead of serving those citizens.

        The few hundred in Congress should be among the wisest in the nation (though the present lot are not) but must remember that they are not wiser than the 300 million they have the honor to serve. Thomas Sowell has made this point.

        The reason the present peoples' servants are largely a bunch of braying jackasses dressing each other in tiaras and ermine is seen in the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. The Sorcerer left the Apprentice in charge and without constant supervision, the Apprentice decided to do things to better his own lot and started things he could not stop. The Sorcerer was furious when he returned to a flood but he was partly at fault for choosing and tolerating such a foolish untrustworthy lazy and self-aggrandizing apprentice.

        That such low caliber non-achieving candidates as Kennedy are re-elected for decades is our shame. Throw anyone out who does not perform out of the starting gate, maximum two terms. If he/she can't contribute within 8 years, someone else should be given a chance etc.

      • bubba4

        See…aren't you glad Obama got elected. It gives you something to be against.

  • johncarens

    Imagine for a moment that Jesse Jackson had won an open Senate seat in Utah. –That's how the Brown victory should be viewed and compared. The tectonic plates of the political world crashed into each other on Tuesday, and the streets are now littered with dazed and bleeding, radical statists.

    There was an earthquake in Massachusetts -(metaphorically speaking, in deference to the horror in Haiti), and watching the President and his handlers ignore it is priceless, absolutely priceless. "Oh, we'll, we can't win 'em all..! It's the voters being all angry and upitty like they were last year, 'cause of Bush." etc., etc.." These radicals look like fools. Ignoring the fact that they've run generations of lousy Democrat candidates that win, and wonderful, insightful Republican candidates that lose in Massachusettes for years and years, they blame Coakley, they blame the campaign, they blame the DNC, they blame the clerk at the 7-Eleven. They simply can't visualize an imposed world so radically left that even Massachusetts gags on it. But that's what's happened, and America is reaping that whirlwind.

    The tragedy awaiting conservatism, though, is they don't sieze this moment, and build on it. They absolutely must continue opposing every word of the Obama agenda, taking no quarter on any piece of their legislation. They must not allow the Health Care bill to be carved up, balkanized, and voted-out piecemeal without a fight to the death. Every inch of it must be opposed, and every delaying guerilla tactic must be employed. If this disaster of a President gets another Supreme Court nomination, that, too, must be stopped dead-cold. We, as lovers of Liberty and Freedom need to be the NEW "Monkey Wrench Gang". The only way the statists can get past us from this point is THROUGH us. Nothing less.

    And furthermore, we should wear the "Party of No" moniker as a badge of honor, for that's what it is: Absolutely, we say "no" to tyranny, "no" to authoritarianism, "no" to birthing gigantic leviathans in government, "no" to an imperial, rogue, out-of-control federal government, "no" to destroying the American currency. And we say "no" and "hell no" to a President that continues to condescend toward the American people, and who will thrash about in wounded anger as he tries to impose his adolescent world-view on this great nation.

    The RINOs as well must be cast from the controls of governmental power. Conservatives must not work with the extreme radicals in our governing institutions under ANY circumstance. These extreme radical Stalinists must be forced to wear the Scarlet "O" around their necks. This is the very opening prolouge of what can (and rightly should be) a conservative, traditionalist revolution. We cannot, we must not, think this election was an end– it was not: It was just the opening curtain.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Very excellent post, John.

    • bubba4

      Imagine for a moment that Jesse Jackson had won an open Senate seat in Utah. –That's how the Brown victory should be viewed and compared.

      Yeah who could have guessed a state that elected Mitt Romney Governor would ever in a million years have elected Brown. It's just staggering.

      "They simply can't visualize an imposed world so radically left that even Massachusetts gags on it. But that's what's happened, and America is reaping that whirlwind."

      What are you talking about? Massachusetts already has state-run mandated insurance…so if they aren't thrilled about subsidizing the health care of say Alabama or Mississippi, who can blame them? What other things is "lefty" trying to impose on you?

      Your objection to reform is completely in line with the bizarro world. We need to do something or rising health care costs will finish off our indebted country. Unless we go to single-payer health care or have a public option, I don't even see how you can call it "left". It's not even slightly liberal at that point. If you manage to keep the Congress from enacting any reform and if you vote out Obama in a few years, what then? Medicare and Social Security are going to go bankrupt by 2017 if we don't do anything…

      What tyranny are you talking about? All this dishonest rhetoric from you and Obama is supposedly an adolescent…

  • USMCSniper

    McCain Feingold overturned 5-4 indicating that at least 5 members of the Supreme Court understand the First Amendment of the Constitution. Read Kennedy's opinion, it is constitutionally brilliant.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Which is exactly why we must gain control of the Senate, this year. Given Justice Kennedy's age, we can't afford a Marxist in his seat.

    • coyote3

      Actually, the decision is probably better news than the election. I'll wait and see on Brown. He is a liberal, but he might do some conservative things. The Supreme Court decision is something we can "truly" enjoy.

  • Guadapoopé

    What was that? Fourth Kennedy brother? And that's a bragging point how?

  • minaka

    It's a reprieve, but the person who wants to suffocate the American economy is still circling the room looking for another pillow.

  • bardefa

    Another liberal source (with AL Franken, the clown) dies:
    "Air America Radio, a progressive radio network that once aired commentary from Al Franken and Rachel Maddow, is shutting down."

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Keithrage

    A silver lining, a ray of sun through dark clouds, a………… ok, I'm just so happy to see Oblunder humbled by the people, yes, true power resides with the people, let's use it.

  • Laura

    “Let me be as clear as I can. There is no way in hell we’re going to elect a Republican to Ted Kennedy’s seat. Period.”

    No way in 'hell' indeed. Evidently, this election was under the guidance of those above us–

  • Kim

    Loved this post John. I agree with the power is with the people.

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