Heavy Metal Revolution for Iran

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It is that time of year again when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes his trip to New York, making incendiary remarks that resonate around the globe.  This year, reactions to his visit were typical, with a majority of United Nations representatives leaving the room during his talk. His hardline and outlandish comments dominated media headlines and mainstream television networks vied over prime-time interviews with the rogue leader. Young heavy metal fans in Hollywood, however, found an innovative and personalized way of protesting Ahmadinejad’s visit and advocating human rights in Iran; by rocking out at a “Metal Revolution for Iran” concert Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Iranian locals gathered and mixed together with heavy metal followers to hear bands, including Internal Corrosion, Skinmask, Deathriders, featuring Neil Turbin of Anthrax, and Philm, featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer, to show their support and solidarity with the people of Iran.

“I want to give the people of Iran hope and power. I want them to see that there are people in the music industry that really understand them, care for them and are willing to do shows for them,” said Metal Sanaz, an Iranian heavy metal host who helped organize the event.

Bands performed at the Aura Nightclub in Studio City along a backdrop of the old Iranian flag donning the red lion and sun.  Throughout the venue, posters were hung and held in the hands of attendees saying, “Down with the Islamic Republic,” “Martyrs of Iran, the entire world is with you!” “Islamic Republic is insanity and murder,” “Stop Nuclear Iran,” and “Your silence is another bullet into Neda’s heart!”

Sanaz, who goes by Metal Sanaz when she is working in the heavy metal industry as a radio, television and show host, still has family and deep emotional ties to Iran, where the government forbids heavy metal music and its likes, calling these musical genres satanic and forms of devil worship.

Over the past two years, hundreds of young Iranians have been arrested at heavy metal and rock concerts throughout Iran.  One incident rounded up 104 Iranians in Shiraz last spring and 230 Tehranis were taken into custody at an indie rock concert the year before.  The authorities accused the concert attendees of participating in blood sucking, carrying out the agenda of Satan and disgracing the values of Islam.

“I still get calls from friends and family members of those who were arrested and are in prison, asking me how I can get them out. Even if I can’t help get them out, these kids are always on my mind,” said Sanaz, who has had a long history of using her musical persona to help others in need.

In 2008, Metal Sanaz traveled to Kuwait to put on a concert for American soldiers. She traveled together with Jessica Simpson, the Pussycat Dolls and other musicians and comedians to put on a concert called “Operation Myspace.”

The prohibition of certain types of music and lifestyles is common in Islamic societies. Not too long ago in Egypt, Tuhami Muntasir, the former advisor to Egypt’s Mufti, accused the heavy metal fans of worshipping Satan and being party to the Zionist conspiracy “based on the protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

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  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Yet, we have Obama in the White house, someone who wants to get out of Afghanistan and not start another war in compliance with his far Left base.

  • Brett

    They may be working on a nuclear program but I hear they have a bit of a worm problem right now……..ha ha ha ha

    With regards to the Iranian rockers, I wish them the best maybe someday they will be playing in Iran the same way Mettalica played in Russia sone after the Berlin wall fell, although with this administration they may be waiting until after 2012.

  • badaboo

    You really oughta try listening to yourself Samurai , before you commit to print anymore mindless statements