The Coming Immigration Show Trial

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But after a lawful stop, can “looking Mexican” trigger the suspicion of illegality? The law says: “A law enforcement official … may not consider race, color or national origin in the enforcement of this section except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution.” Ethnicity or race can be a factor if coupled with, for example, the commission of a traffic offense while having no driver’s license or other government-issued ID and not being able to speak English.

What proof must be shown?

The law says proof of legal residence can be an Arizona driver’s license, an Arizona-issued ID, a tribal ID or a federal, state or local government-issued ID.

U.S. Attorney General Holder says the Arizona law “has the possibility of leading to racial profiling.” To repeat, racial profiling — using race or ethnicity as the sole criterion — is illegal under U.S. and Arizona law.

Seventy-three percent of Americans approve of “requiring people to produce documents verifying legal status.” Sixty-seven percent approve of “allowing police to detain anyone unable to verify legal status.” And 62 percent believe in “allowing police to question anyone they think may be in the country illegally” — which goes even further than does the Arizona law.

Yes, illegal aliens are humans. They also broke the law and cut in front of others who are trying to come here legally. Most illegal aliens from south-of-the-border countries are “unskilled.” They compete against unskilled Americans — often while taking advantage of taxpayer-provided education, health care and other benefits.

Many Americans are open to increasing legal immigration and to a temporary worker program — but the debate is pointless without secure borders. The Arizona-Mexico border remains porous and dangerous. And nearly half of illegal aliens enter legally but overstay — with little or nothing done to keep track of them.

How does Mexico treat illegals in its country from Central American countries? The president of Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission once said, “One of the saddest national failings on immigration issues is the contradiction in demanding that the North (the United States) respect migrants’ rights, which we are not capable of guaranteeing in the South.”

Where’s Guatemala’s lawsuit against Mexico?

Larry Elder is a syndicated radio talk show host and best-selling author. His latest book, “What’s Race Got to Do with It?” is available now. To find out more about Larry Elder, visit his Web page at

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  • hopetotellyou

    Where does MEXICO get off suing one of our states?
    If they would take care of their own country,
    we wouldn't have to pass such laws.
    Besides, it hypocritical. THEIR laws are more
    demanding regarding illegals than ours are.
    Mexico should have no voice.

    AS for this administration's suing Arizona,
    if IT had done its job, Arizona wouldn't have
    to do the job for them. And the blame doesn't
    just fall entirely on THIS administration. This
    nonsense of not doing anything realitic about
    illegal immigration has gone on for several

    In any case, what Arizona has done should
    be THANKED by federal government, but they
    are too petty to acknowledge proper action.

    • sflbib

      Re: "Where does MEXICO get off suing one of our states?"

      It's going to be interesting to see what they use to justify their standing.

      • george rennit

        I'm not even sure of the relevence of commenting on this issue anymore……Obama needs the votes, the illegals need Obama, the drug cartels need both……and WE THE PEOPLE are left to fend for ourselves………..and by god we will!

      • hopetotellyou

        It (especially Mexico's part) should never
        be allowed to come to court.

    • george rennit

      Hey didn't you hear? We are all "global" citizens now. As usual, this makes it open season on Americans and our constitutional rights. Lets see, we've got a religious bunch that wants to kill us, a military style drug cartel invading from the south, A world organization (United Nations) that wants to strip our wallets, ban our firearms, and a bunch of kids running things in Washington who apparently need some adult supervision…………I live in Arizona, and any Americans who value their lives, better get behind us, or your next because it won't stop until we act. Yes I realize the thought of being dubbed a racist is more painful than the anihilation of your towns and neighborhoods, but thats the price you pay now days for doing the right thing.

      • blackberry


  • Cuban Refugee

    Arizona, in merely enforcing federal law, is doing what every other state in the union ought to do, and every state should be supporting Arizona in this brave effort to secure its border. Governor Jan Brewer has become one of my heroes for standing up to the corrupt Chicago machine, which has extended its nefarious arms to embrace the crooked Mexican government. The day the unscrupulous Felipe Calderon spoke at the circus we call Congress, and got a standing ovation from the trained seals, was one of the lowest points in our nation's history. Construction of the border fence was immediately stopped the instant the ringmaster assumed power in his quest to bring down the tent of sovereignty. Along with the wave of crime, influx of drugs and disease, and indolent people who drain our dwindling resources, comes the most dangerous affront to our freedom: the open borders of a New World Order.

    • hopetotellyou

      To Cuban Refugee: EVERYthing you said is true.
      Infuriating, isn't it?
      And I think the fellow who commented right after you
      was right. Feds know that AZ will ENFORCE this law.
      I'm in Kansas. I've called and emailed our state
      lawmakers. Not even an answer!
      Of course, we have a Democrat governor.
      Maybe they think there's no point in trying.

      • Fiddler

        It's not "NICE" to want to enforce the law. NICENESS trumps national soverignty, didn't you know??

        • hopetotellyou

          Why, of COURSE it does!!!!

    • Syd Barrett

      I live in south FL, so I know lot and lots and LOTS of Cubans. Every one of them, without exception, are just like the legal immigrants that came to the country 100 years ago: they WANT to fit in, they WANT to work hard and enjoy the American dream and the fruits of their labors, they WANT to follow the laws and rules, they WANT to learn English.

      Amnesty is another word for rewarding criminals. Will these rewarded criminals be like the Cubans I talk about above? No…they'll just continue their criminal behavior. Why should they stop? Evidently, so long as you vote Democrat, you can do anything you want to. And then, the burdensome taxes paid by hard-working Cubans and other naturalized or natural Americans will be shifted into the pockets of criminals. Hooray.

