Obama and the End of Arrogance

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Obamalism: a political/social/economic philosophy that combines socialism, collectivism and redistributionism wrapped around a killer smile.

Welcome, Mr. President, to your new reality.

The Republicans need not “take over” Congress to slow the march of the most left-wing president ever elected. To clip President Barack Obama’s wings, the GOP simply needs to carve into the once filibuster-proof Democratic Senate.

The new 1994 Republican majorities in the House and Senate forced then-President Bill Clinton to smell the center-right coffee. He then signed a more modest domestic budget, welfare reform (after two vetos) and capital gains tax cuts.

Despite Obama’s defiant assertion that he would rather be a “really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president,” he already reluctantly recognizes the reality of a Clinton-like post-midterm pivot. Consider the headline of a recent Wall Street Journal article based on interviews with shellshocked White House personnel: “Obama Likely to Scale Back Legislative Plans: In New Political Landscape, Incremental Approach Is in Works to Get Support for Some Proposals on Energy, Immigration.”

“Hope and change” has been replaced with “hopeless and small change.”

Recently, President Obama was asked this question: Would you veto a bill that extended the tax cut for the wealthy? Four times he refused to answer. Angry voters are fed up with a left-wing, job-killing, anti-business agenda. In every demographic — racial, gender, age, ideological affiliation — the President suffers declines in his peak popularity. Not since Mike Tyson in Tokyo have we witnessed a fall this steep. Even among blacks — at 90 percent, his highest-rated demo — his numbers are down from their high of 94 percent.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale even offered advice to Obama: Lose the teleprompter (which he less than charitably referred to as an “idiot board”). Mondale, you might recall, ran against President Ronald Reagan in 1984 — and lost 49 states. When a guy like that offers advice, things are grim.

Blaming Bush no longer works. Obama indeed inherited a bad economy, drowning under a large debt and deficit. His solution? Tossing it an anvil.

Obama did not inherit the $800 billion-plus “stimulus” plan or various subsequent ones.

Obama did not inherit a “sweeping” financial regulation of Wall Street that leaves in place Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Community Reinvestment Act, the primary drivers of the housing meltdown.

Obama did not inherit government takeovers of the automotive companies.

Obama did not inherit a massive “green jobs” initiative, in which government bureaucrats will “invest” taxpayer money in “promising” technologies proposed by companies that failed to persuade private investors to bet on them.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Obama is much more ideological than Bill Clinton ever was. Personally, I think he will defy the new political reality…and the first test will be whether or not he ignores the verdict of the American people and pushes the lame-duck session of Congress to further his legislative agenda while he still can.

    Stay tuned.

    • http://home.comcast.net/~enjolras/site/?/home/ Underzog

      I tend to agree!

      Bill Clinton hard smarts and Dic k Morris to help him triangulate the Republican tsunami of 1994. Pres. Obama has neither. Pres. Obama's reflexes are Marxism since a good portion of his family was, his mentor was a Communist pornographer, and in school in his ghostwritten book he "sought out Marxist professors."

      Such a man will not change.

  • http://www.wiiconverter.com wii

    I hate him

  • John Beatty

    If the Obaminator dosen't see the trouble you think he's in now he never will. That's because his mirror dosen't show it to him.

    He has the hole card that his fans and acolytes will use very, very soon: Race. He owns the position, he defines the position, he will grind his opposition and critics to dust with it because you will allow him to. You will shout "but I'm not a racist," which in popular culture is proof positive that you have a white hood in your closet.

    You continue to engage this monster in terms that he can esily counter. You need a whole new plan, a new approach. Don't react to what he and his followers do or say, simply state the facts, charge him with them rub them in his face.

    When this approach gets you nowhere, you will have to change the very fabric of popular culture to get rid of this one tool of the Cook County machine. Good luck.

    • http://www.intellectualconservative.com Steven Laib

      Lee Rodgers, a long time San Francisco talker had this to say about the race card: If my wanting everyone to be treated exactly the same, regardless of skin color is racist, then I'm a racist.

      If wanting Americans to have live free from the Obama jackboot on their throats is racist then I'm a racist. After all, in the end that jackboot will fall on everyone's neck, regardless of skin color. Obama doesn't really give a damn about black Americans. Just look at how he treats his own extended family.

  • Richard E. Brandt

    Obamalism. I like that term and will use it in the future. Thanks.

