The Mullahs’ Gulag for Gays

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Shortly after the Islamic Republic took over, a fatwa, or legal decree, was issued by the late Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, the leader of the Revolution, stating that gender-altering procedures were legally permissible for diagnosed “transsexuals.” Homosexuals who are “diagnosed” are legally obligated to have the operation in order to fully live in Iranian society and more critically, to evade legal punishment.

Presently, Iran has one of the highest rates of sex change surgeries, second only to Thailand. The government subsidizes the surgeries and makes necessary adjustments to legalize birth certificates. According to Iran’s clerics, gender reassignment is a “cure” for homosexuality. The official view is that these medical procedures prevent social disorder that is brought about by same-sex relationships.

As bleak as life remains for gays inside Iran, President Ahmadinejad’s infamous response at Columbia University has helped Iran’s homosexuals gain support in foreign countries. There has since been an increased rate of homosexuals escaping Iran and seeking refuge in Western countries and certain heads of state are now willing to grant Iranian gays asylum.

Arsham Parsi, a 29-year-old refugee who fled Iran, founded the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR) in 2008, a non-profit group aiding Iranian gays obtain asylum in safe countries. Currently living in Toronto, Canada, Parsi, fled Iran in 2005 after his work in the field of homosexual research and advocacy alerted Islamic authorities. Currently, the IRQR is helping more than 200 gay Iranians file for refugee status.

Things may also be changing, however slowly, inside Iran. According to Parsi, gays in Iran have been empowered since the June 2009 uprising against the fraudulent presidential elections, and he remains hopeful that further progress can be made. “Change will come to Iran. I know it will,” he says. “Some day queers in Iran will have their human rights respected. They will be free to be who they are – love who they love – and not be afraid of retaliation or torture or execution. I hope to be a part of that change.”

With their struggles increasingly gaining international attention, Iran’s gays could indeed make that change a reality – even in the face of a vicious tyranny that denies their very existence and a feckless progressive Left that reinforces the regime’s brutal line with its complicit silence.

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  • Wideband

    Where's the response from gayboy in the UK? Isn't torture and murder far worse than considering impeachment for a judge? I thought stoning and hanging was something "lovely Christians" did. When was the last time that you saw any of that in the US (without severe consequences)? I guess he just doesn't want to comment on the laws and customs of a country where he doesn't live. Oh wait….

  • Heather

    The Left continues to be negligent and hypocritical when it comes to defending some basic human rights.

  • garretso

    Who ever thought that the United States Armed Forces would be the defacto protectors of gay people in the Muslim World.

  • Grandma

    Islam's answer to all of the world's "ills" is murder. It's like a doctor saying they have cured a patient's disease, the patient died, he is cured.

    They really believe that if they allow any differing from the strict Koranic teachings that all of society is doomed. They protect the people by killing them.

    This religion creates psychopathic thinking and behavior. A complete inhuman lack of conscience is bred into them from the first whisper into an infant's ear.

    There is no conscience, there is only submission. There is no thinking, only submission.

    If we don't act now, we will have one enormous mess in the U.S. Not only are they pro-communism but they believe that we should surrender along with them to the shariah law.

    I'd rather be dead.

  • SoundDoc

    The left, who support gay marriages and gay agendas, want to allow Muslims in to hang them? Nancy would look lovely in a burhka..

  • Clarence

    God loves gays and proved it by allowing his Son, the second person of the Godhead to die a substitutionary death to give them and us all the opportunity to have loving fellowship here on earth and throughout eternity in his home in heavens Glory. However, God is not a man, he is HOLY and anything less than that standard will not occupy anyplace in his home because Light and darkness cannot dwell in the same place simultaneously, therefore, we must be born again…gay sodomites, jews, gentiles…everyone, everywhere.

    Repent (change and turn), believe (trust) in and receive Yeshua (Jesus) as your Lord and eternal faithful friend by confessing your sins and asking him for cleansing and power to walk in light and truth / He will do it and you won't regret it.Don't be hoodwinked…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clarence from Chicago

    • aspacia

      How many unmarried men on Jesus age were there during his life? Which alludes to what? Jesus never married according to Biblical text. Think about it.

  • Wes in MT

    just a minor correction: Lot was not "sent" by God to Sodom and Gommorah. He left his uncle Abraham to find greener pastures. According to the Biblical account, Abraham pleaded with God to spare the city from judgement – in the end, God sent angels to rescue Lot by way of warning him of the destruction to come. As the story is told, the citizens accosted Lots home, demanding that he turn over his guests so that they could have their way with them, refusing Lot's offer of his own daughters.
    To defend homosexual rights is no different than promoting rights for alcoholics. The behaviour is self-destructive on so many levels – Long live the truth.

  • traveler

    In 1781, Thomas Jefferson (remember him), authored a bill penalizing 'same-sex' behavior with castration. This depravity is so evil every state initially had the death penalty for it. In 2010, America has parades to celebrate it. So, tell me where we are

  • Jim Johnson

    The liberals argue that Iran is not our country. An odd argument since they did not mind interfering in South Africa. The Liberal are Masters of Contradiction. The are also Masters of Hypocrisy.
    Consider the Mayor of NY. Claims to be supporting the Cordoba house in an effort to fight bigotry and support understanding between peoples. By now the public does in fact have have a profound understanding that The Mayor would rather they did not have.
    The public understands that the Mayor is now involved in doing a profitable business with Islamic Banks.
    In other words he his desire to bring understanding between people is really his desire to bring him together with a large fortune.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    You know, it is deplorable that Iran executes Gay people. It is also deplorable that United Nations condemnation of Iran's practices is supported (through the World Congress of Families) by prominent Republicans/Conservatives in the United States such as C-FAM, the American Family Association, and Watchmen on the Walls and the Latter Day Saint Foundation. These pro-Isreali settler parties would doubtfully ever be called out onto the carpet by Conservatives. I would also remind the readers that the Isreali right wing (including Shas) appears to be violently anti-gay and is tied to the movement to deny Gay Isrealis the right to protest in front of their own national congress. Settler party right wing Isrealis – not Muslim Arabs – are suspected in a massacre at a Tel Aviv Gay Youth center.

    We are intersted in the situation in Iran. But we recognize that prominent American Conservative Groups are cheerleading Iran and Syria at the UN. And suspect that these stories are being used by the viciously, and VIOLENTLY anti-Gay settlers/right wing movement in Israel out of pure hypocrisy.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Oops I meant that the United Nations Condemnation of Iranian and Syrian jailing and executions of Gays was opposed by the World Congress of Families, of which the Latter Day Saint Foundation, the American Family Association, etc. are members in good standing.

  • AveryC.

    How much opium were the writers of the Quran on? To this day it's an epidemic in the middle east. Not surprising. You'd have to be nearly brain dead to swallow that crap.