A Tale of Two Books

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What started as a trial against Geert Wilders for alleged Islamophobia has nearly turned into its opposite: a historical case about the message of the Quran. The Amsterdam court trying the controversial Dutch politician is now preoccupied with the question of whether this book, sacred to more than a billion believers, can be compared to one of the most vile publications in the history of Western civilization—Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” What could possibly go wrong?

In his writing and speeches, Mr. Wilders has found these two works to be similar in terms of their anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred, and has thus called for a publishing ban on the Quran similar to the one in place for “Mein Kampf.” This is what triggered Mr. Wilders’s prosecution for discriminatory and insulting remarks against Muslims and Islam. The Dutch politician, though, denies having insulted Muslims. He insists his focus is on radical Islam and the Quran, which he considers to be not only a religious text but also a political pamphlet encouraging Muslims to discriminate against and, if necessary, kill Jews, Christians, apostates and other unbelievers. That’s why Mr. Wilders claims the right to criticize and condemn Islam.

Following complaints brought by mostly Muslim and radical leftist activists, Amsterdam’s district attorney in 2008 at first found no legal basis for prosecuting Mr. Wilders. Prosecutors were forced to change course only after an activist appeals court last year ordered Mr. Wilders’s prosecution—basically condemning the politician before any trial could even begin and before Mr. Wilders had a chance to defend himself. The court’s unusual intervention illustrates the Dutch confusion about the conflict between two essential rights: the right to free speech and the right to protection from discrimination.

According to polls, Mr. Wilders’s Freedom Party, a libertarian-conservative movement with populist tendencies, is currently the most popular political party in the Netherlands. If elections were held today, Mr. Wilders would be a serious contender for the position of prime minister. Mr. Wilders’s detractors are mistaken if they think a conviction would hurt him politically. The trial is a win-win situation for him: If the court rules to restrict Mr. Wilders’s right to free speech, many Dutchmen will interpret this as an effort by the politically correct establishment to limit the growing strength of the Freedom Party, which would widen its appeal to many voters. If, on the other hand, the prosecution fails to prove that Mr. Wilders has purposely insulted Muslims because of their religion, Mr. Wilders’s views will be seen as vindicated. Again, he will gain politically.

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  • jackbelias

    It looks like leftists may have gone overboard and shot themselves in the face while trying to please their militant religious allies. This is what happens when leftists use the courts to replace free speech with a freedom from feeling offended.

    The real nightmare for the left in his region is the day he does become PM. He can use the freedom from feeling offended laws against all leftists and have them all thrown directly into prison. They will deserve it as it will only be their own revolutionary progress being used against them. A taste of ones own medicine is the most bitter of them all.

  • David Krantz

    I totally agree with the comments of JackBelias. Do you realise that the BBC, that most glorious leftish institiution in Britain, has not reported on the Geert Wilders trial at all, and there has been a total media blackout?? This is what we get, a censored media under New Labour aka Communist Party. There is in Britain, a huge swing to the right, and to nationalist parties, to protect the British idenity. We in the UK are being swamped by immigrants at the moment, when officially Britain is bankrupt. This can be checked.

    There is no free speech in Britain – make sure you do not get the same in the USA. Good luck.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Swemson Swemson

      Unfortunately, it's almost too late for us…

      If we don't get rid of the progressives in the next 2 elections we're done !

      Then the big questions becomes Where do we go next?

  • Stephen D.

    Frankly, I’d like to see Geert Wilders original writtings. He is a true Hero to me for taking a stand. I know what is coming (is already here) to America. I’d like to be able to present his arguments as we will soon be faced with prohibitive laws regarding “insulting” a religon. For instance, our president spoke in Cairo saying he would “punish” those that would impede a Muslim from practicing their religon “how they see fit.” “Including DICTATING what women should wear.” These are direct quotes from his 2009 speech. This is in conflict with the US Constitution. If an American woman is married to a Muslim man our president thinks the husbans RIGHT to DICTATE to this woman what she should wear thus abrogating her civil rights as an American.
    Does anyone have copies of Wilders early work? I am only aware of his Fitna film.

  • USMCSniper

    Booksellers in Turkey have soaring sales figures for "Mein Kampf," or "Kavgam" in Turkish. Hitler's political manifesto has been a top 10 bestseller in the past two months…and at least two new Turkish and Arabic language versions of "Mein Kampf" are now out in paperback and have soaring sales throughout the Muslim world.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Swemson Swemson


      I think they got us surrounded. The muslims in front of us are trying to take over the world through violence, and the progressives behind us, who are trying to take over the world through bull$hit while were concentrating on killing the terrorists. What can a couple of Jarheads do in a mess like this….?

      All I can think of is sitting back to back and delivering accurate rifle power in both directions !

      Semper Fi !

  • Turbeaux

    “He insists his focus is on radical Islam and the Quran, which he considers to be not only a religious text but also a political pamphlet encouraging Muslims to discriminate against and, if necessary, kill Jews, Christians, apostates and other unbelievers. That’s why Mr. Wilders claims the right to criticize and condemn Islam.”

    Is there any other kind of Islam? I mean what Islam teaches and inculcates is indeed extremely radical and anyone that adheres to the teachings of Islam by definition is a radical.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ZionSion Beth

    I agree with Turbeaux. There is only one Islam – because there is only one Koran.

    Here in America – the following is clearly – illegal!…

    009.005 But when the forbidden months are past {when the 'treaties' expire, although they may break them at any time – if it benefits Islam} then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.

    009.029 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are of the People of the Book, {The Jews and Christians} Other non-Muslims are not so lucky] until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    033.061 They shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy. {Genocidal teaching – no matter how you look at it!

    "Freedom of speech" nor "Freedom of religion" ever included the right to incite others into carrying out violence (no matter what the 'moderate' muslims claim)

  • Peachey

    Predictably, the Progressives and those that worship at the alter of political correctness have adopted the enemy of my enemy stance. We are the enemy and clearly in their sights. For the life of me, I cannot understand their support of Islam Under Islamic law, they would be the first executed for paganism and the life-style choices that are condemned under Islam.They certainly make odd and funny bedfellows.

  • Sassamon

    I have very few heroes left. Wilders is one of them.