      Arizona has every right to make laws according to the wishes of the citizens, and if the federal government doesn't like it, they can go take a flying leap.

      YOU GO, Jan Brewer!

      • Cuban Refugee

        Thank you, Syd. Although there are exceptions to every rule, most Cubans are hard-working and law-abiding. Cuba had the highest standard of living in the Caribbean before Castro, but his massive ego has turned my homeland into a fourth-world nation through his demented twist to Marxism-Leninism. I was a young child in 1959, but old enough to know that, before Castro, we lived in paradise, and it was very rare for Cubans to emigrate to another country. I am compassionate toward the Mexicans who wish to escape the horror of a lawless society, but am aware that the people who are facilitating their escape have the ulterior motive of an open-borders society, and wish to see the demise of our Perfect Union as the signers of the Constitution intended it to be.

  • sflbib

    The reason the opponents have gone ape over AZ's law even though it is the same as the fed's is that everyone knows AZ plans to enforce its.

  • andres de alamaya

    It will be a delight to see the puppeteer and his secretary of state and attorney general puppets be ruled against in a court of the American people.

    • hopetotellyou

      How I look forward to that happening!

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Our border problems are but a piece of the puzzle that is fitting together into a disturbing picture.

    And the picture I’m seeing emerge is this evil infected planet, like a festering pustule is coming to a head, of appalling corruption.

    So call me cynical but it appears to me a worldwide empire is being established by the elite of the world both here and other wealthy capitalist elitists around the world, that are joining forces with rich Marxists elites like Soros instead of opposing each other.

    And in addition to the unions, like the European Union replacing the Soviet Union, that are taking place elsewhere, we can clearly see the wheels churning of one-world machinations being put in place here in such ways as open borders, world market, exported jobs, the Supreme Court’s recent ruling giving our enemies the same Constitutional rights as American citizens, and making other rulings based on foreign law rather than based on our carefully crafted by genius Constitution that assures freedom.

    Then place all of this along with the trilateral Commission of “conspiracy theory” lore, or so I once thought, whose mission is to unite North America. All of it fits together as pieces of a purposeful design to create a worldwide Empire.

    Because such a development suits both the Right and the Left’s respective will to power, there will be a confiscation of our own personal power that we presently enjoy. And if you like the UN and world court you’re going to love this.

    Also of the two largest worldwide religions Islam and Christianity, Islam better suits the aims of worldwide enslavement by this Empire, so Christianity has to be defeated.

    Forming a governing “head” of absolute power by an the elite that would be the result of a one-world financial Empire combined with Marxism making people dependant on the state, and enslaving both body and soul by every aspect of life being tightly controlled through Sharia Law in worshiping Allah, in place of the Judeo-Christian God that is the guarantor of our freedom.

    And run by an oligarchy of the richest and most powerful in the world that, with no earthly power to oppose this empire, is bound to be evil incarnate because “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    • Cuban Refugee

      Brava, Samurai Hit Woman!!! With clear analysis and strong, piercing words like yours, a Samurai sword should not be required for a hit. Thank you for your insight.

    • Syd Barrett

      "And the picture I’m seeing emerge is this evil infected planet, like a festering pustule is coming to a head, of appalling corruption."

      Excellent analogy. And it seems to be happening exponentially faster, too.

  • Michael Shaw

    About tweny-five years ago I took a tour of Mayan archaeology in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas near the Guatemalan border. Heading back to the hotel from the site our tour was stopped by a Mexican Army roadblock where an army officer examined our identity documents: passports and Mexican Tourist Visas. While this officer was polite, if firm, in his demeanor there was no "probable cause" to detain us however briefly. No doubt such a legal nicety as this is unknown in Mexican law. These soldiers may have encountered armed drug smugglers so their precautions were necessary but I did find the sight of armed Mexican soldiers including a sandbagged entrenchment with a fifty caliber machine gun intimidating to say the least. Our tour guide explained to us that they were looking for illegal immigrants from Central America.
    If legitimate Mexican tourists were stopped by a squad of US soldiers in Arizona instead of Canadians in Chiapas the lame stream media would go wild with cries of racism and Mexican officials would utter the usual hypocricy.

    • Syd Barrett

      Armed Mexican soldiers were looking for illegal immigrants in Mexico, you say? Huh. I don't recall Calderone mentioning that in his address to Congress.

      p.s. Why does HE get to address Congress? I'm a citizen and I want to address Congress! I'll even agree to leave out the curse words and allusions to their probable IQ.

  • Thunder

    Businesses know it – that's why every product package is in English AND Spanish now.
    Who cares about opinion of American citizens? Nobody "there".

    • hopetotellyou

      Not enough HERE, either.

  • hopetotellyou

    Don't you think they (Liberals, mostly) would realize that
    we are sick and tired of seeing through their tagging anything
    they don't like as "racist?" OR some other "bad" name.
    Often, I think they do it for two reasons: (1) They don't have
    a good factual argument to present. (2) They hope to just
    intimidate and shut us up.

    Let's not let that happen.

  • Lastango

    "Many Americans are open to increasing legal immigration and to a temporary worker program…"

    Like hell we are!!! That's the RINO way of saying "amnesty".

  • hikerdude

    Round them all up and relocate them in Washington DC. Politicians will then ageee to enforce our immigration laws and relocate them Calderon DC.
    Amereican Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano