Iran’s Underground Revolution

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As Iranians passed the one-year mark of a tumultuous and historic year, an unimpressive and rather quiet June 12 anniversary left many wondering what happened to the disenchanted Iranians.  Regime threats, issued weeks in advance against protesters engaging in anniversary demonstrations, succeeded in deterring some. However, from its initial moments, this movement was remarkably forged by hundreds of thousands of courageous Iranians who have not let government intimidation discourage them. Journalists, analysts, and politicians questioned the movement’s strength and survival, wondering if President Ahmadinejad, the clerics, and their Revolutionary Guard had succeeded in quashing the masses.

The people of Iran tell a different story. Rather than pouring onto the streets and surrendering to the brutality of regime forces, the Iranian people say they have voluntarily taken a step back. The one-year anniversary of Iran’s fraudulent election has seen a transformation in the Iranian people and consequently, their ongoing movement.

“What’s the point of demonstrating when we are putting up our finest and most intellectual minds to go up against conscienceless guards to be shot at?,” asked Maryam, a 34-year-old radio producer for Iran’s state media in an early morning phone call to Tehran. “People have given up too much over the last year and have since changed their strategy,” she said in her native Farsi.

Maryam is politically active and socially in tune with the changing ambiance in Iran.  She wants regime change for her country. An Iran that is secular and democratic is what’s best for everyone, she said.

Among friends, Maryam is considered to be bold, courageous, and even “crazy” for speaking out openly against the regime.  Yet, she could not even use her real name in this interview.

Like many Iranians, Maryam had friends who were arrested and beaten during the protests. She quickly became upset when remembering some of these instances and changed the topic. Iranians have learned a very valuable lesson over the last 12 months, she concluded. They realized that they could be more efficient staying home.

Despite the appearance that the movement has been suppressed in the absence of demonstrations, intellectuals and politically active Iranians like Maryam and her friends are opting to sit home to think, write, publish, and discuss politics.

Welcome to Iran’s Intellectual Revolution.

The shutdown of dozens of Iranian newspapers and media platforms over the last year as a result of demonstration coverage that was unflattering to the regime, left a sizable void that the underground media is effectively filling.  The regime strategically closed official media sites hoping to thwart the spread of anti-government sentiment through traditional media outlets. They simultaneously paved the way for popular and unregulated publications to sprout up by the dozens, including underground newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and even night letters—flyers that are circulated in local neighborhoods in the middle of the night and have become a popular method of disseminating important political messages in many Iranian cities and villages.

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  • bobbie

    Mullahs knows that their days are numbered and there's no future for the fradulaent regime. Hoped to see the Grand Ayatollah hanged in the town square!

    • SAM000

      What a sweet hope.


    • Ironboomer

      By their turbans!

  • Jaz

    I've read that the reason the mullahs really want an atomic bomb is to save their own regime. They would even threaten to (and probably would) blow up Tehran if they thought they were to be finally thrown out of power. Makes sense!

    • PPR

      You are an idiot!

  • gidmeister

    Its not so easy to overthrow modern ideological regimes. Look at Cuba. They have enforcers, they indoctrinate the school children, they have the technology, weapons, and so forth. They've lasted many decades, and show no sign of regime change.

    • Democracy First

      the real problem is government firepower and secret service. Until the poilce and military refuse to fire on the people, the government survives.

    • leonidas

      Islam is a lie and truth will destroy it.Go to "Muslims against Sharia"in Google to read and download all 455 pages of the koran along with the 12 page summary that contains all that is evil and inhuman and atrocious in the koran that needs to be expunged as it urges the Muslims to kill the jews ,christians and infidels so islam will prevail in the world.Discuss it with your family,friends here and around the world and then call muslims to make comments on it.They will be totally unable to explain the Koran as it is a CRAZY book written by Mohammed ,a bedouin, subjugating women to the bedouins pleasure.This going on for 1400 years and it can be opposed,dismantled and destroyed from within in a few months as muslim women are fed up with islam!

  • Proud Infidel

    gidmeister makes a good point. The power of the modern state is a scary thing.

    Hopefully the Iranian people's new "underground" strategy works. The risks they face from that brutal theocracy running the country can't be overstated. They are willing to kill as many people as necessary to stay in power. God bless them and give them strength.

    • NObama is GOODbama

      Yes anything is better the current president amodijonade, but what are the real alternatives in a predominately mozolm country?
      A Rasfanjani iran? A wildly popular Khomeni successor ?
      If you can, watch the Woody Allen movie: BANANAS
      Be careful what you wish for.

      • Cyrus

        Rafsanjani a popular man?? ha ha, what a joke, he is one of the founders of this oppressive regime and all he cares about is his own family interest.
        no more mullahs, we want regime change and secular democracy.

  • USMCSniper

    Jimmy Carter, upon becoming President in 1977, turned on the Shah by launching a deliberate and inexplicable public campaign of undermining our ally, the Shah mof Iran. The end result was the establishment of a revolutionary Jihadist regime headed up by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The Iranian revolution, besides enthroning one of the world's most oppressive regimes, helped to build the terror network that challenges the free world today and has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Buraq Hussein Obama is Jimmy Carter II and will betray the Iranian people's new "underground" to gain favor of the Iranian government in an instant.

    • Cyrus

      I agree with you 100%
      Carter is the father of Islamic terrorism, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas etc all were founded because his dumb ass thought Jihadists can fight the Soviets and at the same time protect the American interests, now instead of a cold war, we've been fighting 2 of the costliest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and guess what, there are more wars to come, Iran might be next and don't be surprised if we have to fight Turkey and other Muslim nations now turning radical one day
      Here a must read article: Turkey, from Ally to Enemy

  • Barry O'Toole

    You are right, USMCSniper. I am very much afraid that Obama will betray the new Iranian underground. With crazy people like him and Jimmy Carter you must expect the worse.

    • SAM000

      They have already BETRAYED, they have banned the RESISTANCE.

  • Muslim lies exposed

    This is simply unreal. The world just sits back and lets Iran get away with anything. Meanwhile the condemn Israel mentality remains pervasive.

  • rrrrr

    As hard as it is to sit back and watch what's going on in Iran, those leaving out of the country are in no position to decide what needs to be done. When the time is right Iranian people would kick the Mullas out of Iran once and for all.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm among those who hope that the Iranians overthrow A-jad and his pals. I've never liked that regime and I also hope it dies the gruesome death it deserves.

  • SAM000

    We are alive, we fight the darkness, the darkness of the most criminal regime, we are fighting the existence of the Islamic Regime, We are NEDA, ARASH, FARZAD, SIAVASH, TARANEH, we are the future, we are the RESISTANCE.

  • Timmy

    ZERO sympathy for the so-called protesters. The problem is they are not questioning the true source of the problem which is Islam, not just the current regime in power. These same people believe much of what the regime in power believe. If some group of Christians or Jews tried to join together and "protest" for "rights" these so-called protesters would not blink an eye as they were wiped off the face of the earth. Sure, there may be some Christians even among the protesters, there may be some who would support tolerance and religious rights, but that is not what they are protesting for, they want to get rid of the current regime and replace them with another regime that would still be Islamic and would still be every bit as hostile to non-Muslims. Sorry but their tears are crocodile tears. Let them sleep in the bed they have made. That is how Islam operates, as long as you go along you get along. No one can stand up to Islam. It has utterly destroyed the Holy Land and all of the historic lands of the Christians. All of those Muslims who looked the other way or didn't really care until "they" were being repressed can kiss my arse!

    • MullahAssassin

      I disagree with you on the protesters, I think many have been extremely brave to face off Basiji forces and risk death to just broadcast pictures and videos of the situation to the outside world. Alot of sympathy for that. Remember that journalists were barred during the post-election turmoil, so the only footage we got was from the protesters themselves.

      What i do agree with is that Islam taints everything it touches. The next Iranian system of governance really needs to re-consider the role of islam in politics, thats for sure. They either need to throw out the curse of islam that the arabs introduced into Persia once and for all, by marginalizing it or reforming it to a less cancerous version. That will be a long, bloody road unfortunately.

      • Timmy

        I think what I am reacting to is the support they get from people in the West, including conservatives, who really are just clueless about Islam. Sure, it is a real pity, anyone living under Islam, any Muslim for that matter, is in a place that one would normally sympathize for, but we really are past that point now. The people who are cheering on these protesters actually think that they will be able to change anything, and they think that it will be fine to allow Islam to spread in the West because "we" are different, we allow protesters, we have rule of law, we have separation of church and state, we have a constitution, etc. etc. But all of that is nonsense when it comes to Islam.

      • Timmy

        The situation is sort of like a lifeboat that is full and while you may sympathize with those not on board there is literally nothing that you can do, if you bring them on board you all die, if you jump out and let them on in your place, you die. We are not going to change Islam, all that the West can do is try to save ourselves, by keeping Islam out of the West. After the West is secure again from Islam within our borders then we can get back to trying to support protesters such as these or others who might want to try (in vain) to change Islam or the countries that it is controlling. At this point it is extremely dangerous to point to these protesters as anything meaningful because it only persists the delusion in the minds of naive people in the West that Islam can be challenged, that it is not a 100% certain death sentence for any civilization or society that allows it to spread within their borders.

      • Timmy

        The fools in the West (including conservatives) will always have some random "Muslim" or group of Muslims who claim to want rights for women or some other liberal idea, but that cannot be the reason to think that Islam can change or that it can be allowed in the West. In the end those so-called reformers will just be killed by the true believers and that will be that. Unless millions, hundreds of millions, of Muslims unite and together deny Muhammad and fight to the bloody death with the true believers nothing will ever change in Islam.