  • Cuban Refugee

    With the rejection of extreme leftism, will the president see the light? The answer is "No." Obama is an ideologue who was steeped in Marxism from the womb — this poison is the only cure he knows — this is what he thinks is a new miracle pharmaceutical for the common man, for the average Joe who did not attend an Ivy League school and cannot possibly see Obama's truth because he is just too stupid. Will he lower his chin and abandon his arrogant posture? Will he stop giving America-hating, "We Are the World" speeches at the Brandenburg Gate and other global locations? Will he cut down on his rounds of golf, and his extravagant family vacations on the taxpayer dime? Will he become the President for all Americans, not just the far left radicals, the unions, "spooky" George Soros, and the Democrats? Perhaps some fresh air in Congress will bring Obama's narcissism down a couple of notches, but he will never again be the face of a benign Hope and Change; instead, most people will see him as the internationalist puppet who helped orchestrate the fall of capitalism to usher in a new form of slavery.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I agree with everything you've said, with one proviso:

      Calling Soros "spooky" is an insult to Agent Mulder, of X-File fame!

  • Andres de Alamaya

    The consensus here seems to be that this leopard won’t change his spots. He can’t, and this is good, because if he knew how to bend and swim with the tide he might survive and we might have him (God help us) for two terms.

    By now he may have convinced himself that he is no longer Jesus or Muhammad but Allah or Jehovah himself and a God can’t bend. So we’ll be saying to him, “adiós, Dios.” Goodbye, God.

  • ajnn

    Presidents Obama and Clinton are fundamentally different in their goals and purposes.

    I voted for Clinton (twice) and would very seriously consider doing so again. (Hillary Clinton is a different candidate / person in every way.) Clinton wanted to be president because he loved policy. He was a 'wonk's wonk'. A bright man, he had a genuine interest in not just policy, but also its consequences. He also liked the 'presidential nookie' – not a bad thing in a supreme leader.

    Obama is an ideologue, not a policy wonk. He decides policy on the basis of ideology. Also, who could trust a man with no interest in 'presidential nookie' ?

  • wesley69

    Our Philosopher King-in-Chief is an ideologue. He followed the principles of Saul Alinsky to get into power. Use any means to achieve an end. He has surrounded himself with people that think the same way. It will be war between Congress and Mr. O. Consider how he went overseas and apologized for the "evils" this country perpetrated on the world. End his arrogance? No, he will wait until WE THE PEOPLE end ours.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Don

    No, he won't see the light; he's Educated!

  • henryCrux

    Democrats see Muslims as allies because the Muslim, like the Democrat, sees abortion as a victim-less procedure. The Muslim must believe that a baby is not a person until it gulps in it's first breath of air in which the spirit or soul of said baby is waiting to enter it and take over the once totally empty body. Democrats also believe in this superstitious view of procreation. They believe that a baby is not a baby until it breaths in its spirit from the hand of Allah, or God, or whatever. That is why all Democrats love Islam. They say, in step with the Koran, "An unborn baby is not a person yet until it breathes its spirit laden first breath". The Democrats are not fools, they know that sooner or later Abortion is apt to be made by law again into a criminal offence with real punishments – how to forestall that? Make friends with anybody anywhere who believes under penalty that Abortion murder is a VICTIMLESS CRIME ! (STILL WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH DEMOCRATS?)

  • bubba4

    Oh Larry.

    Obamalism really? Do you think coining your own anticoncepts helps anything. I think people like Larry Elder, who will have to pay 3% more when the taxes for the rich expire, should disclose their true motivations.

    The bulk of the article is the same opinofact "everything I don't like is marxist, leftist craziness that will destroy the world" bs.

    Vote against your own interest people…make Larry proud…he's got a second mortgage on that summer home to pay.

  • Jim Johnson

    What did the builders of the Berlin wall say when the East Germans evacuated East Germany
    en mass.? Did they see the error of their ways?

    No they decided the German were defective because the East Germans did not adore being imprisoned in the Socialist Paradice.

  • David

    Your article is subtitled: "With the rejection of extreme leftism, will the president see the light?"

    The answer is, of course, NO. He thinks that he has seen the light & everyone that disagrees with him are idiots.

    The guy makes me nauseous. I can't figure out who I dislike more, he or his wife.

    It was about time the country had a Black President. Too bad it had to be this moron.

  • AcidAgogo

    When will we learn…. Obama is The Light!
    He shines on Us!


  • Paul Ashley

    Legislation? Who needs legislation when you have bureaucracies and czars to write and enforce innumerable radical rules? Who needs legislation when you can issue executive orders? Who needs it when you have these powers and a cowed opposition? I think BO will continue to seek "transformation" of the country and bank on a GOP without a backbone to oppose his extra-constitutional actions.

  • Mary

    Obama's 'killer smile' and MEchelle's 'toned arms' don't matter to anyone. His smile turns me off as do his policies. We need jobs, unity (that he promised) and less debt to pass along to our children. We're not getting that from Obama – time for a real CHANGE!

  • http://alipac.us VivaLaMigra

    We could charge Obama with TREASON, but he'd have to be a United States citizen for that to apply.