        • leonidas

          You saidit!
          With Internet we can now have millionsof people that can oppose,resist,and destroy islam .All its power comes from the koran.Go to google"muslims against sharia" to read and download the 455 pages of the koran and the 12 page summary that has all that is atrocious,inhuman savage in the Koran that urges the Muslims to kill the jews,Christians and infidels.Then ,distribute and discuss it with your friends,political representatives at all levels and we can ban muslim immigration,ban the mosques,demobilize the 3000 muslim soldiers in the US Army,disqualify the muslim politicians as enemies of our democracy,protect the islam apostates,impose sanctions on all theocratic islamic countries help their dissidents change their regime to democracy .We did it aginst the communists and we won.We can do it again against islam!

  • xman

    They want the atom bomb to destroy Israel, even at the price of every Iranian perishing in a nuclear counterstrike. The deaths of 75 million Iranians is viewed as a small price to pay for the murder of 7 million Israelis by the wicked, Koran-fuelled monsters who run Iran. Of course, the Iranian people are too boneheaded to see through this thanks to their stupid belief in martyrdom peddled by hate-filled medieval clerics, who will be ensconced safely in the nuclear shelters should a nuclear retaliation occur after bombing Israel, and the Iranian people in common with the overwhelming majority of Muslims are too donkeylike to question why the hate-peddling mullahs and ayatollahs themselves don't volunteer to strap on the bomb belts for their 72 raisins.

    • Abelard

      People like those mullahs indeed care about nothing and nobody but themselves and theirs!!

      Xman and Jaz are BOTH right: remember how white South Africa in the days of apartheid, with Israeli help, built a few atomic bombs intended for use against the blacks of that nation were it to come to civil war at any point?

      Furthermore, these mullahs and their lackeys like Ahmedinejad have for a long time been preparing their sanctuaries far away from Tehrân: they would hide in deep underground shelters (together with their nuclear reactors and big weapons) in the region of the "Holy city" of Qom (which is from where their idol Ruhollah Khomeini originated!). They would continue broadcasting their "patriotic" calls to martyrdom while keeping out of the limelight just like Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti.

      • MixMike

        "remember how white South Africa in the days of apartheid, with Israeli help, built a few atomic bombs intended for use against the blacks of that nation were it to come to civil war at any point?"

        Actually, this is an old urban myth. There was cooperation between Israel and S. Africa on ballistic missiles and some other military technology but never any development of nuclear weapons. This myth originated from a book and article from the Guardian on the subject. The article and book do not provide any explicit evidence that Israel wanted to sell nuclear warheads to S. Africa, rather that was the author's own conclusion. Shimon Peres has unequivocally denied the claims stating that “there exists no basis in reality for the claims” that “Israel negotiated with S. Africa the exchange of nuclear weapons.” Interestingly enough, other countries like France have engaged in military cooperation with S. Africa but are not scrutinized, only Israel is singled out.

  • george rennit

    Our time is coming kids………question is, are you going to have the guts that these people have? Yes we can sit here and discuss this in the comfort of our little white picket fenced neighborhoods, but if you listen carefully, very carefully, you can hear the distant thunder of a dark storm moving across the land. Will we all be watching it out our windows as we type away on our laptops? That which we are unwilling to defend we will lose.

    • Timmy

      If we allow Islam to spread in the West then it is just a matter of time until we have ALL of the same problems that they have everywhere else that Islam is now. Whatever problems we have now with liberals and big government will seem like the good old days compared to the destruction that Islam will bring. Europe is so close to falling that we may see it in our lifetime. The only possibility of the West surviving is to begin as soon as possible restricting the spread of Islam and ultimately reversing what has already occurred.

      As to whether people will have the guts? They ALREADY DON'T HAVE THE GUTS and we only have a minuscule population of Muslims! Just look at how the media and politicians and academicians and the average citizen grovels and cowers before Islam today, just imagine what they will be doing when there are millions more Muslims with mosques everywhere you look. The average person is simply not willing to die to stand up to Islam because they know the fight is futile. That is why we can't allow in the West in the first place. Once it is here our fate is sealed.

      • leonidas

        Watch Wilder in Holland,Spencer,geller, and learn!Join and support them!
        Support the US troops in Afghanistan.Read the Koran in "Muslims against sharia" in google and ask the politicians if they read it themselves and if they are aware of the danger of Islam for the world

  • greg-o

    The islamic government of Iran will be removed when American forces go into that country and remove dinner-jacket. Gotta get rid of him and the bomb. The non-muslim young people will help the American forces, so, the victory will be quick and complete. I think that the biggest part of Iranian people are sick of the shiites and would really like to see them over-thrown. I used to feel sorry for the shiites back when saddam was in power, but since then I have learned that they are as blood-thirsty as the sunnis, wahabbis and deobandis. Islam is just one big STINKING ideology.

  • Jim C.

    The problem is that the last time the Iranian people really showed they wanted regime change was in 1979.

    Regime change for the Iranians HAS GOT TO COME FROM WITHIN. Anyone who suggest otherwise doesn't have the slightest clue.